CitySolve Urban Race Phoenix Wrap up + Race Results 2014!

Our Phoenix adventure was more fun than March Madness! Teams raced all over Uptown, Downtown and a bunch of nifty places in between. Teams found Giant Coffee, had to do improv at Torch Theatre, and raised money for Esperanca along the way!

This year, Storming the Castle won first place by a little over 9 minutes! They finished in 1:22:30. Way to go guys!

Best Costume went to the Cereal Killers! Check out their killer costumes…pun intended!
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We can’t wait to see you next year Phoenix! Now here’s a rundown of the 2014 results:

1st (1:22:30) Storming the Castle Jill Diamond, Christy Bacon,
2nd (1:31:45) The Avengers Rebecca Simmons, Joanna Lucio, Daniel Lucio
3rd (1:31:46) Storming the Castle Irene Fabig, Brian Fabig,
4th (1:33:10) Running Sucks TJ. Burden, Jenna Burden, Stephanie DeWitt
5th (1:33:56) The Smetros Christina Smith, Tom Smith, Jamie Betro
6th (1:34:38) Si and Me Rick Eastman, Sierra Eastman,
7th (1:36:20) The Comeback Kids Mike Foulds, Sandie Blair, Wayne Creggett
8th (1:38:20) Pheasant Pluckers Todd Daniels, Todd Daniels, Ron Eiler
9th (1:46:51) Spoiler Alert Aaron Royster, Shannon Speshock, Bridget Musselman
10th (1:49:10) Shazam! Cade Huninghake, Ashley Burbach, Sarah Danielson
12th (1:51:08) The “Crap What Did I Get Into”s Marcy Fredette-Roman, Cindy Fredette, Sam Miller
13th (1:52:11) Dangling Modifier Katie Gaal, Nancy Edelen,
14th (1:53:10) If We Only Had a Brain Jenny Waite, Joshua Wohlrabe,
15th (1:53:50) Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Charlotte Haught, Aaron Chandler, Phillip Det4rick
16th (1:55:00) ALL GOOD IN THE HOOD Kevin Crawford, Erin Crawford,
17th (1:55:32) Three Shades of Awesome Cami Barnella, Katie Hendon, Jenni Pierson
18th (1:56:47) Where’s the Beer? Dawn Anderson, Chris Anderson, Sheryl Rayner
19th (1:57:45) Shelley Haydel, Travia Steward, Dara Henning
20th (1:58:00) The Walkie Talkies Juliana Garrett, Cory Garrett, Staci Finlayson
21st (1:58:27) Infinity Jocelyn Rojas, Greg Kmet,
22nd (2:01:39) That’s What She Said April Hull, Alysan Ulrich,
23rd (2:02:32) Witness the Fitness (WTF) Willie Crawford, Frazier Crawford,
24th (2:03:41) PowerHouse(rs) Pamela Houser, Kameo houser,
25th (2:07:46) Nerds R Us Melissa Garcia, Amanda Morgan, Kim Cheney
26th (2:10:50) The Blarney Stones Jacob Whiting, Camille Whiting, Teague Mooney
27th (2:13:53) Sake Bombers Alyssia Sotelo, Michael Sotelo, Helena Moore
28th (2:19:15) Not quite Kardashian #2 Sherry Reynolds, Derrick Spencer,
29th (2:19:16) Not quite Kardashian #1 Wendy Philpot, Trina Vasquez, Moanikeala Mundo
30th (2:21:53) The Cereal Killers Vanessa Garcia, Vanessa Garcia, Lindsay Robinson
31st (2:42:05) Team Lenehan Justin Lenehan, Jill Lenehan,
32nd (2:48:50) AlcoHooligans Jessica Acevedo, Brittney Nagle, Eric Hahn
33rd (2:51:09) Stephanie Scher, Marc Scher, Matt Sloan
34th (2:53:03) The Peeps! Sandra Dahle, Jimi Girdner, Adison Dahle
35th (3:13:46) Lucky Troopers Tony Lucio, Steven Pomeroy,
36th (3:13:47) Lucky Troopers Michelle Vasquez, Victoria Glock, Tony Vasquez
37th DNF – Sarah Chesteen,
38th DNF – Sarah Chesteen,
39th DNF – Marcy Fredette-Roman,
40th DNF – Christine Harrington,
41st DNF – Bartleby Jenn Jordan, Page Jordan, Asa Jordan
42nd DNF – Team Kiefer Pat Lawson, Michaele Connors,
43rd DNF – Kevin Nelson,
44th DNF – Vagtastic Villians Rebecca Norton, Rebecca Norton, Daysi Merelo Merelo
45th DNF – Team OHman Will Ohman, Will Ohman,
46th DNF – One-eyed Jacks Julie Raines, Teresa Rawson, Krista Hill
47th DNF – Jennifer VanderVeur,
48th DNF – Kim Witcher, Chrissy Muzer,
49th DNF – Christina
50th DNF – Jamie
51st DNF – Jamie
52nd DNF – The Clams Bob Rodrigues, Amber Stewart,

