Where the Kings Bowl

kings bowl

What do Mitt Romney and Tom Brady have in common?

That’s right, Kings Bowl in Boston!

Our packet pick-up venue for CitySolve Urban Race Boston, Kings Bowl in Boston is more than just a bowling alley– it is a place that strives to provide a variety of entertainment, great food, drinks, and music. Set apart from any other social scene, Kings provides numerous events, themed nights, and top-notch audio visual equipment, perfect for a family outing, date night, chill night out with your friends, and more.

This upscale, retro-style bowling alley is so fun and chill that it’s a hot-spot for celebrities as well. Check out this list of celebrities at Kings Bowl and a picture of Mitt Romney and Tom Brady enjoying their night there.

kings bowl celebrities


Kings Bowl strives to provide its customers with the best quality of food and drinks while providing a clean and safe, yet entertaining environment. Kings Bowl provides an unforgettable experience, and will make you want to come back after you leave.

Join us at Kings Bowl on August 1st to pick up your packets and enjoy a round or two of bowling with friends, some great food and drinks while you’re there!

“I build. I serve. I am.”

The slogan above belongs to YouthBuild Boston, this year’s charity partner for CitySolve Urban Race Boston. YouthBuild Boston (YBB) aims to provide underserved young people ages 14-24 with the social, academic, vocational, and life skills in order to combat the high crime rates, unemployment, and lack of basic literary skills and promote sustainability and healthy communities.

YBB offers hands-on approach vocational training programs such as construction training and sustainable landscape design to guide young individuals with both vocational education and academic instruction in preparation for post-graduation careers. Participants of the vocational training programs have the opportunity to participate in large scale construction projects including the rehabilitation of 20 Rutland Square and new construction of affordable housing units on 131 Zeigler Street. YBB has had over 1,000 participants who have constructed more than 90 housing units, creating a profound impact on the city of Boston.

Learn more about YBB and their impact on the Boston communities by checking out their website and register tickets for the CitySolve Urban Race here!


New York CitySolve Urban Race and Team Building Results

*1. 1486 (1:52:41): The Dog Pack Shannon/Stadther Todd/Taylor Sean/Souders Carly
*2. 1481 (1:56:12): The Lucky Red, White and Booze Zoey/Rutherford Abby/Topperwien Nicolette/Carruthers Julie
*3. 1482 (1:58:13): I AM SHERLOCKED Chelsea/Ryan Matthew/Petrucci Laura/Villevieille Stephanie
*4. 1399 (2:03:15): The Gay Sharks Troy/Miller Peter/Senftleben /
*5. 1382 (2:14:15): 1382 Jacob/Benko Cindy/Baumohl Matt/McDonald Lara
*6. 1381 (2:15:28): Team Bash Vincent/Basciano Serena/Basciano Marianne/Herbst Nancy
*7. 1485 (2:17:30): Tim Howard’s Beard Jessica/Shook Taraneh/Marciano George/Astro
*8. 1377 (2:19:44): Guy Love Robert/Averill Nathan /Bull Dan/Connolly Tim
*9. 1378 (2:19:45): The Marx Jeff/Wag Dustin/Mahr Robert/Pinto Marco
*10. 1396 (2:30:50): The Minions Katelyn/Martin Lys/Olson /
*11. 1489 (2:34:00): Alonzo Mosely, FBI Jennifer/Truelove Margaret/Dunn /
*12. 1491 (2:37:35): Team NASA Hannah/Wilber Laura/Dougherty Hannah/Schoonover
*13. 1387 (2:38:05): TerraPenn Trojans Mike/Cassidy John/Cassidy Molly/Reckson Megan
*14. 1386 (2:43:05): Beta Meta James/Cassidy Thomas/Cassidy Regina/Cassidy
*15. 1400 (2:46:45): Mountain View Mamas Karen/Moreland Alexa/Morris /
*16. 1389 (2:49:02): The Go Getters Christine/Dufresne Deborah/Alexandre /
*17. 1455 (2:50:30): Famous Seamus Rachael/Pierce Mike/Jones Evonne/Jones Chris
*18. 1394 (2:52:50): Swipe Right Allan/Lam Annis/Kwok Min/li Jennifer
*19. 1484 (2:53:00): Swipe Left Charlie/Shay Mabel/Fu Sam/Moskowitz Shirley
*20. 1384 (3:08:45): Fresh Squeezed Madeleine/Bowman Saren/Seeley
*21. 1379 (3:17:45): Haejin/Baek
*22. 1487 (3:40:15): Final Fantastic Fabulous Four ERIC/STERIU Joe/Gesumaria Damian/Scisci
*23. 1380 (5:15:30): 1380 Darren/Balico Giana/Ramos
*24. 1471 (8:12:15): Pure Genius Jennifer/Pinder Jatly/Beduch Matt/Klerlein Marion
*25. 1383 (NPC): ECU BX Beauties and the Beasts III Laura/Bodden Joselyn /Perez
26. 1385 (NPC): Christina/Carlson
27. 1388 (NPC): Anna/DePina /
28. 1390 (NPC): ECU BX Beauties and The Beasts I Ana/Garcia Tino/Sena Brandon /Medina Christian
29. 1391 (NPC): ECU BX Beauties and The Beasts II Ana/Garcia Marcus/Cameron Annie /DePina May
30. 1392 (NPC): The Squiggles!!! Brian/Hurwick Rachael/Gilardetti
31. 1393 (NPC): Buggilious Maria/Jaume Maria/Jaume
32. 1395 (NPC): Shira/Margol
33. 1397 (NPC): Johanna/Penry
34. 1398 (NPC): Emily/Meyer
35. 1454 (NPC): Johanna/Penry
36. 1474 (NPC):
37. 1483 (NPC): Tino/Sena
38. 1488 (NPC): Roniel/Tessler
39. 1490 (NPC): Saritha/Vuppala
40. 1492 (NPC):
41. 1493 (DNF):
42. 1494 (DNF):
43. 1495 (DNF):
44. 1496 (DNF):
45. 1497 (DNF):
46. 1498 (DNF):
47. 1499 (DNF):
48. 1500 (DNF):

