CitySolve Urban Race San Antonio Results

Yeehaw!!! Oh how CitySolve Urban Race loves San Antonio! The weather (sans the summer), the Mexican food, the beers, the list goes on. This marks our sixth year in the Alamo City and our best Texas scavenger hunt – or any other city, for that matter – to date (But doesn’t every event make that statement? This year it truly was!).

We want to thank Whole Foods for helping raise money for our fabulous charity, Miles Against Melanoma. MAM, as CitySolve Urban Race affectionally calls it, was able to raise nearly $7,000! All of the money will go DIRECTLY to the fight melanoma! Hats off to the South Texas MAM leader Jaime Leeper. We cannot wait to work with y’all again in 2015!

Now to the San Antonio scavenger hunt… Ebola Free crushed it like they were running from doctors. Way to go guys! They brought home $300 in cash. Not bad for finishing in just over an hour. That’s lawyer type wages! Woohoo!

CitySolve Urban Race MUST mention Whole Foods again. Teams LOVED this checkpoint. The good food market giant was held up at King William Park. Once teams arrived they had to peal an orange. Sounds easy? Wrong! In order to successfully complete the task teams had to peal the orange in one fell swoop, meaning if the orange peal broke then they failed! Teams could only their hands. What fun.

The furthest CitySolve Urban Race checkpoint was Dick’s Last Resort. Teams had a brain teaser to complete…tanagrams. Don’t know what tanagrams is? You might want to. This checkpoint could show up in your city next, but you won’t know which of the thousands of puzzles CitySolve Urban Race will make you do. We’re sneaky.

supercalifragilisticexpialidocious checkpoint was located at the San Antonio convention center near the Henry B. Gonzalez statue. Teams were instructed by the Texas Fuel basketball team. No, teams didn’t have to dunk like LeBron, but they had to show their Chris Paul ball handling skills.

Another Amazing Race style checkpoint awaited these scavenger hunt fans at Alamo Street Eat Bar. The Juice Box, San Antonio’s healthy food truck, hosted a pin-the-tail-on-the-amazing-race-enthusiaist. One team member was blindfolded and given a sample of a wrap of the Juice Box while the other was not blindfolded, but couldn’t move. Let the fun and hilarity ensue!

It will be hard to top the 2014’s San Antonio scavenger hunt, but CitySolve Urban Race is definitely up for the challenge. Look for ticket sales soon for 2015 coming later this month. :-)

