2016 CitySolve Houston Results

CitySolve-Houston-Team-Building-and-Urban-Race-2017Before we recap CitySolve Houston Team Building and Urban Race we would like to provide you some travel discounts that team CitySolve uses each time that set up an amazing race experience.

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Everything is definitely bigger in Texas and it’s better in Houston than Dallas! Yeehaaaa! Bing Kao’s team We Run This Town regains the CitySolve Houston Team Building and Urban Race crown. Congratulations!!!

We want to thank Irish Cowboy for hosting for the first, er, third time (previously Celtic Gardens). Located in the heart of Midtown you can this venue has everything you need: great food, great food and great music! Com’on down!!!

A special thanks goes to HEART Houston. This charity has helped CitySolve Houston Team Building and Urban Race four the past years. We are so grateful for its support and it’s CitySolve’s hope that you support HEART Houston. They can always use your support by way of donating your time and money. You’ll be glad you did.

YogaOne Studios in Midtown got in the game and ran an amazing interactive checkpoint. Amazing Race Houston enthusiasts had to bend like Gumby and memorize like IBM’s Watson. Teams quickly learned yoga poses then were quizzed on them. Success and they move. Failure and the team had to learn it again!

Teams tested their hula hooping skills at the HEART Houston checkpoint at Saint Dane’s. Teams tested their skills in Saint Dane’s parking lot and had loads of fun! Thanks again HEART Houston and Saint Dane’s! You rock!

We can’t wait to return to Houston in 2017. Remember, since you participated in CitySolve you will always receive the lost ticket price…guaranteed!

1. (1:23:46) We Run This Town: Bing Kao
2. (1:35:54) This Changes Everything!: Elaine Louie, Eric Vu, Darren McDuff
3. (1:40:40) The Fanny Pack: Alvin Guajardo, Laura Suttles
4. (1:41:31) #BeBold2016: Sean Welshimer, Alicia Welshimer
5. (1:55:03) Puppy Pendulum: Alex Phillips, Elizabeth Paul, Jonathan Tari
6. (2:17:18) Potato: Dylan Senter, Melissa Bui
7. (2:17:48) Wirehaus: Jarad Wire, Iska Wire
8. (2:26:44) The Grey Council: Nick Johnson, Abby Johnson, Amber Keckley, Wes Straw
9. (2:36:01) Urban Village People: Mario Tristan, Whitney Tristan, Amanda Mendoza, Matt Gelina
10. (2:39:20) Team Science: Ryan Fleischmann, Jane Naberhuis
11. (2:39:45) Unicorns: Kortnie Holmes, Jennifer Holmes
12. (2:47:13) The Sherlocked: Chris Ingold, Shephali Ingold, Zack Bond, Sarah Ardoin
13. (2:48:20) Dynamic Duo: Jamil Aslam, Abha Shah
14. (2:50:14) Nacho Vodka: Natalie Pulpan, Stephanie Emmott
15. (3:01:10) The Fighting Mongoose: Ronald Muller
16. (3:01:10) The Coy Pond
17. (3:03:22) GAK: Gary Flaharty, Kim Flaharty, Ann Henry
18. (3:07:16) Super Heroes: Veronica Beltran, Guillermo Marquez, Sara Trevino, Angel Ramirez
19. (3:14:20) Space monkey mafia: Lauren Seward, Chris Skinner
20. (3:16:47) Puzzle Pieces: Valentina Lucas
21. (3:17:29) Average Joe’s: Jessica Hua, Rosemary Tran , William Ramirez, Trey Gaither
22. (3:18:50) team operation mongoose: Kristen Wessner, Brittany Schmidtknecht
23. (3:25:00) FARfield Foragers
24. (3:25:01) FARfield Foragers: Khristina Howton, Scott Howton, Jan Dibert, Phil Dibert
25. (3:25:02) FARfield Foragers Group 1: Angie Angus, Brenda Craig, Karen Drozdowski, Robin Walls
26. (3:25:03) FARField Foragers Group 4: Mark Angus, Bruce Craig, Stan Drozdowski,
27. (3:25:04) FARfield Foragers Group 5: John Sauer, Corey Walls, Billy Dye,
28. (3:25:06) Team 1655
29. (3:25:07) Team 1657
30. (3:25:40) The Frame Shifters: Melissa Bachler, Rebecca Tirrell, Marisa Mendoza, TIffany Bartlett
31. (3:34:50) You Want It, We Got It.: Amber Lamkins, Ginger Haas, Lisa McMillan, Chad McMillan
32. (3:43:58) Girls Gone Wild: Jackie Beltran, , Gloria Beltran, Emy Hernandez
33. (3:44:40) Jalape’±o Se’±oritas: Nancy Hernandez, Adelina Sanchez, Gladys Rodriguez, Higor Gil
34. (3:48:47) Oot & Aboot Eh?: Chelsea Grocholski, Ian Grocholski
35. (4:11:12) The Lockz: Emmanuel Quiroz, Monica Pelfrey, Miranda Jenkins,
36. (4:14:50) Gone Astray: Karen Hellstern, Susan Rafferty
37. (4:27:46) Team Vino: Kelly Shidler, Traci Antley, Christina Messina, Lori Mates
38. (6:29:50) Queens: Sharon Dennis, Stephanie Williams, Felicia Morgan, Delia Mays
39. (2:38:45) M&M: Amy Meyersick, Rebecca Morgan
40. DNF – 2 B’s: matt barron, isabel buell
41. DNF – FARfield Foragers Group 2: Terry Dye, Joely LeBlanc, Cori Sauer
42. DNF – Behavior Busters: Michelle Garcia, Florence Miles, Brandon Delgado, Katie Becknell
43. DNF – Behavior Busters2: Cristina Guerra, Jessica Whatley, Holly Strecker
44. DNF – Team Juan Percent: Juan Herrera, Juan Herrera
45. DNF – THOSE Two: Raquel Padilla, Craig Sieminski
46. DNF – The Mouseketeers: Jessica Ripple, Jolene Haas
47. DNF – Team 1636: Jessica Tonnon

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