2016 Rochester CitySolve Urban Race Results

CitySolve Urban Race and Team Building Rochester

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Don’t forget about CitySolve Team Building. We can create a custom scavenger hunt for your team any where, any time. CitySolve Team Building also offers: Team Trivia and Making a Music Video!

Everything is definitely bigger in Texas and it’s better in Houston than Dallas! Yeehaaaa! Bing Kao’s team We Run This Town regains the CitySolve Houston Team Building and Urban Race crown. Congratulations!!!

We want to thank Murphy’s Law for hosting for the five year in a row! Located in the heart of Downtown you can this venue has everything you need: great food, great food, and great atmosphere.

A special thanks goes out to Big Brothers Big Sister. You should sign up to be a Big; you’ll change someone’s life forever! You’ll be glad you did.

Nu Movement yoga studio in downtown Rochester joined in the fun and ran a great interactive checkpoint. Amazing Race Rochester enthusiasts had to bend like Plastic Man and memorize like like an elephant. Teams quickly learned yoga poses then were quizzed on them. Success and they took a photo and moved on. Failure and the team had to repeat it!

Teams tested their charades and movie knowledge at the Big Brother Big Sister’s checkpoint at BBBS’s HQ in downtown Rochester. Teams had to let loose and act out movie titles! Oh, the fun!

CitySolve Urban Race and Rochester Team Building would also like to thank the always unique Bartertown. This Monroe Ave gem is a dream store for any child or Bronie! Teams played the ultimate game of in-store scavenger hunt amongst the treasure trove of toys!

We’re super duper excited to Rochester in 2017. Remember, since you participated in CitySolve you will always receive the $20 ticket price…guaranteed! It’s the cheapest around!