CitySolve Urban Race Chicago Race Results

Chicago, CitySolve Urban Race and Team Building will rest its head on your shoulders any day. What an amazing city you are and our Amazing Race loving fans sure do love you too! The day began at the fabulous Kirkwod Bar & Grill located at (just a stone’s throw from the Wellington CTA station. We kicked off the race with team Mario Cart winning the costume contest (CitySolve loves it when our urban adventure racers make spectacular homemade costumes…wouldn’t you agree!?!). Team Mario Cart took home the every popular and always fun and funky Jammy Pack. As CiySolve Urban Race and Team Building likes say about Jammy Pack, “rock out with your pack out!”

At precisely 11:30 am, CitySolve Urban Race and Team Building unveiled the First Clue. It was a multiple choice question about which celebrity was not born in Chicago: the answer was, of course, Oprah Winfrey! The urban adventure racers quickly solved the First Clue and headed out the front door of Kirkwood Bar and Grill. The scavenger hunt lovers quickly found the One Brick volunteers who were passing out the CitySolve Urban Race and Team Building Chicago clue packets.

For the next 90 minutes – give or take – CitySolve Urban Race and Team Building enthusiasts were our pretending like they were on The Amazing Race trying to find Phil. Even without the New Zealand host and the million-dollar purse, teams had a great time racing all over Chicago. One of the most fun challenges was at the Playground Theatre where teams took on a unique spelling-bee challenge. Luckily for the scavenger hunt goers, they weren’t facing middle schoolers from the Scripts National Spelling-Bee, but rather themselves! CitySolve Urban Race and Team Building participants were frantically looking for improv players from the Playground Theatre where once they found them they were given a word to spell (the word wasn’t entirely challenging, but it was at least 7-letters long). Teams had to spell the word but all CitySolve Urban Race and Team Building fans had to participate one-letter at a time. One team member would start to spell the word giving one letter then the next team member would give the next letter and so-on-and-so-forth. This made for an incredibly fun, hilarious and collaborative checkpoint.

Next on the Chicago amazing race was heading over to Cheesie’s Pub near the Bellmont “L” station. Chicago CitySolve Urban Race and Team Building teams played a classic frat boy game: flip cup. Unlike the classic game, however, there was no beer in the cups. But a reward there was. When one of the Chicago amazing race wanna-bes completed the flip cup challenge they were greeted with warm and gooey cheesey samples of Cheesie’s Pub grilled cheese sandwiches. Mmmmmmmm!

Not to be out done, our fine friends a CMUK (pronounced smook) shoes manned an amazing race style checkpoint that tested teams knowledge of world trivia. The CitySolve Urban Race and Team Building teams really got a “kick” out of the CMUK trivia challenge. This checkpoint was also sponsored in part by Pub Trivia Nerds.

Now for the do-good amazing race challenge of the day: the One Brick Chicago checkpoint. Teams had to convince strangers to purchase a beer koozie…it’s as if these Chicago CitySolve Urban Race and Team Building lovers were on The Amazing Race trying to hawk the temperature saving devices!

All in all, teams had a great day! The winning team, PPJs, rocked the other CitySolve Urban Race and Team Building thrillists by almost 30 minutes. PHEW! Way to go gals! CitySolve Urban Race and Team Building’s Twitter contest to funniest tweet was, “

To follow or stalk this nut job and all his smarmy politico comments on Twitter, please check out @MrBollettino

Thanks to all of those who participated, sponsored and volunteered. We cannot wait to bring back CitySolve Urban Race and Team Building to Chicago. Now that Great Urban Race is no more, we hope to see many of those masterminds and amazing racer next year at CitySolve Urban Race and Team Building.

