2014 CitySolve Honolulu Race Results

The only thing that could make CitySolve is CitySolve in paradise!

CitySolve Honolulu was by far and away our best event ever! Team Geeq (pronounced geek) used their knowledge from last year’s CitySolve and their scavenger hunting experience to eek out a W over team Kick Axe by 1 minute and 35 seconds! Team Kick Axe won’t go home empty handed as second placers they get the coveted Rickshaw Messenger Bags and they won best costume taking home the sweet Jammy Packs – remember to rock out with your pack out!

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Teams raced from Ward to Ala Moana to downtown where they faced 5 interactive challenges! SOHI Fitness whipped everyone into shape with a TRX and burpee boot camp challenge right on Ala Moana Beach! This certainly got people’s heart racing as teams had to carry 15-pound sandbags about 20 yards then finish with a little sweaty fun.

The 808 Sports Leagues checkpoint – also in Ala Moana Beach Park – had participants reminiscing their youth in a kickball challenge. One team member had to kick the ball directly to another team member about 40 yards away. This was a real pressure cooker on the kicker.

One of the most popular challenges of the day was held in downtown at the Primo Popcorn store. Teams had to get their taste buds working in overdrive. Each team had to correctly guess the flavor of 5 out of 8 popcorn flavors. We think Orville Redenbacher would have had a fun and challenging time at Double Ps!

Switching gears from taste buds to olfactory senses, teams had to find Sedona inside The Ward Center where the Yelp sponsored checkpoint tasked teams to correctly sniff 3 of 6 scents. Teams really had to stop and smell the roses on this one (rose was one the answers too).

The last interactive checkpoint had people challenging their inner spirit at Still and Moving Center. Teams learned 10 Pilates poses then were tested on their kinesthetic memory when they were quizzed minutes later on 5 of the 10 movements.

The best Tweet went to @geekmagnisi for his hilarious post (it still has us cracking a smile): “I don’t usually sniff thing random from random men #sendona

We want give a big mahalo to the staff and volunteers at Make-A-Wish Hawai’i. We really could not have pull this event off without them. If you’re interested in donating, volunteering, or just want more information then check them out online at www.808sportsleagues.com or call them at 808.

We can’t wait to return to paradise in 2015. We look forward to seeing you at CitySolve Urban Race Honolulu next year. Mahalo!

Now here’s your 2014 race results:

1st  (1:34:41)  Team Geeq  5751  Neal Magnisi,  Neal Magnisi,  Samuel Kapu,

2nd  (1:36:16)  Kick Axe!  5750  Robert Kurisu,  Robert Kurisu,  Neill Char, Leslie Uptain

3rd  (1:45:58)  Gnarly Nomads  5783  Karl Waasdorp,  Karl Waasdorp,  Caroline Waasdorp, Sarah Ringhand

4th  (1:46:09)  What Rhymes with Hug Me?  5749  Brittany Kull,  Brittany Kull,  Mark Medley,

5th  (1:47:13)  Out of Our Way!  5778  Kala’i Stern,  Kala’i Stern,  Kalei Stern,

6th  (1:49:08)  Helicopter Cats  5768  Stacy Ruegilin,  Stacy Ruegilin,  Spencer Drotman,

7th  (1:50:42)  Dream Team  5736  Leona Cobb,  Leona Cobb,  Nathan  O’Sullivan, Debbie Cobb Dumlao

8th  (1:50:43)  Dream Team 2  5804

9th  (1:59:42)  Dingos  5779  Stacy Sunada,  Stacy Sunada,  Evan Wharton, Melissa Kusaka

10th  (1:59:54)  Fish & Poi Mafia  5784  Sara Waialeale,  Sara Waialeale,  Sara Waialeale, Rachel Waialeale

11th  (2:04:07)  Aloha Alcoholics  5761  Jason Ono,  Jason Ono,  Kara  Yamada, Mike Jung

12th  (2:12:54)  Team Yelp 1  5805  Joette Yago, Russell , Dio Pilar

13th  (2:13:32)  Superfrogs  5741  Tricia Howerton,  Tricia Howerton,  Jon Howerton, Baylor Howeton

14th  (2:15:48)  StarletShay  5748  Ryan Kawamoto,  Ryan Kawamoto,  Shay Fukayama,

15th  (2:19:39)  Leigh vs Lee  5754  Erika Mazur,  Erika Mazur,  Sunny Lee,

16th  (2:22:46)  Chief and 2 Indians  5802  Cyrstal Tan,  Chris Lim, Michael Tom

17th  (2:23:40)  MILFs & Dudes  5794  Sarah Zimmerman,  Sarah Zimmerman,  Brandon Zimmerman, Jason Morgan

18th  (2:23:49)  Butterfly Kickers  5759  Kim Nguyen,  Kim Nguyen,  Philip Chan, Adrienne Ono

19th  (2:23:49)  Better Late Than Pregnant  5731  William Blackwell,  William Blackwell,  Misty  Gatlin, Katherine  Figaro

20th  (2:24:31)  Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious  5782  Emelyn Viloria,  Emelyn Viloria,  Janet Andres, Chelsea Lee

21st  (2:27:01)  Ebony & Ivory  5765  Kiesha Richards,  Kiesha Richards,  Blair Richards,