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2016 CitySolve Urban Race and Team Building Rochester Results:
1 (1:31:24): Sip of Sunshine 1507, Bill McGuinness, Bill McGuinness, Kate McGuinness
2 (1:50:00): something clever 1488, Becky Gravenstede, Becky Gravenstede, Ryan Gardner
3 (1:57:04): Right Turn Racer 3258, Perrin Yang, Perrin Yang, Katie Fish
4 (1:59:18): Bam and the Bammettes 1464, Cathy Bambury, Cathy Bambury, Kevin Bambury Sarah Bambury Emma
5 (2:05:20): Vier Schlaumeier 3235, Jennifer Schreiber, Jennifer Schreiber, Horst Schreiber Leslie Benjamin Karen
6 (2:23:45): Oh Yeah! 1482, Adrienne Dykeman, Adrienne Dykeman, Michel Rhoda
7 (2:24:50): NOWTOP 1 1484, Kristine Early, Kristine Early, Brian Riesenberger Hollie Fagan Bob
8 (2:29:00): Emily’s Bitches 1485, Jackie Fannin, Emily Bremmer , Dale Thomas Jackie Fannin
9 (2:33:40): Fighting Moose Knuckles 1474, Melissa Conroy, Melissa Conroy, Erica Crescimanni Denise
10 (2:38:23): Salon Raven 1492, kelly jermyn, Kelly Jermyn, Ryan Jermyn
11 (2:38:40): Reynolds’ 1519, Stephen Reynolds, Steve Reynolds, Jenn Reynolds
12 (2:45:00): NTID Cool Peeps 1489, Joseph Hill, Joseph Hill, Rachel Mazique Pam Berkeley Brian
13 (2:45:35): Run Free 1480, Lourdes Douglas, Lourdes Douglas, Jen Bosco Jennie
14 (2:50:30): Fourth Time 3244, Becky Sponhouse, Becky Sponhouse, Chelsea Rivkind Ethan
15 (2:52:30): Sexy Beasts 1477, Andrea Curran, Andrea Curran, Meredith Curran Noel Winslow Brian
16 (2:57:42): Will Run for Beer 3241, Tara Siracusa, Tara Siracusa, Dan Siracusa Tanya Kinney Ed
17 (2:58:27): Wander Women 1470, MELISSA BRIGGS, Melissa Briggs, Michelle Nower Meghan Alexander Sam
18 (3:02:30): Team Hoff 1490, Karen Hoff, Karen Hoff, Ryan Hoff
19 (3:03:26): Island Dwellers 1510, Ellen Mullis, Ellen Mullis, Daniel Welch
20 (3:06:15): Robot Parade 3249, Lisa Szczepanik, Lisa Szczepanik, Mike Stringer Sammy Stringer Henry
21 (3:07:25): Team K&M 3291, , ,
22 (3:09:55): NOWTOP 2 1483, Jeffrey Early, Jeffrey Early, Tyler Endres Colleen Riesenberger Melinda
23 (3:10:08): Super Mamas 1512, Kate Olson, Kate Olson, Kim Weeks Johanna
24 (3:15:30): The Powerpuff Girls 3247, Brandon Stinson, Brandon Stinson, Katherine Ballman Duncan Spaulding Jules
25 (3:24:15): Charm Bombs 1509, Sarah Misco, Christie Nesbit, Emily Smith Kristen Lanphear Sarah
26 (3:28:43): Jen & Alicia 1462, Jennifer Baker, Jen Baker, Alicia Pakusch
27 (3:31:00): M and M 1491, Margaret Hoffmann, Margaret Hoffmann, Mary Herbst
28 (3:33:05): Jedi sparkles 1517, Daniel Redic, Danny Redic, Jessica Disalvo
29 (3:36:00): His favorites 1487, Pat Geier, Pat Geier, L O
30 (3:37:35): Three Blinde Mice 3292, Sarah Ritchie, Sarah Ritchie, Elise Fitzsimmons Rachel Malone
31 (3:37:45): Gamey Wookies 1481, jessica duffy, Jessica Duffy, Michelle Duke Holly Havens
32 (3:47:50): Tall and Bald 1486, Gerald Gamm, Gerald Gamm, Charles Towles
33 (3:57:55): Grits and Gandules 3229, betzayda rivera, Rahel Smith, Betzayda Rivera
34 (4:11:09): 3252, Brigitte Wales, ,
35 (4:45:10): Darwin 1513, Patty Potter, Chris Furlong, Patty Potter Jack Potter Jake
36 (5:49:29): Team MA 1501, Anne McGinnis, Anne McGinnis, Matt Corridoni
37 (5:58:01): Team Fry & Leela 1498, Falon Malerich, Falon Malerich, Gary Stopani
38 (5:59:00): Betty Ford Barbies 1466, Kristin Benoodt, Kristin Benoodt, Kimberly Paytash
39 (6:11:42): Golden Girls 1511, Beth Nitsch, Beth Nitsch, Brenda Killackey-Jones Than Sorn
40 (6:22:50): IronMen 1499, Charles Maloy, Chuck Maloy, Noah White
41 (6:41:00): Cereal Killers 1500, Patricia Marcaida, Captain Crunch, Cinammon Toast Kucz Grape Nuts Chocolate
42 (6:42:06): The Rochestafarians 1478, Maria Decker, Maria Decker, James Decker Steve Bennett
43 (7:15:20): Flower Girls 1496, ALYSIA king, alana miller, alysia king
44 DNF – : Team 3250 3250, Joli Trotto, Joli Trotto, Lindsay Rachow Sara Duffy Marisa
45 DNF – : Highly Qualified 1465, Sharon beasley, Sharon Beasley, Stacey Washington Mary Gagnier Person
46 DNF – : smartinis 1468, brenda bolton, brenda bolton, ashley stanley miles shove june
47 DNF – : Bowerman-Thomas 1469, Kiah Bowerman, Kiah Bowerman, Chelsea Thomas Jason Bowerman Elizabeth
48 DNF – : Tuesday’s Trivia Team 1475, Margaret Cook, Mike Knutowitz, Kim Gilbert Sharon
49 DNF – : Baaad Girls 1473, Karin Carnevale, Karin Carnevale, Debbie Estratti Beth Frawley Tracy
50 DNF – : Around the Block 1476, Janet Cranshaw, Janet Cranshaw, Barbara Ball Susie Strang TBD -I’ll let you know
51 DNF – : The spice girls 1495, Brian Kane, Brian Kane, Tyler Chin Brandon McAlees Hanna
52 DNF – : the slowest team 3253, karen a wilcox, karen wilcox, john sargent nick sargent judy
53 NPC – : Solving with Sarah 1463, barbara K Ball, amy hoffman, Jeff Hoffman Sarah Masterson Laura
54 NPC – : Yoberry Italian Icicles 1471, Tracy Brown, Tracy Brown, Candace Brown Heather Ott Michaela
55 NPC – : Cluesing for a Brewsing 1479, Donna DeRycke, Donna DeRycke, Mark DeRycke
56 NPC – : 2 Fast 2 Furious 1493, Theresa Jermyn, Tracey Jermyn, Emily Harley Shaun Harley Noah
57 NPC – : 1494, Anne Johnson, ,
58 NPC – : Double T’s 1497, tom liou, Tom Liou, Thao Bui
59 NPC – : Rockstarts 1516, patty pugliese, Patty Pugliese, Theresa Hamm Meagan Hennessy crystal
60 NPC – : K and B 3233, Karen Samis, Karen samis, Beth Luckey
61 NPC – : 3257, Mike Wizowski

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