Seattle Race Results!

SEATTLE! Here are the results from CitySolve Urban Race Seattle 2014!

*1. (1:05:49) 2906  The Running Dead : Ryan Lambert /Christen Lambert /Adam Mattison/

*2. (1:15:30) 2896  Where’s The Bell? : Tad Doviak /Toby Doviak / /

*3. (1:20:26) 2804  Say It Ain’t Slow : Andrew Buswell /Dexter Guiang / /

*4. (1:20:32) 4292  Two and a half engineers : Greg Tan /Greg Tan /Harin Tan/ Evonne Liew

*5. (1:22:33) 4861  Urban Foragers : Amanda Walker /Kevin Winner /Ashelyn Ross/ Nathan Iverson

*6. (1:27:27) 2841  Sneaker Sleuths : Alicia Chunn /Jennifer Gagne / /

*7. (1:34:34) 2970  Team Tapas : Caitlin Pass /Christina Elsberry /Ursula Deelstra/ Shannon Carter

*8. (1:37:50) 2869  Young Tarts and Old Farts : Danna Culhane /Gabe Long /Kurt Ricketts/ Jon Seim

*9. (1:44:20) 2942  Perpetual Motion Squad : Nathan Murphy /Eileen Murphy /Therese Murphy/ Sarah Murphy

*10. (1:48:44) 2845  The Eastsiders : Giulia Cole /Val Cole /Aidan Moran/ Tom Moran

*11. (1:49:43) 2947  Not here for picnic : Jim Norwood /Amy Mullan /Connor Mullan/

*12. (1:52:58) 2948  So What? : Kimberly Oberg /Annie Pennino /Daj Oberg/ Susie Galapagos

*13. (1:59:02) 2891  Consider the Sagehen : Madeleine DeMeules /Nathaniel Yale / /

*14. (2:00:05) 2923  Kristin and Wayne : Wayne McIlvaine /Kristin Standiford / /

*15. (2:02:15) 4767  Emily Transue : Emily Transue /Emily Transue /Hartmut Frenzel/

*16. (2:03:54) 4867  TD Productions : Tracy Wilson /Dave Von Gehr / /

*17. (2:04:00) 2983  Grey Matters : Charles Perkins /Kathy Perkins /Dave Larson/ Karen Larson

*18. (2:04:05) 2904  Toaster Kittens : Angela Hawkins /Jesse Hawkins / /

*19. (2:04:59) 2698  Felix Felices : Chanelle Banghart /Ashton Corbit /Jenn Kautzsch/ Kelli Hadley

*20. (2:09:38) 2860  Team Fatties : sara Crane /Linda  Roberts /Carlo Castro/ Anne-Marie Mara

*21. (2:10:32) 2982  Kings & Queens :  Julie Perez /Gerard Perez /Corinne Favero/ Sherleen Yanez

*22. (2:11:39) 3679  The Schweinsteigers : Roger Tan /Lissa Walzer /Shahaf Abileah/ Pnina Strasbourger

*23. (2:16:58) 2816  GSP Monster Squad : young cho /Sunita Cho / /

*24. (2:17:44) 2871   : Raymond Darrah /  / /

25. (2:26:46) 2937  HerbaHeroes#1 : Tressa Morgan /Megan Wrezinski /Trisha Hunt/ Jordan Oden

26. (2:26:47) 2939  HerbaHeroes#2 : Tressa Morgan /Nicholle Moon /Autumn Rolfe/

27. (2:30:08) 4877  EXBK : Therese Murphy /Sarah Murphy / /

28. (2:38:50) 4864  You’re doing it Peter! : Heidi West /John Hitchman / /

29. (2:40:20) 4868  JAC : John Witt /Claire McKenzie /Abbie Winstead/

30. (2:41:08) 4342  Awesome Possums : Tiffany Thorsheim /Colin Yanagida /Andrew Wendling/ Nichole Williamson

31. (2:42:12) 1454  The Chalupa Batmen : Mark Aldham /Taylor Reynolds / /

32. (2:42:22) 4296  Team Everything is Awesome : Samara Thomas /Chris Thomas /Amanda Weis/ Troy Weis

33. (2:45:09) 2846  Wonder Women : Carolyn Conn /Darian  Conn /Angela Reiff/

34. (2:47:22) 2809  Second Timers : Lin Chen /Geoff Butler / /

35. (2:49:09) 2905   : Pamela J Inglesby /  / /

36. (2:49:31) 1499   : Adrian Alexei /  / /

37. (2:53:26) 2951  Trippin’ in Seattle : Kaili Palmer /Heather O’Brien / /

38. (3:01:53) 2922  Band-Aid : Kellie Lish /Erich Lish /Bill Dyer/

39. (3:03:00) 2859  The British Ones : Georgie Coote /Roger Coote /Lucy Coote/ Katie Coote

40. (3:30:15) 3540  The Underdogs : Neely Stratton /Gary Stratton /Debbie  Gifford/ Bruce Peterson

