CitySolve San Antonio Results 2015

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CitySolve Urban Race and San Antonio Team Building held its seventh city-wide urban scavenger hunt through the streets of the Alamo City. It was the sixth time our San Antonio scavenger hunt we kicked off the event at The Friendly Spot.

Our funny and energetic friends from Overtime Theater Improv introduced CitySolve Urban Race and San Antonio Team Building to the wonderful world of improv. Teams played an improve classic: the ABC Game. The San Antonio Amazing Race enthusiasts had an unbelievable time laughing and improving! Thanks again Overtime Theater Improv!!!

Not to be outdone, Whole Foods Market joined in the San Antonio scavenger hunt fun when it hosted a classic Minute to Win It game! PHEW! What a blast! Thanks again for being a part of our San Antonio amazing race!

We can’t wait to return to San Antonio on Saturday, October 15, 2016. We are excited to return to The Friendly Spot too! See you next year!

CitySolve Urban Race and San Antonio Team Building
DNF – Did not finish
NPC – No photo check

  1. (1:19:32) The Forever Uncleans: Megan Flores, Megan Flores, Caleb Rivera
  2. (1:25:00) The Funky Bunch: Mark Latimer, Meghann Latimer, Mark Latimer
  3. (1:43:00) Garry Damn: Stacy Fowler, Stacy Fowler, Matthew Fowler, William Fowler, Rebecca Fowler
  4. (1:45:50) Finally @44: Richard Jarzombek, Richie Jarzombek, Jeff Tisdel
  5. (1:47:00) Fun Stuff: Adriana Tovar, Adriana Tovar, , Elyssa Mendez, Kristyn Gonzales
  6. (1:49:10) Bye Felicia: Desiree Castro, Desiree Castro, Bren Gutierrez
  7. (1:50:18) Brewsome 2some: Ricky Johnson, Ricky Johnson, Matt Valadez
  8. (2:00:20) VentureLab1: Luz-Cristal Glangchai, Cristal Glangchai, Pat Condon, Nick Honegger, Hetali Lodaya
  9. (2:00:58) ONE UP!: Lauren Neatherlin, Lauren Neatherlin, Michael Neatherlin, Haley Kuykendall, Chris Janssen
  10. (2:16:30) Squirrel Juice: Celine Deleon, Christopher McBrayer, Celine Deleon
  11. (2:16:35) Rosie: Kathy Hitt, Kathy Hitt, Lori Allen, Carrie Crane, Jody Ullery
  12. (2:32:25) All Bets Are Off: Debbie Grant, Debbie Grant, Cheryl Grant, Chelsea Lambert, Faith Cox
  13. (2:33:21) Aches & Pains: Anita Lares, Anita Lares, Patricia Martinez
  14. (2:39:45) California Love: Kerri Thompson, Manny Lopez, Kerri Thompson
  15. (2:41:00) BYE Felicias!: Christina Cortez, Tony Cortez, Christina Cortez, Andrea Cerullo, Pat Cerullo
  16. (2:46:15) Team Juarez: PATRICIA JUAREZ
  17. (2:47:47) Moo Moo and Friends: Kisha Lovett, Kisha Lovett, Gabby Gaskin-Cole, Joann Jones
  18. (2:53:12) Luckey Ones: Marcyanna Nighswander, Marcyanna Nighswander, Lacey Nighswander, Ann Boris, Ashley Duff
  19. (2:56:47) Falafel: Geehan Shishani, Mehrnoosh Shirani, Mehrnoosh Shirani
  20. (3:16:12) Avengers: Mary Gabaldon, Mary Castaneda, , Mary Gabaldon, Shawn Walker
  21. (3:17:00) Team Andersong: Desiree Luong, Desiree Luong, Wilson Luong, Rachel Anderson, Jared Anderson
  22. (3:33:56) The McDoks: James McMaughan, James McMaughan, Steven Doktorski, Ilyas McMaughan
  23. (3:34:30) The Zakens: Jo McMaughan, Jo McMaughan, Kathleen McMaughan, Zaki McMaughan
  24. (3:56:08) ICUP: Elizabeth Classen, Elizabeth Classen, Shannon Crenshaw
  25. (4:38:06) Team Mayer: crystal mayer
  26. (DNF) REd NEckS: Francine Billingslea, Francine Billingslea, Cory Baillargeon
  27. (DNF) VentureLab2: Cristal Glangchai, Razil Owen, Cassie Robinson, Claudette Guerrero, Razil Owen
  28. (DNF) Blondezillas : Rachel Jones, Rachel Jones , Whata Burger
  29. (DNF) Honey Badgers: Stacie Mahula, Stacie Mahula, Dorolyn Carden
  30. (DNF) Bean and Cheese: Richard Ramos, Richard Ramos, Samantha Salazar

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