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Register early for our 2014 Urban Race Series by 11.30.13 at $20 or by 12.22.13 at $25 and your team will automatically entered to win a $1,200 grand prize.

Plan some fun and excitement with us to have a shot at winning a Good Looking Bag from Timbuk2, a Klean Kanteen and Visa Gift Card. There are three ways to enter our #GoodLookingBag Sweepstakes:

1. Go to http://bit.ly/GoodLookingLocations and register at one of our 2014 Urban Race Series Good Looking Locations across the country to automatically be entered to win!

2. Like and enter our sweepstakes on our Facebook Page (http://bit.ly/GoodLookingFaceBook) You can enter every day so make sure to check our page daily to stay updated with the #GoodLookingBag Sweepstakes news and information.

3. Also you can follow @CitySolve and tweet or retweet #GoodLookingBag @CitySolve to enter. You can enter once a day by tweeting or retweeting the hashtag #GoodLookingBag.    http://bit.ly/GoodLookingTwitter

The #GoodLookingBag sweepstakes will run from November 11, 2013 through December 22, 2013, and is open to United States citizens over 18 years of age. The winner will be announced on December 31, 2013, and will notified to claim prize. For a full list of rules and regulations and to register, visit http://bit.ly/GoodLookingRules

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Where to find our #GoodLookingBag Sweepstakes!

Enter for a chance to win a $1,200* Grand Prize in our 2014 #GoodLookingBag Early Bird Registration Sweepstakes! The #GoodLookingBag sweepstakes will run from November 11, 2013 through December 22, 2013 and is open to United States citizens over 18 years of age. The winner will be announced on December 31, 2013 and here are a list of ways and sites you can find our sweepstakes on!

1. Go to http://bit.ly/GoodLookingLocations and register at one of our 2014 Urban Race Series Good Looking Locations across the country to automatically be entered to win!

2. Like and enter our sweepstakes on our Facebook Page (http://bit.ly/GoodLookingFaceBook)

3. Also you can follow @CitySolve and tweet or retweet #GoodLookingBag @CitySolve to enter.  http://bit.ly/GoodLookingTwitter

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For a full list of rules and regulations, visit http://bit.ly/GoodLookingRules

CitySolve Urban Race San Antonio post adventure wrap up + Full Race Results 2013!

Our San Antonio adventure was more fun than getting free tickets to game 7 Spurs NBA Finals! Teams raced all over King William, Hemisfair Park and the River Walk. Teams rode B-Cycle bicycles, played cornhole, kickball and tons more!

This year, Taco Salad won first place by a little over 5 minutes and extra guac! They finished in 1:10:28. Way to go guys!

Best Costume went to Three Blind Mice. Their costumes made us laugh and were glad they had their other four senses! They took home the best portable speakers…yes…Jammy Packs!! For your own portable jams visit the JammyPack online store.

photo (51)



Best Tweet goes to Frank Turner ‏@Frank_Turner_Jr #citysolvesa @CitySolve Follow Frank (but not too close) by clicking on his tweet!

FrankTurner Tweet

We would like to thank The Friendly Spot for hosting our 5th annual San Antonio race. This open air bar is tops when it comes to beer selection to bars CitySolve has been in this COUNTRY!!! No lie! Come watch the Spurs or participate in CitySolve Urban Race next year (we’ll be back fo’ sho’!).

CitySolve would also like to thank Sliverleaf Resorts, B-Cycle, Yelp, WAKA, Dick’s Last Resort, Clothesline Cleaners. You guys made our event rock!

Catholic Charities is an amazing resource anyone in need. This non-profit helps all from birth to end of life. Check out their website and like them on Facebook

We can’t wait to see you next year to San Antonio. Now here’s a rundown of the 2013 results:

