CitySolve Urban Race Atlanta post adventure wrap up + Full Race Results 2013

Our Atlanta adventure was more fun than free tickets to the Midtown Music Fest! Teams raced all over Midtown, Georgia Tech and downtown. Teams indulged in delicious ice cream from Frazier’s, played Black Jack wtih Yelp, made a bed at Loew’s Hotel right in the lobby (how cool is that) and tons more!

Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus inspires us all), led by Jamie Mattoon and David Horgan, won by the slimmest of margins…1 second! They finished in 1:50:27. Way to go guys!

Best Costume went to Pirates Booty. Their costumes made us want to sail the high seas with them! Permission to come a board and be awesome with you guys! They took home the best portable speakers…yes…Jammy Packs!! For your own portable jams visit the JammyPack online store.

best cosume ATL 2013

Best Tweet goes to Andy Todd. For this team, every day is Wednesday. Follow Andy and his hump day adventures by clicking on his tweet!

best tweet ATL 2013

We would like to thank Big Kahuna for hosting our 5th annual Atlanta race. This University of Miami bar has a gigantic TV right above the bar and the Surf Nachos with lump crab and jumbo shrimp are pretty bomb too. Come watch the game or participate in CitySolve Urban Race next year (we’ll be back fo’ sho’!).

Pebble Tossers is an amazing resource for children ages 5-18 looking to volunteer. Pebble Tossers makes volunteering easy! There are a ton of opportunities that can work with your schedule. Check out their website and like them on Facebook

We can’t wait to see you next year to Atlanta. Now here’s a rundown of the 2013 results:

1st (1:50:27) Wrecking Balls 5950: Jamie Mattoon/David Wood
2nd (1:50:28) Wrecking Balls 2 5951: Stacy Mattoon/Christine Colleran
3rd (2:07:27) Blades of Glory 5938: Emery Chang/Elizabeth Wang/Philip Safir Michael/Wang
4th (2:07:32) Team YOLO 5959: Helen Rice/Helen Rice/Lydia Conway/Tom Munn
5th (2:14:56) Wrinkle Stumpskin 5957: Donald Powell/Damon Reed
6th (2:14:57) Wrinkle Stumpskin 5956: Karen (Donald) Cantoni (Powell)/Ashlee Dozier/Collin Lowey
7th (2:14:58) Wrinkle Stumpskin 5955: Scott (Donald) Stinson (Powell)/Allison Menke-Stinson
8th (2:24:23) Hump Day… Woot! Woot! 5945: Karen Jones/Karen Jones/Andy Todd
9th (2:50:10) The Speed Racers 5942: Jacquelyn Foley/Jim Foley/Jim Foley/Jason Paris
10th (3:53:37) College Fam 5933: Amanda Baethke/David Baetnke/Sandy Baetnke/Kristin Baetnke
11th (3:58:07) Rum Runners 5936: Christine Bergstrom/Chrissie Bergstrom/Gabriela Mateo/Steffanie Matthews
12th (4:13:47) Smoking Kenyan Aces 5947: Rosemary Kinuthia/Rosemary Kinuthia/Mark Mgandi
13th (4:25:44) Peach Slap 5958: Masooma Rae/Masooma Rae/Tosif Couhan/Tanvir Chouhan
14th (4:35:44) Damn Yankees 5946: Marian Kelly/Kevin Kelly
15th (4:55:15) Ro Hamp Co 5961: Velma Robinson/Chris Hampton/Jessica Coe
16th (5:06:25) Marse Town 5941: Sheri Farish/Lisa Taylor
17th (5:40:42) Mixed Chicks 5954: Felicia Ortiz/Felicia Ortiz/Trisha Holt/Donna Wesley
18th (5:47:30) Chocolate Thunder 5953: ChiChi Nwizu/ChiChi Nwizu/Rodney Norwood
19th (7:07:03) O.G.E. for Life 5934: Katherine Beck/Jennie Hughes/Jennie Hughes/Jennifer Long
20th (7:19:30) Bodies in Motion 5931: Timothy Ackey/Timothy Ackey/Kisha AkinyemiShakelia Jones
21st NPC – Game Changers 5944: Erin Johnson/Kaprecha Robinson /Candace Landers
22nd NPC – Game Changers 5960: Kaprecha Robinson/Kaprecha Robinson/LaShanda Jackson/Candace Landers
23rd DNF – Team USUK 5932: Michael Aers/Michael Aers/Kimberly DeWolf
24th DNF – Eighties Ladies 5935: Erin Bell/Erin Bell/Shelley Palazzolo
25th DNF – Booty Hunters 5937: Tonya Burke/Ramon Burke/Tonya Burke
27th DNF – MiMi ImFurst 5940: Danette Cruz/DANETTE CRUZ CRUZ/JENNIFER TAYLOR
28th DNF – Game Changer 5943: LaShanda Jackson/Kaprecha (Kay) Robinson/Erin Johnson/Candace Lander
29th DNF – Game Changers 5948: Candace Landers/Kaprecha Robinson/Kaprecha Robinson
30th DNF – In It To Win It 5949: Bianca Lloyd-Gomez/Bianca Lloyd-Gomez/Chris Karafotias
31st DNF – On the lamb for LAM 5952: Carolyn Nowell/Carolyn Nowell/Mike Croyle/Patti Haberle
32nd DNF – Entirely Off Track 5962: Joseph Sack/Ryan Mauldin/Joe Sack/Eric Haas
33rd DNF – Two Native Atlantans 5963: James Stovall/James Stovall/Chrissy Stovall

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