How many keys are on a piano?


We could all do with a little music in our souls, don’t you agree? We could also all use some time to relax, grab a drink, and cheer for our favorite sports teams. Well, what if there were a place that combined all of these elements into one perfect spot?

Fortunately for all of you, there is such a place: 88 Keys! 88 Keys is a sports bar that offers a unique experience for guests by featuring dueling piano players. “What are those?!” you may be asking, “Pianists that have piano-offs?!” Not exactly.

Dueling piano players are:

  • Combinations between musicians and stand-up comedians.
  • They entertain the crowds by playing well known songs while adding in their own jokes and style.

  • They also have to have a large knowledge of popular music and be able to play almost any song on the spot – even if they’ve never played it before!

  • They take audiences requests and encourage singing along.

So if you’re looking for a chill place to be entertained with live music and outstanding talent or even if you just want to sit, sipping on your drink and watching the ballgame, 88 Keys is somewhere you need to check out!

CitySolve Urban Race Boston Race Results

One if by checkpoint challenge, two if by clue…that sounds more like it. Don’t you think? CitySolve Urban Race and Team Building took Boston like the patriots took Bunker Hill or Will Hunting took Skyla! Either way, it was wicked awesome!

With a little help from our good friends at YouthBuild Boston, CitySolve Urban Race and Team Building showed all Boston Amazing Race wannabes a great time. All the Boston scavenger hunt enthusiasts gathered at The North Star in the shadow of the TD Garden. Before all the thrilling excitement of the Boston urban adventure race was the always-hilarious Boston CitySolve Urban Race and Team Building costume contest. And to the victory went the spoils…the winning team of the Boston CitySolve Urban Race and Team Building costume contest won not one, but two Jammmy Packs. If you don’t know what a Jammy Pack is, then you’re missing out. A Jammy Pack is a fanny pack, but with speakers in it. A super hip boom box for, well, your hip! The winning team of the Boston CitySolve Urban Race and Team Building was a nod to classic literature…The Three Musketeers! Thanks ladies! You made CitySolve Urban Race Boston and Team Building Boston a major success!

After the first contest of the day, the Boston scavenger hunt enthusiasts were eager to race around Beantown and test their mettle. The Boston urban adventure racers raced from the North End to Back Bay and all sites and neighborhoods in between. Team Monkey Ballz used their monkey brains to swing through Boston and beat the competition by way more than a banana! WTG!

Boston Cornhole took their skinny boards to Lir on Boylston. Those skinny boards are tougher than they look. The CitySolve Urban Race and Team Building racers played a quick session of everybody’s favorite backyard BBQ game. Thanks again Boston Cornhole for making CitySolve Urban Race and Team Building Boston wicked fun!

The North End challenged The Amazing Race Boston enthusiasts to recognize scents and to make sense of maps (see what we did just there?!?!). Teams solved some fun Boston history clues to find Shake The Tree. Once the Boston scavenger hunt lovers arrived they raced to back of the store where they had to smell and guess the scents of four candles. They had unlimited guesses to correctly guess: lemon, lilac, lavender and grass. Hope no one has allergies.

Staying in the North End, teams zipped over to our great friends at Urban Adventours where the CitySolve Urban Race and Team Building fans had to memorize locations on an Urban Adventours map. The Boston urban adventure thrill-seekers had to then draw a card to see what section of Boston they had to give their answer. The CitySolve Urban Race and Team Building lovers really got a kick out this checkpoint challenge.

Yelp Boston helped run a mobile scavenger hunt at Grand Canal just a stone’s throw from the start and finish of the Boston CitySolve Urban Race and Team Building. The Amazing Race gamers used the Yelp mobile app to match photos with the correct business. Oh what fun!