1(1:10:28). 2620 Team Taco Salad: Randy Leija/Melanie Leija/Casey Szajnecki/
2(1:15:47). 2664 Walking Dead: Sarah Shoemaker/Michael Goodwyn/Doug Meuth/
3(1:18:32). 2581 The A-Team: Kimberly Cervantes/Albaro Nunez/Ricky Lopez/
4(1:19:41). 2641 Blind Rubber Ducky: Callan Myers/Cory Myers/Dylan Nealous/
5(1:19:43). 2606 Fluffy Sparkle: Laura Gulbransen/Hailey Gulbransen
6(1:20:41). 2590 The Brawny Brigade: Michelle Dangler/Hannah Eash
7(1:24:24). 2586 Running Ragged: Oakley Cortez/Joseph Cortez
8(1:24:56). 2651 Team 2651: taylor retzloff /
9(1:26:50). 2676 Team woodforest: Carrie Turner/Frank Turner/Isaac Herrera/
10(1:28:08). 2648 Teethless: Monica Quach/Alex Galvez
11(1:30:00). 2647 Halloween Hangover: Bill Purvis/Aaron Purvis/Greg Whitenton/
12(1:33:15). 2665 Team Bunches: Sarah Sicignano/Crispin Burke
13(1:34:37). 2675 SuperTeam: Kimiya Toolabi/William Chermak
14(1:35:19). 2657 Team 2657: Elizabeth Rozyskie /
15(1:36:11). 2629 “Some People…”: Daniel Maness/Alice Chen
16(1:37:44). 2672 Jefe: Krystal Tanguma/Oliver Tanguma/Michael Pinones/
17(1:38:40). 2674 Team Titz: Dustin Titzman/Michelle Titzman
18(1:39:59). 2636 Fearless Four: Rebekah Miller/Kimberly Aaron/Chad Pearce/
19(1:41:27). 2671 Wife Beaters: Bryan Stewart/Justin Coke
20(1:41:47). 2643 Slimey Timey: Christi Owens /
21(1:42:18). 2663 2663: Pennie Shoebridge/Jennifer Rupper
22(1:44:06). 2646 Fish and Friends: Michael Pollock/Lisa Jo Pollock/Abby Ramos-Arausa/
23(1:45:02). 2680 Yellow Brick Roadies: Jessica Waggoner/Patrick Ellis
24(1:45:03). 2686 Wanky Yanees: Jarod Shaffer/Helen Della-Rovere/Kristine Q/
25(1:46:07). 2584 BOOyah: Landon Clark/Landon Clark/Dalton Clark/
26(1:47:20). 2608 ARE WE THERE YET?: Jennifer Hicks/Jerry Hicks/Pamela Angeles-Antu/
27(1:47:25). 2583 Team 2583: monika claiborne/Harrison McClain
28(1:47:30). 2628 Locas: Lisa Maher/Edna Rodruigez/Priscilla Robledo/
29(1:49:56). 2575 O-Minus 3-Amigas: Samantha Brandt/Misty Francom
30(1:51:28). 2634 Team Daisy: Trina Meyer/Ben Meyer
31(1:52:25). 2596 Garry Damn: Stacy Fowler/Mathew Fowler
32(1:52:45). 2580 Where am I? : Desiree Castro/Brenda Gutierrez
33(1:53:30). 2688 : /
34(1:54:45). 2625 Team Nguyen: Stephanie Lozano/Andice Neto/Kelley Sanchez/
35(1:54:50). 2609 Gimpidipo: Jason Hunt/Jason Hunt Jr.
36(1:55:45). 2598 Los Mocos: Holly Frantz/Veronica Schoenborn/Ino Ruiz/
37(1:57:39). 2661 Schultz Happens: Kris Schultz/Kirsten Schultz
38(1:58:00). 2653 Do The Bartman: Christine Rodriguez/Danielle Hrubetz/Melissa Holden/
39(1:59:14). 2592 Haven’t Got A Clue: Cyndi Erp/Daniel Long/Lisa Logue/
40(2:00:05). 2571 The Melting Pot: Angela Bedoya/Whitney Schaper/Alicia Avila/
