Join Your Hearts for a Good Cause

joining hearts

Join your hearts with us and help with providing housing support for people with HIV and AIDS!

We are happy and excited to have Joining Hearts as our featured charity for CitySolve Urban Race Atlanta, the longest running HIV/AIDS fundraiser in the city. This all-volunteer, non-profit organization strives to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS while continuously educating participants on the demanding need of housing. There is a critical need of housing for people with HIV/AIDS, and many of the funds are designated to help them out.

Joining Hearts is active in letting you know where all their money goes and how it is being spent. In fact, it is proud to claim that “100% of event tips and ticket sales are donated directly to help maintain a home for people living with HIV/AIDS in Atlanta.

Partner with Joining Hearts’s vision by participating in CitySolve Urban Race Atlanta. All you have to do is click and come out to our event to help provide housing support for people with HIV/AIDS. What a great way to have fun and contribute to your community!

It’s Your Lucky Day!

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Although Tirna Nog means “Land of the Young,” everyone is welcomed at this Irish pub for CitySolve Urban Race Philadelphia. Here, even though you cannot live in everlasting youth, you can definitely make everlasting memories.

Located at the heart of the Philadelphia, Tirna Nog not only serves a wide assortment of drinks but also a full menu of cuisine reminiscent of Ireland and made from fresh produce of local farmer markets. But that’s only the start of the rainbow and with great food comes great entertainment. To induce a fun-filled atmosphere, Tirna Nog offers traditional Irish music and jam sessions each week, Irish dance sessions from local Irish dance schools every month, as well as daily live games including rugby, football and hurling, and soccer. There live music stage has been graced by the presence of several national and international legends including Seven Nations and Old Blind Dogs.

So what are you waiting for? Register for CitySolve Urban Race Philadelphia and check out Tirna Org’s website for special promotions and events!


Old Dog, New Kicks!


Our next CitySolve Urban Race is in Philadelphia, the land that is home of the Liberty Bell and rich in American history! If your tickets are purchased [purchase tickets here]  and you’re all set for the CitySolve Philadelphia race, perhaps there is one more thing you should consider: do you need to grab some sweet new running gear before the heat of the race? (Answer: YES!)

Well, if you answered “YES!” or even “Probably,” then sprint on down to the Philadelphia Runner! The experienced staff there will help you with all your needs. Whether you just want some simple running shoes or some intense, athletic, “I’m going to run 100 miles!” shoes, everyone at the Philadelphia Runner will be able to eliminate the guesswork and help you select the most comfortable gear that is best suited to your preferences.

The store is run by locals who just want to serve the community by providing high-quality running equipment for the people of Philly. Since 2004, they have been doing just that and now have a second store to better fulfill their goal. In addition to providing gear, they also offer services such as gait analysis and notification of community running events so Philadelphians can be aware of opportunities to share the joy of running with the community.

The Philadelphia Runner will be our Packet Pick-Up site for the Philadelphia race. Check out their website at and don’t forget to register for the race! See you all there!

Make Lemonade out of Lemons

Alex's Lemonade Stand

“When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”

A young founder, creator, and inspiration for Alex’s Lemonade Stand, Alexandra “Alex” Scott is the prime example of this saying. Battling with cancer since before she was even the age of one, Alex decided to hold her front-yard lemonade stand at age four to donate all proceeds towards helping doctors find a cure for cancer. Her first lemonade stand was an immediate success, raising $2,000 for her cause. While fighting cancer herself, Alex set up this lemonade stand every year afterwards and others inspired by Alex’s determination set up their own lemonade stand and donated to her cause as well.

By 2004, when Alex Scott passed away from battling cancer at eight years old, her lemonade stand and inspiration raised over $1 million for finding the cure for the cancer that took her life. In 2005, her parents, in honor of their daughter, started Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation to continue Alex’s work, and this organization continues to raise money to help find the cure for cancer while empowering children who, like Alex, suffer with cancer.

Alex’s Lemonade Stand strives to raise money and awareness for childhood cancer, particularly for research into new treatments and cures. Not only is Alex’s Lemonade Stand a charity to help improve research for treatment and cures for cancer, but also an inspiration and encouragement, especially for children, to get involved and take a stand for children with cancer.

CitySolve Urban Race Philadelphia is extremely excited to partner with such an inspirational cause. Do you want to partner with Alex’s Lemonade Stand and help children suffering with cancer? Well, you can by joining us here. Learn more about CitySolve Urban Race Philadelphia.


Mackey’s Public House + CitySolve


Do you love sports? Do you love to watch games with people? Who doesn’t like a nice drink to accompany that sports game? Mackey’s Public House offers a big-screen projector TV and flat-screen TV’s that you can use to watch sports with a big group of people over great drinks.

Located in a convenient spot in the city, Mackey’s Public House is the perfect place to come together with a small and/or big group of friends to just relax, chill, and have fun over a couple of drinks. CitySolve Urban Race DC’s host site, Mackey’s Public House is not a place you want to skip out on and you can get there easily using the metro! Now there’s no excuse not to come out.

Whether it be a party of 5 or a party of 125, Mackey’s Public House can accommodate to your specific needs. CitySolve Urban Race is pleased to partner with Mackey’s Public House for the CitySolve Urban Race DC, and am excited to announce it as our host site.

Come out and join us on Saturday, April 26th. Get to know more about us by checking out our website!