22nd  (2:27:46)  Hot Ride  5776  Brittany Schenkel,  Brittany Schenkel,  Brian Schenkel, Chase Lynn

23rd  (2:29:12)  Jo-Cho  5781  Lynn  Uehara,  Lynn  Uehara,  Stephen Jones, Leecia Cho

24th  (2:30:43)  Team Ratchet  5760  Jayson Nip,  Jayson Nip,  Mallorie Lim, Milly Chang

25th  (2:31:21)  Bailey’s Troupe  5724  Beth Bailey,  Beth Bailey,  Brad Bailey,

26th  (2:31:46)  Team Scebe  5755  Tammy McGarvey,  Tammy McGarvey,  Jason Tsukamoto, Joe Welden

27th  (2:32:50)  Team Hukilau  5769  Elias Samonte,  Elias Samonte,  Lauren Samonte, Natasha Poepoe

28th  (2:34:06)  Kona Krafts  5735  Tracy Chung,  Tracy Chung,  Lisa  Grenier, Debbie Shima

29th  (2:34:31)  Team ??  5785  Tracy Weber,  Tracy Weber,  Elizabeth O’brien, Eric Propst

30th  (2:35:48)  gretchen adams  5721  gretchen adams,  gretchen adams,  Jason Adams, Lillia Adams

31st  (2:35:48)  Rapp  5801  Devon Rapp, Katherine Bojarski,

32nd  (2:40:48)  The Fab Four  5756  Jessica Megill,  Jessica Megill,  Michelle  Toyofuku, Kristen  Oleyte

33rd  (2:41:13)  Sais and nunchuks  5803  McLeod Whitney,   ,  Shiv Desai, Michael Vu

34th  (2:45:27)  Krush  5752  Valerie Makaneole,  Valerie Makaneole,  Cory Nicolas, Amanda Jenkins

35th  (2:47:15)  Team WAB  5734  Anita Carmichael,  Anita Carmichael,  Brad  Carmichael, William Shearer

36th  (2:47:51)  BigBan  5727  Jan Bigalke,  Jan Bigalke,  Terry Bigalke, Sonja Bigalke-Bannan

37th  (2:49:06)  Kailua Monkeys  5786  Roy Werner,  Roy Werner,  Kathy Werer, Christina Brooks

38th  (2:50:27)  Remy cat  5763  Matt Powers,  Matt Powers,  Chizuru Minohara,

39th  (2:53:00)  Sher Bernin Speedz   5777  Abby Speed,  Abby Speed,  Jay Zeigler, Sara Bernhardt

40th  (2:54:33)  Ed A. Bull  5780  Ethan J. Twer,  Ethan J. Twer,  Will Kirby, Ina Chang

41st  (3:07:15)  Team Awesome  5737  Cristina Felicitas,  Cristina Felicitas,  Julian Price,

42nd  (3:11:01)  Krush TOO  5726  Angela  Barnett,  Angela  Barnett,  Brandy Preston, Christy  MacPherson

43rd  (3:12:43)  BAMF  5798  Mary Coon, Jack Coon, Seng Camus

44th  (3:12:45)  #  5723  Kim Archer,  Kim Archer,  Casey Elia, Ashley Quero

45th  (3:13:20)  ItzOva  5733  Kristine Buttel,  Kristine Buttel,  Myrel Baptiste,

46th  (3:19:18)  FastDashers  5787  Kanani Wong,  Kanani Wong,  Kahea Cadavona,

47th  (3:20:50)  K&R  5788  Randall Yong,  Randall Yong,  Katie Tsou,

48th  (3:20:54)  Shooting Stars  5793  Renee Young,  AJ Smit,  Shelby Voigt, Renee Young

49th  (3:28:09)  Ladies of Wonderland  5764  Glory Ramirez,  Glory Ramirez,  Leilani Baluyot, Amanda Tauanuu

50th  (3:30:26)  Martinis + Medicine  5800  Melissa Lauser, Stephanie Solari, Brooke Meyers

51st  (4:20:36)  Yo, I’ll solve it  5722  Alan Anderson,  Alan Anderson,  Alan Anderson,

52nd  (4:22:21)  Mizfits  5762  Tracey Powell,  Tracey Powell,  Tracey Powell,


54th  (4:32:43)  Pote 2  5799  Mahya Lewis, Yumiko Lewis, Shinichi Kato

55th  (5:51:46)  Paradise Pirates  5772  Gwynn Sarver,  Gwynn Sarver,  Greg  Tabet, Frank Tabet

56th  DNF –  Belt liners  5732  Meghan Bryant,  Meghan Bryant,  Diana Cotter, Victoria Cashio

57th  Groupon  Dream Team 2  5804  Stacy Duldulao, Gracie Duldulao,

58th  NPC –   VP Awesome  5739  Julie Holcomb,  Julie Holcomb,  Miyuki Koaffroath,

59th  NPC –   VP Awesome  5745  Miyuki Kauffroath,  Drew Hance,  Zeus  Coughlin, Matt O’Connor

60th  NPC –   VP Awesome  5757  Joshua Mitchell,  Joshua Mitchell,  Francheska Gonzalez,

61st  NPC –   VP Awesome  5766  Jenna Rose,  Jenna Rose,  Shaun Rose,

62nd  NPC –   CountryGirls  5738  Ashlee Fely,  Ashlee Fely,  Candice Heder,

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