CitySolve Urban Race and Team Building is know for bring out the creative side of our amazing race enthusiasts and what better way to show off their creativity than with a costume contest. The winners had a great imagination and crafty art skills as their Mario Cart costumes were homemade! They took home the much sought after Jammy Pack prize. It may not be $300, but it sure is one of the cooler prizes in CitySolve Urban Race and Team Building race series.

CitySolve Urban Race and Team Building Chicago Results:
*1. 5689 (1:34:09): PPJs Emily /Robinson Julie/McDermitt /
*2. 1420 (2:10:15): COBRA KAISER SOZE Ryan/Bollettino Kellen/Bollettino /
*3. 3318 (2:14:10): Waikiki Girls Sophie/Feng Terry/Haglo Brian/Davis ilona
*4. 1659 (2:24:34): Dan and Sarah in the morning Daniel/Conway / /
*5. 5699 (2:24:40): Super Savvy Sawins Grace/Sawin John /Sawin Allie/Sawin Kate
*6. 4351 (2:26:30): Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right BA Star Rae/Inafuku Kyle/Dolan Adam/Rosenthal
*7. 5494 (2:31:00): Skippy the Bush Kangaroo Dina/Johnson Steve/Johnson /
*8. 5576 (2:32:46): whatchamacallem Anandi/Pendse Veena/Vakatkar Rupali/Kale Jay
*9. 1442 (2:38:29): Chan Plan york/chan Lisa/Chan /
*10. 5500 (2:41:47): The Wet Bandits Jonathon/Ong Ginny/Graves /
*11. 3379 (3:00:20): Eder/Gwendolyn Ellen/ Lexi/Zimmerman Chris
*12. 5495 (3:18:25): AD2 Angela/Kang Daniel/Kang Anh/Ton Dave
*13. 1424 (3:27:22): Colette/Bradley / /
*14. 5267 (3:27:23): Mary/Haigh / /
*15. 5822 (3:29:44): Kate/Urhausen / /
*16. 3172 (3:44:03): The Carried Ruse Jonathan/Drews Lisa/Drews Jason/Drews Jake
*17. 1410 (3:45:30): Mahalo Swanson/Alana Danny/Caskey Ryan/Berg Jane
*18. 5573 (3:53:50): Northsiders Reshma/Patel Karan/Mishra Catherine/Lynk Saloni
*19. 5718 (4:07:00): We’ve got the runs! Jes/Taylor Jessica/Weaver /
*20. 1665 (4:18:36): Cummins Crew Allison/Cummins Shawn /Cummins /
*21. 5823 (4:25:38): Crafting Cuties Stephanie/Zajewski Lisa/Chrzasc Amanda /Zansitis
*22. 5671 (5:59:38): Glub Glubs Kopec/Rebecca Brenda/Maya Jessika/Stec
*23. 1427 (NPC): Ring my bells Brewer/Brett john /adorno /
*24. 1437 (NPC): Dad n Bud Alissa/Campbell Tim/Duvall /
*25. 2505 (NPC): Brian/Davis / /
26. 5389 (NPC): Michael/Haigh / /
27. 5496 (NPC): Unstoppable Sara/Lever Ortiz enrigue/huacuja martinez/beatnz
28. 5497 (NPC): Uic team mariana /lever leticia/chavez /
29. 5498 (NPC): We R Amazing! Kathleen/McCabe Tim/Maxwell Carol/Bagley John
30. 5499 (NPC): Super-Suits Julianna/McReynolds Matthew/Nicholas Haylie/Stroner
31. 5615 (NPC): Obi-Wan Cannolis Ian/Percel Ian/Percel /
32. 5680 (NPC): Filthy pilgrims Michelle/Ristau Troy/Ristau /
33. 5690 (NPC):
34. 5693 (NPC):
35. 5697 (NPC):
36. 5711 (NPC):
37. 5825 (NPC):
38. 5832 (NPC): Terry/Hagio
39. 5837 (NPC):
40. 5838 (NPC):
41. 5839 (NPC):
42. 5840 (NPC):

CMUK “The New Urban Walking Wear”


Two guys, who have a love for traveling, wanted to make the ultimate lifestyle shoe and came up with CMUK shoes! Filled with knowledge from their own exploration they came together to make a practical and comfortable, lightweight shoe that you can wear almost anywhere. This unique shoe comes in 9  different styles and many different color so you don’t have to substitute style for comfort. Great for any type of adventure CMUK decided to give CitySolvers and their friends a $20 off any shoes of their choice by using the promo code ChicagoSummer. Try them and see for you self have comfortable and amazing these shoes really are!!!

Still want to do something fun this summer? Check out our race schedule and see what we have coming up! Don’t forget we also do team building, find out more @CitySolveTeamBuilding