CitySolve Honolulu Results 2016

CitySolve Honolulu Team Building and Urban Race

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Aloha! CitySolve Honolulu Team Building and Urban Race got off to a smashing success as we anchored our 12th race series in fabulous Hawai’i! Oh, how we were excited to return to paradise for a sixth time!

We certainly could not have held this Honolulu amazing race without the help of the amazing AccesSurf staff and volunteers. This organization is truly an amazing charity. AccesSurf works with people with cognitive and physical disabilities so that they can enjoy the water. AccesSurf is as powerful as the Pacific. Please help them by donating your time or money. You’ll be happy you did.

CitySolve Honolulu Team Building and Urban Race kicked off on the gorgeous view of Dave & Buster’s Sunset roof. At just after 11:00 am (CitySolve runs on island time too) the 150+ Honolulu amazing race enthusiasts sped off the top floor of Dave & Busters and onto the busy streets.

The Honolulu scavenger hunt lovers were excited to show off their Maclamore talents when ImprovHI challenged them to a rap battle. SAY WHAT! Not since Yo! MTV Raps has there been a craze like this! Thanks ImprovHI.

Proving to be a hidden gem, Honolulu amazing racers were delighted to find the Honolulu Lawn Bowling on this year’s experience. Many participants claim to have been to Ala Moana Beach Park and NEVER to have seen this oasis in the middle of paradise. Some claim to have run right past it on a daily basis and never notice it. They played a closest to the jack for a time dedudction! Woohoo!

Last, but certainly not least the Honolulu scavenger hunt fanatics loved the coloring memory game at BoxJelly. If you’re a solo entrepreneur or a small startup then you gotta checkout BoxJelly. It’s CitySolve’s official Honolulu workspace.

CitySolve cannot wait to return to Honolulu in 2017! We will have more tricks up our sleeve as we hope to out due ourselves next year. Mahalo!

Here are the results:
DNF – Did not finish
NPC – No camera check

1. (2:00:53) Malasadas: Ryan Kohara, Chelsea Nakai, Kellie Kaneta, Jesse Ueumura
2. (2:11:42) StarletShay: Ryan Kawamoto ,Ryan Kawamoto, Fu Fukayama, Aline Tran
3. (2:14:52) And BANGO was his name-o: Sara Waialeale ,Sara Waialeale, Rachel Waialeale, Brian Juozaitis, Sherrie Waialeale
4. (2:17:11) The Jennas and Oxtons: Jenna Sarna ,Jenna Sarna, Jenna Bruchauser, Shannon Oxton, Brandon Oxton
5. (2:38:40) Aha: Shane Nelson , , Dreana Kalil, Kuhio Lewis
6. (2:41:01) Galloping geniuses: Katie Samuelson , , Kassey Stark, Erika Warner, Suzanne Landry
7. (2:41:02) slowlearners: Russel Schoenhard , , Katie Samuelson
8. (2:47:09) Sister Wives: Maureen Copeskey ,Maureen Copeskey, Arielle Vaverka
9. (2:47:12) Team 1628: Laura Proctor , , Jack Fuller, Calley, William
10. (2:49:01) Honolulu Honkies: Deanna Reising, Nathan Pototschnik, Sara Cashon, Alan Grubbs 11. (2:52:40) We Go: Joanna Tirado ,Joanna Tirado, Richard Bautista, Tamara Nelson, Kevin Agtarap
12. (3:07:10) Pimk Panthers: Gia McKenna , , Drew Handy, Dillon McKenna, Ahlee Lemons 13. (3:07:19) : Peter-Michael Seidel, Michelle Seidel
14. (3:11:41) The Hunkinators: Erica Hunkin ,Erica Hunkin, Justin Hunkin
15. (3:12:40) BAM : Tara Gadarowski ,Tara Gadarowski, , Bailey Gadarowski, Nicole Vallieres
16. (3:12:50) Buns of Glory: Timothy Taylor ,Tim Taylor, Karl Hood
17. (3:18:40) Hissing Cock Roaches: Alicia Hull, Christian Stettler
18. (3:22:57) The Winners: Maggie Delaune-Olson ,Maggie Delaune-Olson, Jen Olson
19. (3:23:20) Team Velvet Thunder: Rochelle Felipe ,Rochelle Felipe, Noah Felipe
20. (3:34:07) Yay Tani: Tina Lee ,Tina Lee, , Peter Fong, Tani Kalaukoa
21. (3:50:35) Roomies: Summer Kearney ,Jake Kearney, Summer Kearney, Kawika Lau, Jeri Lau
22. (3:59:05) Team Bacon Cupcakes: Jonathan Wong ,Jonathan Wong, Liane Asinsen
23. (4:15:21) Sherlock Hounds: Jane Teixeira ,Jane Teixeira, Justin Leinen, Linda Darlington
24. (4:56:01) Poke or Mahke: Dominique Anders ,Bruce Hsiao, Dominique Anders
25. (5:20:00) Sore-ing Eagles: Jessica Murray ,Jessica Murray, Amy Arenas, Philip Murray, Amanda Cornyn
26. (5:20:20) Mone: Carly Ince ,Carly Ince, Leilani Shattuck
27. (5:24:18) Chowtime: Cayla Chow ,Cayla Chow, Chase Crihfield
28. (5:24:35) Queen Beez: Jenna Vega ,Jenna Vega, Jade Tui, Krystalynn Jennings, Liliola Taeatafa
29. DNF – Unbeatables: Sherry Uehara ,Sherry Uehara, Kaili Kupihea, Ryan Comilang
30. DNF – Unbeatables: John Menponsa ,John Mendoza, Alex Isbell
31. DNF – the bluhwaiians: KAREEM barrow ,kareem barrow, rhonda carvalho
32. DNF – D.B.E.S.T. Ohana: Shana Fialkowski-Giron ,Eric Fialkowski, Shana Fialkowski-Giron, Blake Fialkowski-Giron, Taylor Fialkowski-Giron
33. DNF – Chip Bags: Caitlin Himmelberger, , Laine Remignanti, Jon Robinson
34. DNF – Urbano: Veronica Lanier ,Veronica Lanier, Shannon Mladucky
35. DNF – Another One: Justin McCollin, Amanda Maya, Justin McCollin
36. DNF – Juanya: tanya roman, Juan Roman, Tanya Roman
37. NPC – The Ravens: Elizabeth Aparicio, Luis Aparicio

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