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High Trek Adventure Houston:
Ultimate urban adventure race

Host Site: Little Woodrow's - 5611 Morningside Drive

Saturday, March 14, 2009
Check-in: 11:00-11:50 a.m.
Race begins: Noon

HTA Houston Results

1. Vingette MJ: John & Marcy Beard (1:25:00)

2. Mud, Sweat & Beers (2:00:26)

3. Iron Foot Babes: Anna Helm & Lisa Foronda (2:01:45)

4. That's What She Said: (2:09:13)

5. Loco Hermanos: (2:11:41)

6. No Cheese Here: (2:25:10)

7. Sugar & Spice: (2:33:39)

8. TBD: Sarah Koller & Emily Rosen (2::44:45)

9. Fat Tubs of Goo: David Bruner & Brandon Crowe (2:45:38)

10. *#Zen: Zoe Littlepage & Benjamin Penchas (2:47:57)

11. Twisted Sister: Jesi & Charlotte Chaney (2:50:29)

12. Catch Us If You Can: Ruth Reitzel & Matt Siller (3:00:26)

13. #Team Lemon: Margaret & Andrea Bancroft (3:00:45)

14. #Team Brannon: Thomas & Nick Brannon (3:10:20)

15. #The Vamps: Heather Bullis & Leah Janarthanan (3:10:21)

16. #Team Castillo: Jeremies & Jordan Castillo (3:17:07)

17. *La Force: Jonni La Force & Daniel Dror (3:17:08)

18. Red Rocket: Sharon Siah and Darren Sabom (3:19:21)

19. Partners in Crime: Sherryl Amado & Robert Hurd (3:26:08)

20. Two Kinds of Crazy: Casey Williams & Mollie Beam (3:28:45)

21. Mark & Danielle: Danielle Douglas & Mark Robinson (3:31:15)

22. Samuels: Suzan & Jeremy Samuels (3:31:45)

23. Consalvo: Carrie & Wayne Consolvo(3:33:00)

24. H-Town Boogie: Fauzeya Rahman & Yousef Husain (3:41:40)

25. SNL: Leanna Lehmer & Scott Jensen (3:55:36)

26. Booknerds: Andy Cagle & Efrat Estrov (3:58:50)

27. Corned Beef Hashers: (4:14:20)

28. *The Kazis: Javier & Shaheer Kazi (4:40:40)

29. The 3 Little Rascals: Nick Bangia, Komal Shah & Rachna Ghandi (5:00:00)

30. We Won? Terri Corbin & John David(5:00:00)

31. Ace & Gary: Tom Zavatsky & Robert Telle (5:00:00)

32. Texas Twostep: Carol & Tony Johnson (5:00:00)

33. The Cleaners: Shannon & Michael Shoelen (DNF)

34. Dynamic Health Racing: Richard & Chris McCormick (DNF)

35. Gobius Industries: Summer Nijjer & Jon Orr (DNF)

36. Kuschel's: Kevin & Jennifer Kuschel (DNF)

37. Little Manhattan's: Raymond Tucker & Zharleen Salvino (DNF)

38. Team Martinson: Kurt & Molly Martinson (DNF)

Note: Top 25 Teams Qualify for Championship Race in Vegas!

*-Denotes an Incorrect Answer

#-Denotes Family Division (18 & under)

@-Denotes AARP Division (55+)

What is High Trek Adventure?

    High Trek Adventure is a unique urban adventure game where teams solve clever clues and face fun challenges while discovering their city a fun new way!

    What do I get?
    • 1. A fun urban adventure!
    • 2. High Trek Adventure t-shirt and race number
    • 3. National Championship Qualifier (Top 25 teams)
    • 4. Chance at $12,345.67 in the National Championship.
More Info

You've registered for this crazy train experience of a lifetime, so what next? You and your team partner will be on a lively, one-day, Houston amazing race. This scavenger hunt will take you to unmarked checkpoints known as TREKpoints and explore Houston like you've never experienced it before as the puzzle unfolds. Our high octane energy adventure game might take you through the many exciting neighborhoods of Houston like Rice University, Downtown, and some nifty places you might not even know about!

On this sensational metro adventure, you'll solve clues ranging from pop culture to math (nothing tougher than 8th grade) to American history, anagrams, sudoku, and so much more. It's like a real life Trivial Pursuit game! Along the way you'll face exciting challenges like bowling a strike, identifying a flavor of ice cream or putting a puzzle together.

In case of a disaster including, but not limited to flooding, tornadoes, terrorism, High Trek Adventure will decide whether or not to cancel the event based on the safety of participants and staff. In the event of a cancelation, refunds will NOT be issued; risk is assumed by all participants. However, participants will have the option to transfer registration to a different 2009 city, excluding Champion Race.

*If High Trek Adventure does not provide participants with a swag bag then the first round of drinks is on us!

What you can win!

    Championship Race
  • Grand Prize: $12,345.67

  • Houston Race
  • 1st Place: $300 in cash & free Championship entry
  • 2nd Place: 2 Timbuk2 Bags ($100/bag) and free Championship entry
  • 3rd Place: Free Championship entry
  • $50 Gift Certificate for:
  • Best Uniforms
  • Best Photo
  • Top Family (18 and under)
  • Top AARP (55 and over)

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