41. NPC – 2829   : Young-eun Choi /  / /

42. NPC – 2894  Team Brentallica : Brent Diaz /Jim VanDerVeer VanDerVeer / /

43. NPC – 2992  Team Jager : Tyler Sheets /Logan Williams / /

44. DNF-  2794   : Susan Black /  / /

45. DNF-  2796   : jessica bradford /  / /

46. DNF-  2881  4Beaches : cathy day /vicki gruger /bill day/ Rick Gruger

47. DNF-  2898   : Jonnie Graham /  / /

48. DNF-  2899   : Kristel Guenther /  / /

49. DNF-  2907  Team LantzALot : Jill Lanz /Steve Lantz / /

50. DNF-  2997   : jahna shoecraft /  / /

51. DNF-  2999   : Debbie Snow /  / /

52. DNF-  4788   : Brad Ulrich /  / /

Stoney’s, the local spot.


What does the word “local” mean to you?

Somewhere in your neighborhood? A cozy, small-town feel to a place? Specialized food or drink items?

Well, in Denver Colorado, Stoney’s Bar and Grill claims their mission “To be a giving member of the Denver community and set a higher standard of what it means to be a locavore…” At Stoney’s, customer service, pleasant atmosphere, and delicious food are all taken very seriously. The building, which is newly renovated, features barn wood, brick walls, hardwood floors, and even an old ski gondola. The unique characteristics of the place alone should motivate you to check it out!

But if you’re still not sold, Stoney’s also has 31 HD TVs for you to sit back and watch your favorite sports team. The friendly staff will be delighted to take your order and serve you so you can sip on a beer or munch on Jumbo Chicken Wings or Loaded Baked Potato Tots while you watch. In addition, Stoney’s often hosts local musicians to treat you to live music.

So what more could you possibly ask for in a local place? Come join us at Stoney’s for CitySolve Urban Race Denver [register here if you haven’t already] on Saturday! You’ll enjoy both – we guarantee it!

Meet Brothers at the Bar



CitySolve Urban Race Denver’s venue for packet pick-up, Brothers Bar & Grill strives to provide entertainment, emphasizing fun and safety while providing the best service they can offer to their customers. They even make all their foods from scratch to provide an original and enjoyable experience for you. Oh, did I mention that they make ALL their food from scratch? That’s right, from their sauces, salad dressings, to even their potato chips, are all made from scratch every day. Fresh and original! Try the food for yourself when you come to pick up your packets for our race.

Had a long day at work? Whenever you need a place to recharge after a long and tiring day, join Brothers for late-night, high-energy fun. They cater to your needs and strive to match your expectations. Go to Brothers if you want high-quality food, drinks, and an energy-packed atmosphere to enjoy your night.

You can try all this out for yourself when you come and pick up your packets for CitySolve Urban Race Denver at the fresh and fun, Brothers Bar & Grill!

Welcome to the Family!

Ever wanted to be a mentor and have your own mentee? Big Brothers Big Sisters (BB BS), a nationally recognized program that happens to be CitySolve Urban Race Denver’s charity partner for this year, provide at-risk children with adult mentors who provide a strong and enduring one-to-one relationships. The program aims for each child in it to pursue educational opportunities, have higher aspirations and confidence, and form positive relationships. Up until this date, BB BS of Colorado have supported 1,430 one-to-one mentoring in Denver.

BB BS of America was founded in 1904 in New York City. BB BS of Colorado was founded in 1918 by Claude Blake, who recognized that the wartime conditions affected many young boys in his community and that they needed guidance. Since then, BB BS of Colorado has become one of the largest youth mentoring programs in the state.

Many organizations such as the Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence at the University of Colorrado, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, National Dropout Prevention Center, Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, Children’s Defense Fund, and Forbes have applauded the efforts and impact BB BS has had on Colorado’s youth.

To find out more about BB BS and how to get involved, check out their website here and register tickers for CitySolve Urban Race Denver here!


How many keys are on a piano?


We could all do with a little music in our souls, don’t you agree? We could also all use some time to relax, grab a drink, and cheer for our favorite sports teams. Well, what if there were a place that combined all of these elements into one perfect spot?

Fortunately for all of you, there is such a place: 88 Keys! 88 Keys is a sports bar that offers a unique experience for guests by featuring dueling piano players. “What are those?!” you may be asking, “Pianists that have piano-offs?!” Not exactly.

Dueling piano players are:

  • Combinations between musicians and stand-up comedians.
  • They entertain the crowds by playing well known songs while adding in their own jokes and style.

  • They also have to have a large knowledge of popular music and be able to play almost any song on the spot – even if they’ve never played it before!

  • They take audiences requests and encourage singing along.

So if you’re looking for a chill place to be entertained with live music and outstanding talent or even if you just want to sit, sipping on your drink and watching the ballgame, 88 Keys is somewhere you need to check out!