Run with Running Room

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Magic in Hawai’i


Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? We could really use a wish right now…

Well, fortunately, shooting stars aren’t needed for wishes to come true today. Since 1980, Make-A-Wish Foundation has been granting wishes across the country for children with life-threatening medical conditions. Their mission to “enrich the human experience with hope, strength, and joy” by granting wishes is one that they fulfill multiple times a day. They estimate that a child’s wish is granted by Make-A-Wish every 38 minutes. From flying “wish kids” and their families to Disneyworld to enabling a wish kid to meet a “real live mermaid” or an Alaskan wolverine, Make-A-Wish enables kids to live out their dreams.

As you might have guessed, Make-A-Wish Foundation is CitySolve Urban Race’s featured charity organization for the upcoming Honolulu race on March 22. We salute the members at Make-A-Wish Honolulu who work so hard to care for the families and children in Hawai’i impacted by life-threatening medical conditions. What a privilege for us to partner with them and have a hand in granting wishes! You can check out their website at:

Don’t be left out! By signing up for the CitySolve Urban Race Honolulu event, you too can participate in the magic in Hawai’i! Register here for the race to join in on the fun!

Good Game, Coach!


Baseball season is starting up soon and basketball season is still going strong! Are you planning on cheering on your Arizona Diamondbacks or supporting your Phoenix Suns? Treating your SO to a game? Or maybe spending some quality time with your kids? Well, if that’s the case, make sure you give them the full game day experience by grabbing some pre-game grub at Coach’s Corner!

From hearty burgers to refined lobster bisques, Coach’s Corner offers a deliciously wide selection of food – not fast food, mind you, but food served fast! With their daily deals and happy hour, you’ll get the best “bang for your buck” if you choose to eat here. The grill restaurant offers a full bar for a relaxing beer with your honey or regular seating for those family dinner times with the kiddos. The staff is attentive and friendly and will make sure you get exactly what you want from your meal!

Coach’s Corner is also our host site for the CitySolve Phoenix race tomorrow! It’ll be a perfect end to your race day – relaxing with teammates after the adrenaline of the race wears off, sharing some appetizers, and sipping on a refreshing drink. So make sure to check out their website at and make sure you register for the race here! See you on Saturday!

Keep Calm and Bring Hope

charity photo NewPhoenix. Healthcare. Dental care. Exercise. Community. Prevention. Education. Hope. Each of these has one common denominator: Esperanca!

Esperanca is our featured charity partnership for CitySolve Urban Race Phoenix. It is a global charity organization whose goal is to “bring hope, provide health, and transform communities.” Their US program is based in Phoenix and is focused on caring for local, low-income families by preventing health problems such as obesity, oral decay, and lifestyle chronic diseases. It’s estimated that 30% of children in Arizona suffer from obesity, which can lead to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Arizona also has the third highest untreated tooth decay for third graders in the nation. By partnering with medical clinics and dental care offices, Esperanca is able to offer low-cost services to assist families in Phoenix and provide education on healthy eating in an attempt to prevent long-term, life-threatening disease.

It’s encouraging to see a group of volunteers driven to make their city a better place. Thanks to everyone at Esperanca for their commitment and love for the community in Phoenix!

Check out their website at and be sure to Register Here for our Phoenix race! Not only will you have a blast and meet your New Year’s “work-out” resolution without even having to step foot in the gym, you’ll also be supporting the community and helping families stay healthy! See you for the race this Saturday, March 15!