DNF – Did Not Finish
NPC – No Photo Check

1. (1:15:00) Ebola Free: Bryan Fischer, PJ Kokesh

2. (1:21:52) The B Team: Dustin Titzman, Michelle Titzman, Travis Tymrak, Kianne Rowinsky
3. (1:22:01) Killa Gorillaz: Shaun Hurtado, Shaun Hurtado
4. (1:23:54) VanBelski: Wendy Scibielski, Paul Scibielski
5. (1:26:50) 2@43: Richard Jarzombek, Jeff Tisdel
6. (1:30:01) Speed Racers: Karen Cain, Robert Stafford, Chad Cadieux, Carleigh Cadieux
7. (1:30:39) #thomas-sisters: Christi Riggs, Cathy Thomas
8. (1:39:09) Team J.A.C.K. Mehoff: john pryor, Ali Goodwin, craig heintze, kelsey stone
9. (1:40:40) Team 3230: Nicole Dearstine, Kevin Dearstine, Marvin Lopez, Erik Oviedo
10. (1:43:25) CitySolve School Girls: Shelly Mutz, Dana Cleveland, Carly Cleveland, Wendy Harris
11. (1:43:43) Sibling Rivalry: teressa lowrance, David Grinnell, Laurissa Grinnell
12. (1:47:19) Team Garry Damn: Stacy Fowler, Matthew Fowler, William Fowler
13. (1:47:59) Snooze Buttons: Patrice Soliz, Rene Soliz, Megan Swint, Ashley Perez
14. (1:49:17) Hey Blue Shirt: Desiree Castro, Brenda Gutierrez
15. (1:49:40) Rykestryke: Aydee McInnis, Gavin McInnis, Ryker McInnis, Unknown
16. (1:50:55) team jk: Keri Richardson, Julie Barnett, Christina Nishimuta, Sarah Eads
17. (1:53:08) Team 3239: Julia Garza, Joe Proctor
18. (1:54:44) VanBelski: Simone Vannoy, Neil Vannoy
19. (1:55:03) Where’s The Moo Shu?: Jaclyn Harris, Scott Harris, Marina Naravez, Dennis Schroler
20. (1:55:24) GANGAROOS FOR LIFE: LAURA FOULIS, Braxton Cole
21. (1:59:18) Rosie’s Riveters: Jody Ullery, Kathy Hitt, Lori Allen, Carrie Crane
22. (2:00:17) Rod’s Renegades: Robert Rodriguez, Brian Keeler, Jennifer Teng, Yazin Gonzalez
23. (2:00:18) Alfred’s Angels: John Ormont, John Donorovich, Antonique Seales, Jacqueline Alvatez
24. (2:00:19) Texas DLS: Alexander Cole, Luke Wallis, Ralph Bauer
25. (2:00:33) Yeehaw: Crystal Pennell, Chris Mahler, Holland Lawrence
26. (2:07:58) The 6th Sherriffs: Elena Berrera, Ralph Perez
27. (2:09:07) The Nerds: Lisa Tuleja, Judy Oddo-Lawless, Kelly Jenkins-Woodrum, Tania Gilmour-Vanmeter
28. (2:09:51) Sqirrel Juice: Christopher Mbrayer, Celine Deleon
29. (2:16:30) Funky bunch: Meghann Latimer, Mark Latimer
30. (2:17:08) Hungry Bears: Erin Collins, Jeremy Tijerina
31. (2:22:50) Wessies: David Wessies, Juli Wessies
32. (2:35:57) Nachoturn: Patty Barclay, V.J. Villarreal
33. (2:38:43) Grape: Lorena Garsed, Koelle Salinas, Justin Burt, Dmitriev
34. DNF – : Renee Golobay
35. DNF – : Indira martinez
36. DNF – Hustle & Bustle: Bobby Barrera, Crystal Barnes
37. DNF – Nerds: Kyle Friedman, Jessica Rivera
38. DNF – Drop it Like a Squat: nicole martin, Brandi Beard
39. DNF – Amador: Susan Amador, Marina Amador-Sanchez
40. DNF – : Laura baker
41. DNF – : Tatjana Bakke
42. DNF – : Travis Baskin
43. DNF – : Jennifer Beckey
44. DNF – : Joey Brand
45. DNF – : Diane Bryand
46. DNF – BugsyMalone: Elizabeth Classen, Unknown Unknown
47. DNF – : Abby Croft
48. DNF – Haven’t Got A Clue: Cyndi Erp, Daniel Long
49. DNF – : Andrea Feingold
50. DNF – : Dominique Fisher
51. DNF – : Nicole Gonzales
52. DNF – : Myzsa Grandell
53. DNF – : ashley haywood
54. DNF – : Melissa Jones
55. DNF – : laura kotlowski
56. DNF – Kuopus+1: Lisa Kuopus, Tommy Munoz, Duane Kuopus
57. DNF – : Amy Lewis
58. DNF – : Stephanie Liane
59. DNF – : Indira martinez
60. DNF – : Jacklin Mosso
61.DNF – : T. Myrick
62. DNF – : Crystal Pennell
63. DNF – : Emily Porter
64. DNF – : Irma Ramirez
65. DNF – Wii Not Fit: Debbie Real, Lauren Howes, Cindy Howes, Penny Hudek
66. DNF – : Veronika segovia
67. DNF – : Nagi Sidhu
68. DNF – Odd Duckers: Joy Stone, Chris Tilt, Troy Palacino
69. DNF – : Sarah Tarhini
70. DNF – : Darnell Thomas
71. DNF – : Twanda Torres
72. DNF – : jessica waggoner
73. DNF – : Dana Wisniewski-Robinson
74. NPC – Beez Kneez: Ellen Brown, Andrea Gindhart, Angela Nickell, Anneleise Munsinger-Hayes
75. NPC – EYE SPY: Esmi Resendez, Bethany Ramirez
76. NPC – Win or Lose We Booze: Hailey Spalding, Christa Smith, Matt Smith, Lee Mohnke



You’ve Got a Friend in The Friendly Spot


Ever encounter a waitress or waiter who was less than friendly? Maybe even borderlining rude? And as you sit there, lamenting the poor service, you might even sing that famous song by War… “Why can’t weeeee be friends?”

