CitySolve Urban Race DC post adventure wrap up + Full Race Results 2013

Our DC adventure was more fun than winning the popular vote! Teams raced all over DuPont, U St and all parts in-between. Teams indulged in froyo from Menchie’s, played surgeon in a quick game of Operation, hit the streets to raise money for the One Brick and tons more!

Nattitude, led by Colin Cushing and David Horgan, didn’t need a run-off to declare victory. They finished in 1:19:10 beating Ameoba Wars by 14+ minutes. Way to go guys!

Best Costume went to Gilligan’s Island. Their costumes were spot on! Some of the best costumes in a while. Thanks for taking your time to dress up. They took home the best portable speakers…yes…Jammy Packs!! For your own portable jams visit the JammyPack online store.


Best Tweet went to Beth Lowe ‏@BLowe1114 Click on the pic to follow Beth and the rest of Gilligan’s Island.

best tweet dc 2013

We would like to thank Mad Hatter for hosting our 8th annual DC race. With $12 bottomless mimosas and TVs all around so you’ll never miss the game! Come watch the game or participate in CitySolve Urban Race next year (we’ll be back fo’ sho’!).

One Brick is an amazing resource for people looking to volunteer. One Brick makes volunteering easy! There are a ton of opportunities that can work with your schedule. Check out their website and like them on Facebook

We can’t wait to see you next year to DC. Now here’s a rundown of the 2013 results:

1st (1:19:10) Nattitude 5973: Colin Cushing/Colin Cushing/David Horgan
2nd (1:33:05) Amoeba Wars 5995: Joseph White/Harry White
3rd (2:19:30) All in the Family 5976: Sarah Hofmann/Sarah Hofmann/Christine  Hofmann-Bourque/Kyle Bourque
4th (2:22:30) Asian Tuesday 5980: Kalia Kinser/Allison  Kelley/Allison  Kelley
5th (2:37:22) Corn Dog Corn Dog Corn Dog Corn Dog 5988: Robert Rauch/Robert Rauch/Val Rauch
6th (2:42:30) Below Average 5972: James Crook/James Crook/Dana Graf/Jake Carlisle
7th (3:01:20) Pacman Ghosts 5993: Stephanie StoneKyle Stearns/Scott Gonzalez
8th (3:03:13) Where’s the finish? (wtf) 5981: Amanda Kudis/Amanda Kudis/Pierre Smith
9th (3:11:47) Caladan 5971: Thoa  Conlon/Vidal Arellano/Vidal  Arellano/Thoa Conlon
10th (3:11:51) Indiana Girls 5975: Elise Hellman/Elise Hellman/Alexandra Cochrane/Kara Wright
11th (3:13:23) Team Ish 5983: Kevin  McCain/Kevin McCain/Lee Crumpler/Valerie Foos
12th (3:17:07) Analyze This! 5970: James Cawlo/James Cawlo/Jon Stern/Andrew McClelland
13th (3:20:57) Muddy Buddies 5994: Justin Turner/Justin Turner/Carrie Turner
14th (3:25:38) Boys on the side 5978: Maria Inglis/Yamara Santos/Mia Inglis/Melissa Legallant
15th (3:25:38) Boys on the side 5991: Yamara Santos/Yamara Santos/Puja Seth
16th (3:30:45) Richards 5990: Erin Richards
17th (3:53:49) The Poopy Monkeys 5977: Sarah Hofmann/Jeremy  Fair/Thomas  Hofmann/Whitney Tull
18th (3:55:01) Team 16 5987: Kevin Proffitt/Kipp Proffitt/Trey Inge/Tammy Proffitt
19th (4:10:11) Team Nacho 5996: Elaine Zacheis/Elaine Zacheis/Beth Lowe/Tracey Beidleman
20th (4:13:36) Don’t Know 5989: Dennis Read/Lisa Read/Dennis Read
21st (4:54:09) She thinks my Segway’s sexy  5967: Tara Behan/Tara Behan/Daniel Vaught
22nd (5:17:15) EDs 50th Birthday 5992: Leah Sperbeck/ED Shanshala/Leah Sperbeck/Spencer Shanshala
23rd (5:36:13) NIH Gang 5982: Jacqueline MajorPere Puigbo/Aurora Fontainhas
24th (5:51:51) The Birthday Girls 5966: Leonna Bayne/Leonna Bayne/Lena Lee/Rachel Bonds
25th (6:08:29) Rock Star 82 5965: Nicole Armfield/Nicole Armfield/Elena Roberts
26th (6:47:12) Team Jefferies 5979: Val Jeffries
27th NPC –  Team Giggity Giggity Goo 5968: Laura Canetti/Laura Canetti/Marie  Israelite/Marianne Nazzaro
28th NPC –  Clueless in DC 5985: Vic Odico/Neelam Parekh/Neelam Parekh
29th NPC –  Clueless in DC 5986: Neelam Parekh/Neelam Parekh/Puja Seth
30th DNF – The Neonderthals 5964: Michael Andrews/Michael Andrews/Harrison Grove/Vicki Hopkins
31st DNF – Caprica 5969: Chuck Cassel/Chuck Cassel/Esmer Kanya/Conor O’Reilly
32nd DNF – Mighty Motrin Power Racers 5974: Mark Dixon/Mark Dixon/Karen Horn

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