CitySolve Phoenix 2016 Results


Before we recap CitySolve Phoenix Team Building and Urban Race we would like to provide you some travel discounts that team CitySolve uses each time that set up an amazing race experience.

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CitySolve Phoenix Team Building and Urban Race could not have done it without the help of Esperanca. Esperanca improves health and provides hope for families in the poorest communities of Phoenix and the the world through sustainable disease prevention, education and treatment. Esperanca is always looking for volunteers and donations.

Phoenix amazing race enthusiasts had an awesome time at Space 55 where they played the classic improv game “What Am I Doing?” Oh, what fun! Thank you Ashley Naftule and his merry band of improvisors.

Esperanca held its own interactive checkpoint challenge in the Phoenix Team Building and Urban Race. The Phoenix scavenger hunt lovers had to carry water on their head while taking on an obstacle course. This simulates (on a very small scale) what people in developing countries do to get valuable water.

Yogurt Time got in the action with a fun interactive checkpoint challenge. Teams played the silly Minute To Win It game. Thanks Nouri for making theCitySolve Phoenix Team Building and Urban Race a little more fun.

We cannot wait to return to the Phoenix sunshine in 2017.

1. (2:05:39) Surrender the Booty: April Hull, Alysan Ulrich, April Hull, Alysan Ulrich
2. (2:46:05) To be determined: Jordan Thompson, Shena Thompson, Billy Walters, Jenny Weirsinghe
3. (2:47:27) Kickin’ Asphalt: Kevin Hanna, Grant Hanna, Sean Amir, Shaun Rieve
4. (3:01:01) Sixty Forty: Cristin Lassen, , Caitlin Nalder, Kathy Goodrich
5. (3:15:33) Started From The Bottom: Joshua Doty, Cameron Liston, Drew Olson
6. (3:16:56) Truffle Shuffle: Allie Avishai, Zach Anderson
7. (3:41:30) The Cat Ladies and that One Guy: Alison Howell, Matt Koithan, Michelle Gorman-Strong, Kim Gorman-Strong, Alison Howell
8. (3:49:50) Vandelay Industries: Rick Eastman, Sierra Eastman
9. (3:57:49) May The Schwartz Be With You: Doug May, Danika Davis, Jo-Ann Schwartz
10. (4:00:14) Smarter than we Look too: Dyan Seaburg, Frank Seaburg
11. (4:00:20) Smarter than we look: Mary Reed, James Campbell
12. (4:00:40) Unknown: Trish Hawkins, Dave Dickinson, Paula Blades
13. (4:00:45) smarter than we look: Mary Reed, Shane Willey, Mara Willey
14. (4:13:01) CODNOD: Debbie Schulte, Clark Schulte, Nate Schulte, Donna Steers
15. (4:52:31) Laurie’s 50!: Dawn Walters, Laurie Conklin
16. (4:57:31) Team Broseph: Brittany Johnson, Joe Johnson
17. (5:27:50) Even if we win, Kanye will say Beyonce deserved it: Ashley Schatz, Mathew Saliba
18. (5:33:00) Suck it, Trebek: Justine Skinner, Bob Cribbs, Jason Moore, Tony Wasson
19. (5:33:01) Suck IT: Mairin Turner, Lincoln Turner Joe Blow, Fght Club, Makers Mark
20. (5:42:30) Goldstar: Miriam Barnhill, Melissa Vandever
21. (5:42:31) Amazing Racers: Renee Bibbins, Kelly Rodriguez, Kelly Rodriguez
22. (6:04:15) The Deadly King Snakes : Chad Morris, Erin Morris, Caden Morris, Jack Morris
23. (6:18:03) Fun Times: Kenneth Gammage, Mijoi Mitchell, Kenneth Gammage, Kaiden Mitchell
24DNF – Team Nico: Jacob Cain, Carmen Elena Gochez
25DNF – It’s My Party And I’ll Cry If I Want To: Vanessa Garcia, Linda Preston, Melody Martinez
26DNF – Eggs and Spoon: Jenn Jordan, Page Jordan, Asa Jordan, Blue Zabaneh,
27DNF – The Slapnut Magoos: Megan Malone, Timmy Clendaniel, Dave Malone
28DNF – The World Travelers: Cynthia Severson, Dona Severson, Nickie Zizzo, Vickie Miller
29DNF – White Russians: Rebecca Simmons, Chris Herbst, Joanna Lucio, Daniel Lucio
30DNF – It’s My Party And I’ll Cry If I Want To: James Yazzie, Krisha Harris
31NPC – The Earthlings: Susan Gravina, Lucas Gregg, Lucas Gregg
32NPC – The Stacy’s: Lora Stacy, Seth Stacy, Jordan Stacy, Taylor Stacy

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