CitySolve Portland 2013 was won by Goats and Full Race Results

The Portland was more fun than a free dozen of delectable Voodoo Donuts! Teams raced all over town solving fun clues, eating amazing Caspian Kabobs and Rescue Bagels, creating a haiku about love, and doing a Portlandia scavenger hunt.

Despite the name, The Goats trotted to victory. Led by Dannel Christian and Sam Stansfield in an 1:09:15 and winning handly by 15 and a half minutes over team Coughin’ It! Way to go guys!

Best Costume went to “Rock, Paper, Scissor! We love how creative “Rock” was. Play a couple riffs on the guitar for us! Thanks for bringin’ the fun! They took home the best portable speakers…yes…Jammy Packs!! For your own portable jams visit the JammyPack online store.

Porltnad costume 2013

Best Tweet went to ‏@ericcnastRemember to follow @ericcnast and all his hygienic expeditions.
portland tweet 2013
We would like to thank Buffalo Wild Wings for hosting our 6th annual Denver race. With a good beer selection and TVs all around so you’ll never miss the game! Come watch the game or participate in CitySolve Urban Race next year (we’ll be back fo’ sho’!).

Boys and Girls Club is an amazing resource for the kids. There are so many opportunities for children to excel in education, arts, sports and life. Keep up the extraordinary work. To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. Check out their website at

Racers got creative at the Well Arts activity where they had to create a haiku about love. Awwww! We couldn’t forget about the eating challenges at Caspian Kabobs and Rescue Bagels. Yummmm!

We can’t wait to see you next year in the Rose City. Now here’s a rundown of the 2013 results:

1st (1:09:15) The Goats 4681: Christian Dannel/Sam Stansfield
2nd (1:24:45) Cougin’ It – Oyster Racing 4601: Cullison Jennifer/William Gardner
3rd (1:48:12) Galactic Acid 4673: Kruell Kelly/Steve Trautwein
4th (2:03:38) Rochambeau 4646: Huss Michelle/Michelle Masco/Jon Plissner
5th (2:05:27) Turquoise Cheetahs 4614: Shah Amit/Amy Morris
6th (2:09:32) #bettertobeluckythangood 4672: Passmore Rob/Dave Carey
7th (2:09:45) Fueled by Fritters 4613: Weiper Kacie/Alex Neu
8th (2:15:28) Third Time’s a Charm 4668: Bartholomew John/Dylan Bartholomew/Zach Garvin
9th (2:19:21) Awesome O’Donnells 4647: O’Donnell Nicholina/Anthony O’Donnell/Davan O’Donnell
10th (2:55:55) My Personal Favorites 4610: Vanderville Carol/Renee Song/Angi Meyer
11th (3:00:33) Canadian Cuties 4607: Rowledge Rhiannon/Sarah Chapman/Jackie Brown/Trish Henderson
12th (3:23:09) Runaway Bridesmaids 4623: Joplin Genevieve/Angela Philips/Alina Resendez
13th (3:24:44) Catan-A-Mamas 4627: Kwong Maisie/Amy Ho
14th (3:33:20) Orange Crush 4600: Swanson Chris/Jane Doe
15th (3:36:22) Super Four 4676: St Martin Anik/David Shook/Simon St Martin-Shook
16th (3:45:58) Attack of Bridezilla 4618: Erving Keri/Shannon Hardman/Corrie Cieslak/Jane Doe
17th (4:05:36) Dead Last 4679: Wease Maureen/Leslie Isert
18th (4:10:20) HealthyPetsNW Alberta 4625: Radmacher Laurie /Laura Amiton/Austyn Harris
19th (6:03:20) Always a Bridesmaid…. 4620: Golightly Christine/Jana Saul/Stefanie Pinniger/Shannon Wilson
20th (6:53:40) Royal Champions 4682: Morris Cedric/Eric Nast
21st NPC – Bridal Brew Crew 4622: Peck Tricia/Renata Chmielowski/Kathy Brazell/Nikki Newman
22nd DNF – American Beauties 4652: Boldrick Becky/Lara White
23rd DNF – Team 4674 4674: Spang Megan
24th DNF – Explorers 4677: Christoffer Brenda/David Senft
25th DNF – Put it Away Now II 4678: Cole Suzanne/Jake Parrish/Madeline Parrish
26th DNF – Put it Away Now I 4683: Cole Suzanne/Jacob Parrioh
27th DNF – Put it Away Now III 4684: Cole Suzanne

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