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HTA Austin Wrap-Up

What a thrilling race! I mean I was excited! Team Werewolf sprinted across the finishline in 1:11:42 then received 28 minutes of bonus time! Their final time is the fastest in High Trek Adventure history! (It helps that Austin doesn't have many hills!; I wonder what their time would be if the race had been in San Francisco.)

Team Unveiled Faces comprised of James Scivally and Dessa Evans had one of the most creative costumes ever! They made their own t-shirts, but the sewed clear plastic pockets on the backs of their shirts where they inserted Polaroids of each TREKpoint the successfully completed! How cool is that! I wonder if someone can top their creativity?!?!br />

I'd like to thank Zax Pints and Plates for being fabulous hosts. Can't wait to return. Also, want to give a shout out to Austin Adventure Boot Camp, Hill Country Outdoors, Liberty Cafe, Red Licorice Event, Run Tex, Saint Arnold Brewing, SoCo District, Terr Frima, Timbuk2 and Yelp

We'd also like to thank our Amazing Race celebrity Christy & Kelly and Jodi.

HTA Austin Results

* Qualifies for Championship Race in Las Vegas

#-Denotes Family Division (18 & under)

@-Denotes AARP Division (55+)

~-Denotes an incorrect answer

^-Received bonus time

1 *^Werewolves of Austin (0:43:42) Spencer Conklin and Tom Lane
2 *^@Pappa and Uncle (0:51:20) Jason Mittman and Mike Koranek
3 *^Vignette-KD (0:51:46) Kipley Fiebig and Dave Bogle
4 *^Vignette-MJ (0:51:54) Marcy and John Beard
5 *^Dynamic Health Racing (0:53:57) Richard and Chris McCormick
6 *Team Chaud (1:12:16) Chris Aniszczyk and Mandy Haponski
7 *toocoolracing.com (1:22:24) Robyn Cantor and Cathy Cox
8 *Amazing Race Girls (1:38:22) Christy Cook and Kelly Crabb
9 *The Amazing Racers (1:38:22) Jodi Winchecki and Eric Arnold
10 *Mad Duck (1:40:44) Jason and Courtney Grimes
11 *Hidalgo (1:42:23) Victor Hidalgo
12 *HCO Team #1 (2:08:06) Steve Moseley and Kyle
13 *#The Cousins (2:13:02) Victoria Noetzel and Specchio Samantha
14 *Team Wieck (2:13:25) Tehra and Joe Wieck
15 *Candy Asses (2:16:36) Andrew Bulloch and Mish Kumar-Misir
16 *Team Red Ruffle (2:20:44) Sarah Adkins and Villarreal Thomas
17 *The Osbornes (2:35:26) Katie and Skye Osborne
18 *Team 247 (2:45:47)
19 *Team name ? (2:49:42) Rachael Wellborn and Jesse Aguirre
20 *#Team Familia (2:52:33) David, Bridgette, Sophie and Emma Tuckfield
21 *Vultures (2:59:57) May Matson and Justin Morey
22 *Cameron Crew (3:00:10) Nikki and John Cameron
23 *Team Couch (3:01:09) Theresa and Sean Couch
24 *Team 246 (3:11:09) Sarah Wright and Heena Gupta
25 *RU2 (3:11:26) Ruth Dewey and Uday Sharma
26 Bugtussle (3:11:35) Shermin and Mehul Patel
27 Team 239 (3:19:36) Jeff and ?
28 Wildflowers (3:21:38) Rhonda Goodman and Linda Foulkes
29 Team 242 (3:21:39) Jennifer Ware and Gaye Pensell
30 HCO Team #2 (3:25:52) Joelynn Barclay and Dave Piper
31 Unveiled Faces (3:27:55) James Scivally and Dessa Evans
32 H-Town Boogie (3:45:26) Yousef Husain and Fauzeya Rahman
33 Team Broken (4:22:01) Sarah Williams Gardner, Alison Carswell and Joni
34 Team 229 is awesome! (4:31:20) Brook Guy and Marcy Mattice
35 Dynamic Dou (5:00:00) Mini Kartha and Sarda Sumita
36 PC Sucks (DNF) Randy and Ronda Jefferies
37 No Name (DNF) Sara Edwards and Sandy Childs
38 TBA (DNF) Martin and Cindy Brooks
39 Ghostbusters (DNF) Larry Cristobal and Wendy Johnson
40 Mollie and Stacey (DNF) Mollie Zavatsky and Stacey Watson
41 The Office (DNF) Ted Carlson and Bob Miller
What is High Trek Adventure?

    High Trek Adventure is a unique urban adventure game where teams solve clever clues and face fun challenges while discovering their city a fun new way!

    What do I get?
    • 1. A fun urban adventure!
    • 2. High Trek Adventure t-shirt and race number
    • 3. National Championship Qualifier (Top 25 teams)
    • 4. Chance at $12,345.67 in the National Championship.
More Info

You've registered for this crazy train experience of a lifetime, so what next? You and your team partner will be on a lively, one-day, Austin amazing race. This scavenger hunt will take you to unmarked checkpoints known as TREKpoints and explore Austin like you've never experienced it before as the puzzle unfolds. Our high octane energy adventure game might take you through the many exciting neighborhoods of Austin like Hyde Park, University of Texas, Clarksville, Downtown, and some nifty places you might not even know about!

On this sensational metro adventure, you'll solve clues ranging from pop culture to math (nothing tougher than 8th grade) to American history, anagrams, sudoku, and so much more. It's like a real life Trivial Pursuit game! Along the way you'll face exciting challenges like bowling a strike, identifying a flavor of ice cream or putting a puzzle together.

In case of a disaster including, but not limited to flooding, tornadoes, terrorism, High Trek Adventure will decide whether or not to cancel the event based on the safety of participants and staff. In the event of a cancelation, refunds will NOT be issued; risk is assumed by all participants. However, participants will have the option to transfer registration to a different 2009 city, excluding Championship Race.

*If High Trek Adventure does not provide participants with a swag bag then the first round of drinks is on us!

What you can win!

    Championship Race
  • Grand Prize: $12,345.67

  • Austin Race
  • 1st Place: $300 in cash & free Championship entry
  • 2nd Place: 2 Timbuk2 Bags ($100/bag) and free Championship entry
  • 3rd Place: Free Championship entry
  • $50 Gift Certificate for:
  • Best Uniforms
  • Best Photo
  • Top Family (18 and under)
  • Top AARP (60 and over)


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