Well, there is one spot in San Antonio that is guaranteed to have you singing a different tune! The name of the place? The Friendly Spot! Their motto “Let’s Be Friends” inspires them to provide customer service that is warm and welcoming. At The Friendly Spot, you can stop by for a chill night with your friends or even a daytime drink with your loved one. Have kids or pets? It’s no problem because they are welcomed with the presence of a friendly playground, designed especially so that both you and the little ones can enjoy yourselves at the same time.

Stop by to cheer on your sports team with the guys or bring your friends to one of the weekend movie nights hosted by The Friendly Spot. The eats are delicious and served until midnight, the drinks are plentiful and well-priced, and the service will have you excited to return! By the time you leave, you’ll be reminiscing those Toy Story days with “You’ve Got a Friend in Me!”

The Friendly Spot is our host site for the CitySolve San Antonio race on Saturday, so you’ll have the opportunity to experience it firsthand instead of just taking our word for it. Register for the race here to be part of the fun and make some new friends along the way!

Soler Power

solers sports

The local running, cycling, and triathlon store in San Antonio, Soler’s Sports, is where you can pick up your packets for CitySolve Urban Race San Antonio!

Soler’s Sports offers great customer service and is open for any athlete: whether you’re a beginner or an elite. Soler’s Sports offers the greatest, newest, and best technology it can offer for runners, cyclers, triathlon-ers, like you! Don’t worry if you don’t know what matches you the best, because there are specialized, highly-trained expert staff members who will be able to match you up with the gear for you.

Not only that, but you can join running, cycling, and/or triathlon teams through Soler’s Sports. Meet people who share the same passion with you and grow in your healthy hobbies!

Come pick up your race packets at Soler’s Sports on Friday, October 24, and check out its products and services while you’re there! See you there!

MAM SATX Stands For….

MAM SATX stands for Miles Against Melanoma, this year’s charity partner for CitySolve Urban Race San Antonio. Melanoma is a deadly skin cancer and is one of the most common types of cancer among young adults. Around 8,000 to 10,000 people die from it each year. If melanoma is detected early enough, it can be treated effectively with a survival rate of 100%. But in order to detect melanoma in its early stages, people need to know what to look for and what the symptoms are.

Miles Against Melanoma strives for awareness, education, and advocacy and research for the skin cancer. They aim to ease the burdens and provide support for melanoma patients though financial aid, and find a cure for melanoma. They raise money for these causes through marathon events. Founded in 2010, Miles Against Melanoma have been able to donate several thousands of dollars to Dr. Lynn Cornelius and the Melanoma Multidisciplinary team at Siteman Cancer Center, Barnes- Jewish Hospital, UT Southwestern Medical Center, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute Melanoma Clinic, Moonshots Program, and other melanoma related organizations.

This year, their goals include raising $100,000 and increasing national presence by 10%. Check out their website to learn more about the cause and register for CitySolve Urban Race San Antonio to join the cause!

2014 CitySolve Urban Race San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO, the city by the bay, here are your 2014 CitySolve Urban Race results!

