Chicago CitySolve Urban Race 2013 + Full Race Results

CitySolve Urban Race Chicago 2013 was more exciting than Lollapalooza! Team Vegan, er, Egan fueled by some kind of protein beat the competition like a meat tenderizer. They finished with a final time of 1:22:37! Team Egan came in a tad over 9 minutes ahead of Peer Review.

Best Costume went to “S.W.A.T. Team” Their costume was one of the best puns CitySolve had ever seen! Thanks for bringin’ the fun! They took home the best portable speakers…yes…Jammy Packs!! For your own portable jams visit the JammyPack online store.

Chicago Costume 2013

Best Tweet went to Sonia (she’s like Cher or Madonna). Follow her and stay up to date with all her funny stories @KitKhat1 Click on the tweet to follow Sonia.
best tweet chicago 2013 We would like to thank Mickeys for hosting our 7th annual Chicago race. The front deck is great for catchin’ a cool Chicago breeze and for people watchin’ on Clark. Swing by for a cold one sometime.

One Brick Chicago is the place for stress free volunteering and making friends. Their mission is to make volunteering easy and they do. Check out its website at Racers and CitySolve help raise nearly $1,000. Apparently the fundraising was more successful and with less stress and in less time. Way to go everyone!

A special thank to Noosa for running the super deliciously tasty Aussie yohgurt (it’s spell correctly) checkpoint.

Racers got down and dirty at Halsted Flowers. Teams are to repot plants!

We can’t wait to see you next year in the Windy City. Now here’s a rundown of the 2013 results:

1st (1:22:37) Team Egan 5644: David Egan/Carrie Egan
2nd (1:31:30) Peer Reviewed 5636: Kyle Bantz/Andreea Stuparu
3rd (1:42:57) Chan Plan 5640: York Chan/Lisa Chan/Maya Chan
4th (1:53:48) Footie Pajamas 5669: Stephanie Zajewski/Lisa Chrzasc/Mandi Zansitis
5th (1:56:06) DJ Rumba 5672: Chenfei Lu
6th (2:00:02) Skippy the Bush Kangaroo 5649: Dina Johnson/Steve Johnson/Nicole Kreuz/Jared Kreuz
7th (2:01:02) The We 5650: Eva Kaltenbach/Nick Przybyciel
8th (2:01:19) Roy Rage 5656: Kathleen McCoy
9th (2:02:22) Carbon Boxers 5670: Nathan Chambery
10th (2:03:56) Two Minutes for Hooking 5637: Kelly Carter/Jason Carter/Joseph Nowaczyk
11th (2:09:40) The Amazing A’s 5673: Amber Munday
12th (2:10:40) Brew Ha Ha 5646: Greg Flemal/Jenny Flemal
13th (2:14:03) Newlyweds 5643: David Drohomyreckyj/Megan Drohomyreckyj
14th (2:16:44) Purple People Eaters 5642: Jonathan Drews/Christine Drews
15th (2:21:42) Anthropomorphic Witnesses 5635: Michael Ahene/Adam Jefferson
16th (2:24:14) Gadites 5661: Rich Richardson/Heather Archer/Lisabeth Wilke/Sarah Condreay
17th (2:26:13) Little Lebowski Urban Achievers 5667: Nate VanRaden/Audra VanRaden/Pat Boland/Adam Bialon
18th (2:27:07) NVA 5647: Kevin Friedman/Eric Schmidt/Andy Villar
19th (2:27:44) The Fine Siegel’s 5645: Robin Fine/Dave Siegel/Daniel Fine/Joshua Siegel
20th (2:33:49) The Positive Pigs 5678: Julia Hochbaum
21st (2:35:31) Super Sleuthing Sawins 5662: John Sawin/Allie Sawin/Kate Sawin
22nd (2:36:13) Chicago Canes 5654: Jessica Marques/Keisha Staples/Tommy Bibbo
23rd (2:47:11) Help we’re lost 5674: Juliette Rapala
24th (2:52:57) St. Louis Cardinals 5668: Sarah Wunning/Tracy Ingram/Jaime Woltjen
25th (2:53:11) Jodi is Old 5658: Jackie Neal/Jodi Neal/Alicia Seegert
27th (3:11:00) Damn Skippy, Back in a Jiffy! 5648: Amanda Hall/Cortney Blitz
28th (3:11:59) PariKhate 5651: Amit Khatkhate/Reena Parikh/Sonia Khatkhate
29th (3:16:41) LOOPERS 5638: Jamie Carvell/TERRY FISHER/HOLLY WENIG/DON WENIG
31st NPC – Sheek Greek Sisters 5641: Stefanie Curtis/Jessica Fairchild/Bridget Curtis
32nd NPC – We R Amazing! 5655: Kathleen McCabe/Tim Maxwell/Carol Bagley/Harry Gnat
33rd NPC – Brookes, Brothers 5657: Marc Morandi/Brooke Schenk/Bryan Morandi/Brooke Griggs
34th NPC – The Jigglers 5659: Jignesh Patel/Kanal Patel
35th NPC – The Swat team 5663: Kathryn Shea/Cindy Swartzell
36th NPC – Don’t hassle us, we’re local. 5665: Crysta Sulaiman/Jared Weidner/Kate D’Ambrose/Brian Slaboch
37th NPC – The Holy Graal & Friends 5666: Aaron Turransky/Tracy Graal/Brianne Koleczek
38th NPC – Unprepared 5677: Wee Wen Kok
39th NPC – Checkmates 5679:
40th DNF – Team Safety 5634: Rob Adams/Jenn Adams/Jack Adams/Max Adams
41st DNF – Paulayna 5652: alayna magnan/paul deters
42nd DNF – Brown Sugar 5653: Debra Mahan/Shyvonne Walker
43rd DNF – Startup Quartet 5660: Stacy Ratner/Celso Teixeira/Dan Ratner/Genevieve Thiers
44th DNF – 5671: Shannon Jungels
45th DNF – 5675: Juliette Rapala
46th DNF – 5676: Lizzie Siprut

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