41(2:00:15). 2640 Heart N Sole Runners: Emily Morin/Sonia Sida/Nicole Kellman/
42(2:00:54). 2678 Healthy Living: Cynthia Valdez/Janel JANNELL
43(2:01:57). 2621 Sole Sisters: Veronica Lewand/Liliana Herrera/Teeandra Roeber/
44(2:05:20). 2585 Carlito’s Angels: Gloria Cornell/Sarah Luis/Judy Appelt/
45(2:05:48). 2564 Victorious Secret: Cynthia Alanis/Abby Gonzales/Laura Moore/
46(2:07:52). 2689 Vara: /
47(2:08:23). 2685 The Jengas: Rob Lee/Elizabeth Classen
48(2:08:35). 2574 Country Girls: Chanel Bradley/Deirdre Hester/Julie Seale/
49(2:08:48). 2679 Lets Go: Alexander Velasco/Genesis Rivera/Randy Sanchez/
50(2:09:09). 2565 The Huffin’ Puffins: Kailey Aldrich/Debi Osuna
51(2:09:37). 2617 M&M: Meghann Latimer/Mark Latimer
52(2:09:54). 2561 Ratra: Marc Abrams/Sean Abrams/Amanda Herrera/
53(2:10:16). 2662 Quarterback Cuties: Destinee Serdinia /
54(2:10:45). 2613 Laramigos: Kate Joseph/Jeremy Joseph
55(2:11:41). 2622 3 Blondes and a Brunette: Stephanie Liane/Brittany Parbs/Mia Anderson/
56(2:12:10). 2670 Mystery Solvers: Carey Stewart/Carolyn Coke
57(2:13:02). 2566 Allen Alliance: Elizabeth Allen/Reid Allen
58(2:13:12). 2658 The Base Runners: J Saeger/Mike Saeger/Brent de la Paz/
59(2:14:43). 2638 LMST: Lory Moore/Steve DuMenil/Michelle Drew/
60(2:16:14). 2597 The Disciples: Nicholle Franke/Pat Cleary
61(2:16:55). 2681 Red Sock Bandits: Reanee Williams/Gregory Carter
62(2:18:11). 2650 Wii Not Fit: Debbie Real/Lauren Howes/Penny Hudek/
63(2:20:26). 2563 Team Bezoar: Suneal Agarwal/Viet Pham/Mike Ramirez/
64(2:21:12). 2567 The Honey Badgers: Nathan Arnold/Nathan Arnold
65(2:21:49). 2633 Juan Pablo: Christopher McBrayer/Celine Deleon
66(2:22:07). 2615 Dream Team 13: Lisa Kuopus/Tommy Munoz/Jane Doe/
67(2:23:44). 2600 Solving Senoritas: Vanessa Garza/GiGi Garza/Misty Rodriguez/
68(2:24:27). 2700 Captain: /
69(2:25:51). 2599 Odd-essy: April Garcia/Joe Garcia
70(2:26:11). 2568 Arnold: Jed Arnold/Jed Arnold
71(2:26:50). 2649 Miley Cyrus Care Bears: Claudia Ramirez/Mike Rangel
72(2:28:05). 2683 Laughlin Wifeys: Maggie Yu/nicole valdez-encinas
73(2:31:08). 2623 Double Trouble: Stephanie Liserio/Crystal Yvette Montoya
74(2:32:26). 2587 One Man Three Legged Race: Bobby Cortez/Shane Tokheim
75(2:33:08). 2618 Crab 2 the Cake: Erin Laughlin/Kareem Karara
76(2:37:01). 2576 The Wonder Women!: Natasha Bridges/Rori Lopez
77(2:40:03). 2573 Real Women Love Football: Elizenda Benavidez/Delana Gonzales/Alisha Zellner/
78(2:41:44). 2605 Three Amigos: Nick Gosling/Nick Gosling
79(2:47:36). 2637 Pink Pirates: James Millsaps/James Millsaps
80(2:53:49). 2572 Finders, Keepers!! : Nikki Bell/Esther Hernandez