We want to thank all of our San Francisco sponsors and partnering businesses that made this year’s CitySolve Urban Race San Francisco a great success!!! Make sure you go out and support these local businesses!!!:
1. Pedro’s Cantina
2. Sports Authority San Francisco
3. Sports Basement
4. FatChanceBellyDance, Inc.
5. Adam’s Grub Truck
6. Purple Monkey Design
7. Pub Trivia Nerds
8. 826 Valencia
9. JammyPack
10. Yelp
11. Rickshaw Bagworks
12. HandsOn Bay Area

*1 (1:25:04) 2196 Taintastic! Matt Sheehy/ Jim Chapman/ /
*2 (1:57:25) 5999 Safety Squad Mark Shapero/ Lisa Alexander/ Monatrice Lam/ Royce Lam
*3 (2:07:03) 5524 Knights of the Round Table Elizabeth Nachman/ Kristen Dooley/ Hannah Joy Wirshing/ Alexandra Price
*4 (2:09:13) 3254 Jendel Catfish Peeps Catherine Au/ Delwin Lee/ Jennifer Ung/ Jamie Liu
*5 (2:18:52) 3299 Classy Ladies Stephanie Lacek/ Rachel Freeman/ /
*6 (2:20:06) 5540 Say YES to the race! Ana Onieva/ Khuyen Nguyen/ Kristin Lee/
*7 (2:22:50) 3296 gals a cookin Yoko Kasai/ annelise bauer/ /
*8 (2:23:26) 5838 Barnum’s Animals taylor Record/ Daniel Branson/ Allyson Darling/ Jonathan Eatherly
*9 (2:31:30) 5839 Rainbow Trains Rebecca Reizner/ Michelle Ferreirae/ Erin Davis/
*10 (2:37:02) 3205 Wally World Andreas Sundquist/ Vishal Srivastava/ /
*11 (2:42:18) 3216 The 4 Amigos Tracey Gunn/ Sara Carvalho/ Kristina Kashanian/ Bill Cheney
*12 (2:42:37) 3231 ER STAPH 1 Geoffrey Blair Astudillo/ Brittney Montano/ Vickie La/ Airecel Bongco
*13 (2:43:00) 3203 ER Staph 2 carly stewart/ natasha barrun/ Eryn Breig/
*14 (2:44:38) 3217 Homo You Didn’t / / /
*15 (2:52:03) 5555 GIANT LADIES Mirela Paraganlija/ Mirela Louttit/ Cara Pennacchio/
*16 (2:55:40) 3295 Team Scramble John Johnston/ Susan Johnston/ Kendall Johnston/ Linda Hunt
*17 (2:59:06) 3286 Don’t call it Frisco Anton Fok/ Yoichi Shiga/ Bernard Fok/
*18 (3:00:09) 3285 Seasonal Sensations Anna Fogt/ Chris Sally/ Melissa Yahne/ Meredith Simmons
*19 (3:03:00) 3281 Indian Adventurers Umang Desai/ Chaitanya Ralladoddi/ SREENAVYA CHITTE/ Aman Gul
*20 (3:05:46) 3297 Vino y Queso Keavney Klein/ Meghan Mullen/ Meg Buckwalter/
*21 (3:12:20) 4504 Let’s Get Physical Shannon Lonneman/ Veronica Page/ David Derrick/ Alex Smith
*22 (3:12:47) 3209 Scratch and Sniffs Victoria White/ Jen Eaton/ Nicki Riley/ Olivia Mejia
*23 (3:16:17) 3208 Despicables Akriti Vora/ Nandini Sinh-Nanavati/ Amandeep Khurana/ Shashank Nanavati
*24 (3:16:30) 3278 United Nations Suraj Bhat/ Alegria Mora/ /
*25 (3:20:58) 2000 MAP Mohammed Shaik Hussain Ali/ Mukund Gidadhubli/ Prakash Natarajan/
26 (3:22:46) 3207 Know It Alls Wendi Vaillette/ And Team/ /
27 (3:23:00) 3994 Nerd Nation Cindy Lin/ Colin Man/ /
28 (3:23:20) 3294 Are We There Yet? Shelley Jiang/ Fred Fannon/ /