We could not have pulled off this event  without our charity partner YouthBuild Boston. YouthBuild Boston provides opportunities to Boston youth by teaching them construction skills, which will turn into careers. YouthBuild Boston also help build housing for those in need. For more information on how you can donate or volunteer, please contact them at 617.445.8887 or

*1. (1:36:32) 1492: Monkey Balls ChristieLi / Nikolai Klebanov
*2. (1:38:50) 2456: Berserkers Jason Pesaturo / Yvette Velez / Josh Cheney Fabio
3. (1:39:40) 1427: Team ShiftySolve Justin/Feng Alix/Chan Nikit/Patel Tomasz
*4. (1:56:10) 1392: Victorious Secret jessica/anselmi Casey /Buss Nicole /Beck Elizabeth
*5. (1:59:28) 2815: 2815 Emily/Chang Cliff/Chang Brenden/Corbin Adrienne
*6. (2:03:08) 1497: A McMan + Us (3 Serrets): AmazeBalls Gabriela /McManus Terry /McManus Adriana /Kostan  Alejandra
*7. (2:07:35) 1391: Miss Massholechusettes Kristen/Analoro Kathleen/O’Brien Megan/Scanlan
*8. (2:08:15) 1495: The Goonies Kelly/Liu Stephen/Smith Spencer/Hitchner David
*9. (2:20:19) 2504: Garden Gals April/Pitter Christine/Galgay
*10. (2:25:03) 2549: Forrest Dump Peter/Rizzo Laura/Fusco
*11. (2:36:30) 1488: Getting Fit & Staying Square in MA Danielle/Kempe David/Kempe
*12. (2:43:28) 2527: HOLY GUACAMOLE Jennifer/Rabb Dustin/Rabb Amy /Sarvey Peter
*13. (2:43:54) 2832: 2832 Andrew/Sawyer Grace/Olinger Nick/Clark Bailey
*14. (2:47:28) 1496: Teachers on the Run Kyra/Marcano Emily/Burnor
*15. (2:50:40) 1500: Kyle and Krysten Krysten/Moore Kyle/Moore
*16. (2:51:30) 1398: Rebel Scum Taylor/Faulstich Ian/Drinkwater Adam/Bagarella
*17. (3:09:33) 2786: Mueller Kerry/Mueller Luke/Mueller Daniell/Mueller
*18. (3:11:30) 2814: Tictastic DYEnamic Duo Amy/Budds Maddie/Budds
*19. (3:13:20) 1474: Slew’s Space Ninjas 1 Jessica/Herrick Elizabeth/Saloka Ali/Lovett
*20. (3:13:46) 1498: SaRaBeth Sarina/Meissel Beth/Goldstein Rachel/Brown
*21. (3:15:52) 2635: me up, Scotty! Andrew/Russell Jenny/Sasaki Russell
*22. (3:32:45) 2838: Minions Kelly/Talbot Jonathan/Alder Bridget/Skarie Nels
*23. (3:40:15) 2848:  Vickie Ye
*24. (3:41:02) 2822:  Edward/Fleming Stephanie /Snow
25. (3:55:53) 2827: Prowling Princesses Jodi/MacDonald Amy/Saulnier Amanda/MacDonald Rachel
26. (4:06:59 2849: The Ligers RJ/Paige Rekha/Kennedy /
27. (5:06:43) 2830: 2830 Katie/Triezise Jessica/Uianelli Dave/Uianelli Galen
28. DNF –  1393: The Zack Attack Justin/Drechsler Josh/Flanagan /
29. DNF –  1397: Newton Wizards Max/Marrinan Max/Marrinan /
30. DNF –  1454: Bluedoggs Kayla/Flynn Kayla/Flynn
31. DNF –  1499: Miller Brewers David/Miller Barbara/Miller
32. DNF –  2697: A Bermy and a Brit Kristi/Graber Suzanne/Brooks
33. DNF –  2794:  Diane/Shanks-Correia
34. DNF –  2804:  Amy S/Blanchard
35. DNF –  2809:  Adeane/Bregman
36. DNF –  2824: 2824 Sheila/Grove Michelle/Grove
37. NPC –  1395: Rogue Squadron Allen/Drinkwater Brian/Galiano Andrew /Mercier
38. NPC –  1483: C&T Laura/Johnson Kelly/Sheehan
39. NPC –  1490: Slew’s Space Ninjas Samantha/Lewis Deborah/Shear Lee/Yuan Charlotte
40. NPC –  1493: TheOutsiders Christina/Lin Scott /Butler Dina/Nagib
41. NPC –  1494: Cal Alumni Club of New England Geoffrey/Liou Elise/Huang
42. NPC –  2692: Fourteenth Amendment Brian/Scott Lisa /Dell’Anno Diane /DeMarco Ayala Ralph
43. NPC –  2693: Rachel & Katie Rachel/Storr Katie/Berry
44. NPC –  2831: Pink Crew Jennifer/Quintana Denise/Miranda Stephanie/Quintana Yeseni
45. NPC –  2835: Orange Is the New Black Amanda/Smith Amanda/Fears /

