Get Lucky and Bowl a Strike!

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Who loves bowling and who especially loves hitting strikes?

Lucky Strike is our packet pick-up point for 2014 CitySolve Urban Race Phoenix. This upscale bowling alley is more than just your typical bowling alley– it combines fun and class in a single setting. Located in the CityScape Center of Downtown Phoenix, Lucky Strike is in the center of action and never misses the chance to have fun. This bowling alley is the perfect place to stop by after a Suns or Diamondbacks game to chill and hang out with friends, bowl a little, play billiards, or even just grab a beer.

If you are looking for a place to host special events or a birthday party, Lucky Strike may be the perfect place for you. Many top celebrities such as Christina Aguilera, Tyra Banks, Drew Barrymore, and more have visited Lucky Strike to enjoy their leisure time.

A place to have fun with friends accompanied with delicious food and great drinks, Lucky Strike is the perfect place to unwind after a busy or stressful week. Don’t forget to check out the weekly promotions Lucky Strike in Phoenix offers, and enjoy your time with the people you love!

Check out this short video to see more about Lucky Strike!


Come join us on Friday, March 14th from 5-7 pm! To learn more about the CitySolve in Phoenix, click here! Strike in on this fun, and join us by clicking here.

Yelp + CitySolve


Yelp City CitySolve Cover Photo
Hey CitySolvers, here’s a hint for your cities upcoming coming race. Yelp is going to host an interactive challenge! Download their app to know more about your city before the race starts and polish up with local news in the Weekly Yelp. Use all Yelp resources to guide you to great local businesses and prepare you for our race!

Yelp and CitySolve are at it again. All of the following city locations Yelp will host a fun interactive challenge!

Honolulu – 3/22/2014
Houston – 4/5/2014
Dallas – 4/12/2014
Washington, DC – 4/26/2014
Philadelphia – 5/3/2014
Atlanta – 5/17/2014
Rochester, NY – 6/7/2014
Minneapolis – 6/14/2014
Chicago – 6/21/2014
NYC – 6/28/2014
Boston – 8/2/2014
Seattle – 8/9/2014
Denver – 8/16/2014
San Francisco – 9/6/2014

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Savor This With Your Olympic Games


Have you been tuning in to the Olympics?

Some of the most exciting events thus far include the giant slalom, and ice skating. We might consider making our participants dress up in strange outfits and skate around a roller rink to a Michael Jackson montage (just kidding).

We can’t help but root for American Ted Ligety, who won a Gold in the men’s giant slalom. Not to mention Yuna Kim of South Korea, who had her hopes for a gold medal dashed by 17 year old Russian skater Adelina Sotnikova, but still managed to pull off the Silver Medal.

Consider enjoying this recipe as you watch the Olympics on a Thursday night. It comes from one of our staff members’ personal collection. We’ve named it the smooth slalom in honor of Ted’s victory. Or you could just call it what it is.

Pear Brandy Sidecar


4 oz. Pear Brandy
2 oz. of Cointreau
2 oz. of Lemon Juice


Pour the brandy, cointreau, and lemon juice over 4 cubes of ice in a mason jar. Or the glass of your choice. Garnish with Lemon Peel. Turn to the Olympics. Enjoy!

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Happy Presidents Day!!! President Race Map


Since it’s our 10th year, we have put together a list of the last 10 president (including the current) and where they were born.

The Last 10 Presidents of the United States!

35th – (1961-1963) Kennedy, John Fitzgerald – Born in Massachusetts
36th – (1963-1969) Johnson, Lyndon Baines – Born in Texas
37th – (1969-1974) Nixon, Richard Milhous – Born in California
38th – (1974-1977) Ford, Gerald Rudolph – Born in Nebraska
39th – (1977-1981) Carter, James Earl Jr. – Born in Georgia
40th – (1981-1989) Reagan, Ronald Wilson – Born in Illinois
41th – (1989-1993) Bush, George Herbert Walker – Born in Massachusetts
42th – (1993-2001) Clinton, William Jefferson – Born in Arkansas
43th – (2001-2009) Bush, George Walker – Born in Connecticut
44th – (2009-present) Obama, Barack Hussein – Born in Hawaii

Happy Presidents Day!



The Amazing Sochi Urban Race – 2014 Winter Olympics Highlights

Sochi CitySolve

Have you watched the winter olympics? Sochi has been interesting since day one, with Russia spending more than $50 Billion to design Sochi into an Olympic friendly city the fun could only get better. Now that they started there are a few Sochi Olympic “Checkpoints” we would like to highlight. We might not have a CitySolve Urban Race Sochi but we still can find our way through the hustle and bustle of the olympics.

We start our olympic scavenger hunt before the opening ceremony. As we all heard the reports of terror and discrimination affecting olympians from many countries this topic dared to end the races and games altogether. But once the olympic started last thursday night, the competition became the talk of the town in Sochi.

Our first stop in the olympic fun. Just last night, the snowboarding guru Shaun White, finished fourth in the half pipe race. After losing the king of snowboarding said he wants to take time off to devote more energy into his band, “Bad Things.” Maybe the band could play at the next Olympics instead of him competing.

Next there is history! All olympic moments is history but this takes the gold. Literally! There were women on top of the podium after women’s downhill made both Switzerland’s Dominique Gisin and Slovakia’s Tina Maze gold medal.

And our last stop in Sochi olympics is the thrilling whistle in the hockey game which led Canada to a 3-2 victory over the United States on Wednesday. Officials play a huge roll in every sport and it’s a bummer that one call change a game like it did. Hopefully there won’t be any more bad whistles in the Olympics.

Be sure to check out our next Sochi Olympic Checkpoint Blog, with more highlights for the 2014 Sochi Olympics put together by your cities favorite clues solvers!