81(3:08:22). 2591 3 Girls Solve: Kia Davis/Marla Crawford
82(3:15:24). 2630 Fun!Fun!Fun!: Debra Manrique/Diane Koos
83(3:18:10). 2582 Dumb and Dumber: Cesar Chavarria/Cesar Chavarria
84(3:30:21). 2642 Cidddiiiiie: Ecem Olcum/Kerem Karagul
85(4:02:14). 2614 Sub Limes: Chris Kinney/Jennifer Dutko
86(6:11:08). 2577 Los Supersonics: Fabiola Calderon/RAUL CABELLO
87(6:50:00). 2569 Bankler: Jacqueline Bankler/Rebecca Bankler
88DNF -. 2562 : Jennifer Aceves /
89DNF -. 2578 : Aiko Calderon /
90DNF -. 2579 Beckitrons: Rebecca Case/Natasha Aberth
91DNF -. 2588 : Angie Coste /
92DNF -. 2589 Running Ragged: Michelle Curiel /
93DNF -. 2593 The slimy limey and wanky yankees: Julia Esdaile/Christi Owens/Vince Miller/
94DNF -. 2594 Super Stars: Laura Fair/Monica Benavides
95DNF -. 2595 : Amanda Fernandez /
96DNF -. 2601 2601: Steve Garza/Kyna Garza
97DNF -. 2602 Hair today, gone tomorrow: Kelly Going crazy/Kelly Emmons/Susan Edwards/
98DNF -. 2607 Northwestern Alumni: Sandy Gulledge/Hal Gulledge
99DNF -. 2610 : /
100DNF -. 2611 Team Yolo: Melanie Jackson/Yolanda Thomas
101DNF -. 2612 : Amanda Johnson /
102DNF -. 2619 The Horizontal Runners: Maggie Leal/Amy Givens/Jessica Cervera/
103DNF -. 2626 : Celeste Lukshis /
104DNF -. 2627 : Amy Lundquist /
105DNF -. 2632 : Nicole McAlister /
106DNF -. 2635 Team Daisy: Trina Meyer/Daisy Karnell
107DNF -. 2639 Channel 4 News Team: Dara Morgan/JERRY MORGAN
108DNF -. 2652 #YOLOSWAG: Jaime Rivera/Sara Garcia/Aaronson Nguyen/
109DNF -. 2654 : Irmalinda Rodriguez /
110DNF -. 2659 Geraldo’s Glorious Mustache: Joe Sanchez/Astrid Sanchez
111DNF -. 2660 : Kelley Sanchez /
112DNF -. 2667 : Sara Soto /
113DNF -. 2668 Clueless: Matt Speer/Emily Speer/Sarah Maxey/
114DNF -. 2669 Cupcake Carnivores: Lisa Stevens/Robert Walker/Emi Hogue/
115DNF -. 2673 : Chad Taylor /
116DNF -. 2677 : Shirin Vahidi /
117DNF -. 2682 : Hayley Wolff /
118DNF -. 2684 The Muppets: Jackie Gilbert/Marina Narbaez
119NPC – . 2656 Ur Moms Favorite: Anne Rogers/Eric Barron
120NPC – . 2570 Hustle & Bustle: Bobby Barrera/Kay Cooper
121NPC – . 2603 Schnozberry Margaritas: Lori Cox/Jaime Garcia
122NPC – . 2604 We Have Big Test Icicles: J.J. Gorena/Trey Gorena/Karla Gorena/
123NPC – . 2616 Kynetics: Mat Kyne/Amber Kyne
124NPC – . 2624 The Shorties: Rosanne Lopez/Katie Blair/Kelli Ford/
125NPC – . 2631 Guffawesome: Claudia Martinez/Adrian Garcia
126NPC – . 2644 The Lone Rangers: Robert Paydo/Ashley Paydo
127NPC – . 2645 Team Payne: Thuy payne /
128NPC – . 2655 Team 2655: Denise Rodriguez /
129NPC – . 2666 Mag 4 Super Nerds: Linda Smith/Roxanne Padilla/Yvonne Daniels/