Work the Game in Seattle



Pick up your CitySolve Urban Race Seattle’s packets at GameWorks, and stick around for a little to enjoy some fun and games with us!

GameWorks offers an array of arcade games, prize games, and even old-school classic games such as billiards and darts that you can enjoy in a single venue. Not only that, but if you are planning an event with friends, GameWorks may be the perfect place for you as you can eat, drink, and play games all in one place. GameWorks offers a menu with great food options, and they offer semi-private rooms and lounge areas if you are having an event.

GameWorks is there to serve you and will even help you plan and manage the kind of event you want to host. If you want to have fun and join with a diverse group of people to enjoy great food, drinks, and games, come out on August 8th. Pick up your race packets and while you’re there, enjoy yourself!

One Brick at Your Service!

Have a busy schedule but like doing community service? No worries, One Brick is here for you! One Brick is a non-profit service organization that aims to get people involved in community service without having to make long-term commitments such as community service hour quota. This year CitySolve is proud to be partnering with One Brick for the CitySolve Urban Race Seattle!

One Bricks offers a variety of events that volunteers can choose from depending on their availability and convenience. Having a history of partnering with over 1,600 non-profit organizations including American Heart Association and Habitat for Humanity, One Brick has completed over 14,000 events and 500,000 hours of community service since 2001! To this date, One Brick is located in twelve cities all over the United States and has a membership base of over 100,000.

But that’s not all! One Brick also ensures volunteers get a chance to know each other and create a friendly and sociable environment by planning restaurant and cafe gatherings after each volunteer event, which lasts around three to four hours.

Want to learn more? Then check out One Brick’s website for updates about their events!Don’t forget to register for CitySolve Urban Race Seattle here for more fun! See you there!

Follow The North Star


Make no mistake: the second star to the right will take you to Neverland, but for those of you who are ok with growing up, The North Star will lead you straight to the coolest sports bar in Boston!

The North Star is dedicated to providing all of you Boston sports fans with the perfect place to kick back with a drink and cheer on your favorite sports team – whether it be the Red Sox, Bruins, or whichever team you root for – on one of their 35 HD TV screens (so many screens)! What else makes The North Star special? Dancing, DJs, and dining are also part of the mix with live music or DJs every Friday and Saturday nights! Their menu offers a wide variety of food – from burgers and sandwiches to carve your lunchtime hunger to pastas and steaks for that date night with your significant other.

And of course, The North Star keeps it real by offering a huge selection of drinks – some original creations and some old favorites! Be sure to check out their drink menu here and visit their website for special events and promotions!

Fortunately for all of you, The North Star is our host site for the CitySolve Urban Race Boston race on Saturday! This will allow you the perfect opportunity to enjoy a refreshing drink, refuel with some delicious food, and just relax after the heat of the race. If you haven’t registered for the CitySolve Boston race, do so here so you don’t miss out on the fun!