29 (3:26:05) 3290 thisway thataway Gina Granata/ Hector Moreno/ /
30 (3:30:02) 3279 Team Spidey David Booth-Metwally/ Su Tran/ /
31 (3:40:22) 3287 Movers & Shakers Jared Fones/ Ranbir Johal/ Jared Fones/ Simi Johal
32 (3:44:23) 3211 Pop Tarts Kendra Wright/ / /
33 (3:46:40) 3214 Drones Taking Selfies Alice Yuen/ Tyrone Tracy/ Surleen Kaur/
34 (3:48:46) 3277 NathAnjali Anjali Bhat/ Nathan Desai/ /
35 (4:00:49) 2945 Arnolds All the Way! Nicki Arnold/ Kate Arnold/ Donna Arnold/ Tom Arnold
36 (4:12:00) 3284 The River Jennifer Dyer/ Penny Sizemore/ Becca Goates/ Caitlin Dyer
37 (4:19:00) 3215 Giacomini / / /
38 (4:24:02) 4869 The Flying Kelsey Lopin/ Ryan Mullen/ /
39 (4:48:05) 3213 Happy Sunshine Gloria Ye/ Jessica Tjiu/ /
40 (4:50:08) 3282 Big D Shannon Dodds/ Michael Dodds/ Megan Ray/ Christopher Ray
41 NPC 3283 Ravage Her Bundt Eamon Doyle/ Dave Blake/ /
42 NPC 3288 The Physicists Janine Gatzke/ Johannis Mahl/ /
43 NPC 3289 The Barracuda Initiative Caitlin Gordon/ Mike Fowler/ /
44 NPC 3292 The 4 Amigos / / /
45 NPC 3293 UpOut Dave Heefner/ / /
46 NPC 3298 Amys Avengers Amy Koenig/ Peggy Koenig/ Nathalie Bamatter/ Rebecca Ahrens
47 NPC 3300 UpOut Calvin Lau/ / /
48 NPC 3988 Grade A Katrina Lee/ Aron Lee/ /
49 NPC 4200 Burnhard Longer/ / /
50 NPC 4876 Wally World Tracy Lou/ David Shreni/ /
51 NPC 4880 UpOut Meena Mahood/ / /
52 NPC 4888 lazy filmz Joe Manning/ Peryl Manning/ Jack Manning/ Alex Manning
53 NPC 4891 Sergey Markov/ / /
54 NPC 4893 UpOut Cathy Marsili/ / /
55 NPC 5285 Red Vipers DAHLIA MARTINEZ/ Daniel Moody/ /
56 NPC 5286 Spitting Llamas Colleen McNeil/ Shaun Matthies/ Maureen McNeil/
57 NPC 5404 Mountain View Mamas Karen Moreland/ Alexa Morris/ /
58 NPC 5602 Decoder Ring Shawn Powers/ Clay Hamilton/ Jennifer Smith/
59 NPC 5693 Heather Provence/ / /
60 NPC 5697 Here 4 Beer Vlad Raguindin/ Natalie Drees/ Ryan Vöelkli/ Kristina Lindstrom
61 NPC 5840 UpOut April Robertson/ / /
62 NPC 5841 Honey Can Dew Alex Rumer/ Laura Ringer/ /
63 NPC 5848 Mantis Shrimp Samantha Ruzbarsky/ Rhonda Neal/ /
64 NPC 5963 Allie Sainz/ / /
65 NPC 6000 Team Awesome Ida Shea/ Garriock Firth/ /
66 NPC 3196 Honey Can Dew Bhavana Shekhar/ Shayan Moini/ /
67 NPC 3202 Team ER staph 2 Amanda Ssad/ Eryn Breig/ /
68 NPC 3204 Michelle Stewart/ / /
69 NPC 3206 Pikachu Princesses philrene Toney/ Lexi Toney/ /
70 NPC 3210 Teenage Mutant Neon Turtles Raymond Wong/ Tiffany Chiang/ Johann Pacla/ Regina Cheung
71 NPC 3212 Decoder Ring Julie Wynn/ John Riley/ /
72 NPC 2794 The gummy Rory crew Tom Anderson/ Lisa Chen/ /
73 NPC 3255 UpOut Elizabeth Bain/ / /
74 NPC 3275 Team Tequila Michael Bates/ Ute Kreisel/ /
75 NPC 3280 Bazinga! Lisa Dea/ Evie Fong/ /
76 NPC 3276 Gals A’ Cookin Annelise Bauer/ Yoko Kasai/ /