CitySolve Urban Race Atlanta post adventure wrap up + Full Race Results 2013

Our Atlanta adventure was more fun than free tickets to the Midtown Music Fest! Teams raced all over Midtown, Georgia Tech and downtown. Teams indulged in delicious ice cream from Frazier’s, played Black Jack wtih Yelp, made a bed at Loew’s Hotel right in the lobby (how cool is that) and tons more!

Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus inspires us all), led by Jamie Mattoon and David Horgan, won by the slimmest of margins…1 second! They finished in 1:50:27. Way to go guys!

Best Costume went to Pirates Booty. Their costumes made us want to sail the high seas with them! Permission to come a board and be awesome with you guys! They took home the best portable speakers…yes…Jammy Packs!! For your own portable jams visit the JammyPack online store.

best cosume ATL 2013

Best Tweet goes to Andy Todd. For this team, every day is Wednesday. Follow Andy and his hump day adventures by clicking on his tweet!

best tweet ATL 2013

We would like to thank Big Kahuna for hosting our 5th annual Atlanta race. This University of Miami bar has a gigantic TV right above the bar and the Surf Nachos with lump crab and jumbo shrimp are pretty bomb too. Come watch the game or participate in CitySolve Urban Race next year (we’ll be back fo’ sho’!).

Pebble Tossers is an amazing resource for children ages 5-18 looking to volunteer. Pebble Tossers makes volunteering easy! There are a ton of opportunities that can work with your schedule. Check out their website and like them on Facebook

We can’t wait to see you next year to Atlanta. Now here’s a rundown of the 2013 results:

1st (1:50:27) Wrecking Balls 5950: Jamie Mattoon/David Wood
2nd (1:50:28) Wrecking Balls 2 5951: Stacy Mattoon/Christine Colleran
3rd (2:07:27) Blades of Glory 5938: Emery Chang/Elizabeth Wang/Philip Safir Michael/Wang
4th (2:07:32) Team YOLO 5959: Helen Rice/Helen Rice/Lydia Conway/Tom Munn
5th (2:14:56) Wrinkle Stumpskin 5957: Donald Powell/Damon Reed
6th (2:14:57) Wrinkle Stumpskin 5956: Karen (Donald) Cantoni (Powell)/Ashlee Dozier/Collin Lowey
7th (2:14:58) Wrinkle Stumpskin 5955: Scott (Donald) Stinson (Powell)/Allison Menke-Stinson
8th (2:24:23) Hump Day… Woot! Woot! 5945: Karen Jones/Karen Jones/Andy Todd
9th (2:50:10) The Speed Racers 5942: Jacquelyn Foley/Jim Foley/Jim Foley/Jason Paris
10th (3:53:37) College Fam 5933: Amanda Baethke/David Baetnke/Sandy Baetnke/Kristin Baetnke
11th (3:58:07) Rum Runners 5936: Christine Bergstrom/Chrissie Bergstrom/Gabriela Mateo/Steffanie Matthews
12th (4:13:47) Smoking Kenyan Aces 5947: Rosemary Kinuthia/Rosemary Kinuthia/Mark Mgandi
13th (4:25:44) Peach Slap 5958: Masooma Rae/Masooma Rae/Tosif Couhan/Tanvir Chouhan
14th (4:35:44) Damn Yankees 5946: Marian Kelly/Kevin Kelly
15th (4:55:15) Ro Hamp Co 5961: Velma Robinson/Chris Hampton/Jessica Coe
16th (5:06:25) Marse Town 5941: Sheri Farish/Lisa Taylor
17th (5:40:42) Mixed Chicks 5954: Felicia Ortiz/Felicia Ortiz/Trisha Holt/Donna Wesley
18th (5:47:30) Chocolate Thunder 5953: ChiChi Nwizu/ChiChi Nwizu/Rodney Norwood
19th (7:07:03) O.G.E. for Life 5934: Katherine Beck/Jennie Hughes/Jennie Hughes/Jennifer Long
20th (7:19:30) Bodies in Motion 5931: Timothy Ackey/Timothy Ackey/Kisha AkinyemiShakelia Jones
21st NPC – Game Changers 5944: Erin Johnson/Kaprecha Robinson /Candace Landers
22nd NPC – Game Changers 5960: Kaprecha Robinson/Kaprecha Robinson/LaShanda Jackson/Candace Landers
23rd DNF – Team USUK 5932: Michael Aers/Michael Aers/Kimberly DeWolf
24th DNF – Eighties Ladies 5935: Erin Bell/Erin Bell/Shelley Palazzolo
25th DNF – Booty Hunters 5937: Tonya Burke/Ramon Burke/Tonya Burke
27th DNF – MiMi ImFurst 5940: Danette Cruz/DANETTE CRUZ CRUZ/JENNIFER TAYLOR
28th DNF – Game Changer 5943: LaShanda Jackson/Kaprecha (Kay) Robinson/Erin Johnson/Candace Lander
29th DNF – Game Changers 5948: Candace Landers/Kaprecha Robinson/Kaprecha Robinson
30th DNF – In It To Win It 5949: Bianca Lloyd-Gomez/Bianca Lloyd-Gomez/Chris Karafotias
31st DNF – On the lamb for LAM 5952: Carolyn Nowell/Carolyn Nowell/Mike Croyle/Patti Haberle
32nd DNF – Entirely Off Track 5962: Joseph Sack/Ryan Mauldin/Joe Sack/Eric Haas
33rd DNF – Two Native Atlantans 5963: James Stovall/James Stovall/Chrissy Stovall

CitySolve Urban Race DC post adventure wrap up + Full Race Results 2013

Our DC adventure was more fun than winning the popular vote! Teams raced all over DuPont, U St and all parts in-between. Teams indulged in froyo from Menchie’s, played surgeon in a quick game of Operation, hit the streets to raise money for the One Brick and tons more!

Nattitude, led by Colin Cushing and David Horgan, didn’t need a run-off to declare victory. They finished in 1:19:10 beating Ameoba Wars by 14+ minutes. Way to go guys!

Best Costume went to Gilligan’s Island. Their costumes were spot on! Some of the best costumes in a while. Thanks for taking your time to dress up. They took home the best portable speakers…yes…Jammy Packs!! For your own portable jams visit the JammyPack online store.


Best Tweet went to Beth Lowe ‏@BLowe1114 Click on the pic to follow Beth and the rest of Gilligan’s Island.

best tweet dc 2013

We would like to thank Mad Hatter for hosting our 8th annual DC race. With $12 bottomless mimosas and TVs all around so you’ll never miss the game! Come watch the game or participate in CitySolve Urban Race next year (we’ll be back fo’ sho’!).

One Brick is an amazing resource for people looking to volunteer. One Brick makes volunteering easy! There are a ton of opportunities that can work with your schedule. Check out their website and like them on Facebook

We can’t wait to see you next year to DC. Now here’s a rundown of the 2013 results:

1st (1:19:10) Nattitude 5973: Colin Cushing/Colin Cushing/David Horgan
2nd (1:33:05) Amoeba Wars 5995: Joseph White/Harry White
3rd (2:19:30) All in the Family 5976: Sarah Hofmann/Sarah Hofmann/Christine  Hofmann-Bourque/Kyle Bourque
4th (2:22:30) Asian Tuesday 5980: Kalia Kinser/Allison  Kelley/Allison  Kelley
5th (2:37:22) Corn Dog Corn Dog Corn Dog Corn Dog 5988: Robert Rauch/Robert Rauch/Val Rauch
6th (2:42:30) Below Average 5972: James Crook/James Crook/Dana Graf/Jake Carlisle
7th (3:01:20) Pacman Ghosts 5993: Stephanie StoneKyle Stearns/Scott Gonzalez
8th (3:03:13) Where’s the finish? (wtf) 5981: Amanda Kudis/Amanda Kudis/Pierre Smith
9th (3:11:47) Caladan 5971: Thoa  Conlon/Vidal Arellano/Vidal  Arellano/Thoa Conlon
10th (3:11:51) Indiana Girls 5975: Elise Hellman/Elise Hellman/Alexandra Cochrane/Kara Wright
11th (3:13:23) Team Ish 5983: Kevin  McCain/Kevin McCain/Lee Crumpler/Valerie Foos
12th (3:17:07) Analyze This! 5970: James Cawlo/James Cawlo/Jon Stern/Andrew McClelland
13th (3:20:57) Muddy Buddies 5994: Justin Turner/Justin Turner/Carrie Turner
14th (3:25:38) Boys on the side 5978: Maria Inglis/Yamara Santos/Mia Inglis/Melissa Legallant
15th (3:25:38) Boys on the side 5991: Yamara Santos/Yamara Santos/Puja Seth
16th (3:30:45) Richards 5990: Erin Richards
17th (3:53:49) The Poopy Monkeys 5977: Sarah Hofmann/Jeremy  Fair/Thomas  Hofmann/Whitney Tull
18th (3:55:01) Team 16 5987: Kevin Proffitt/Kipp Proffitt/Trey Inge/Tammy Proffitt
19th (4:10:11) Team Nacho 5996: Elaine Zacheis/Elaine Zacheis/Beth Lowe/Tracey Beidleman
20th (4:13:36) Don’t Know 5989: Dennis Read/Lisa Read/Dennis Read
21st (4:54:09) She thinks my Segway’s sexy  5967: Tara Behan/Tara Behan/Daniel Vaught
22nd (5:17:15) EDs 50th Birthday 5992: Leah Sperbeck/ED Shanshala/Leah Sperbeck/Spencer Shanshala
23rd (5:36:13) NIH Gang 5982: Jacqueline MajorPere Puigbo/Aurora Fontainhas
24th (5:51:51) The Birthday Girls 5966: Leonna Bayne/Leonna Bayne/Lena Lee/Rachel Bonds
25th (6:08:29) Rock Star 82 5965: Nicole Armfield/Nicole Armfield/Elena Roberts
26th (6:47:12) Team Jefferies 5979: Val Jeffries
27th NPC –  Team Giggity Giggity Goo 5968: Laura Canetti/Laura Canetti/Marie  Israelite/Marianne Nazzaro
28th NPC –  Clueless in DC 5985: Vic Odico/Neelam Parekh/Neelam Parekh
29th NPC –  Clueless in DC 5986: Neelam Parekh/Neelam Parekh/Puja Seth
30th DNF – The Neonderthals 5964: Michael Andrews/Michael Andrews/Harrison Grove/Vicki Hopkins
31st DNF – Caprica 5969: Chuck Cassel/Chuck Cassel/Esmer Kanya/Conor O’Reilly
32nd DNF – Mighty Motrin Power Racers 5974: Mark Dixon/Mark Dixon/Karen Horn