CitySolve Urban Race Denver Results

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Don’t forget about CitySolve Team Building. We can create a custom scavenger hunt for your team any where, any time. CitySolve Team Building also offers: Team Trivia and Making a Music Video!

CitySolve’s Denver scavenger hunt was amazing yet again because of you, our Denver amazing race fans! We always love coming to the Mile High City and can’t wait to return again!

We want to thank the great staff and volunteers at Savio. CitySolve Urban Race and Denver Team Building could not have pulled this without this amazing charity! Please support Savio with your time and money. It is a great charity and your support had a direct impact on the Denver community.

Strike a pose! Well, that’s exactly what our Denver amazing race enthusiasts had to do at Samadhi Yoga! First Denver scavenger hunter enthusiasts had to memorize yoga poses and then they entered the yoga studio…next they had to perform the yoga poses as the instructor called them out! Namaste.

We may not ever know who the let the dogs out, but everyone now knows how to make a balloon dog! The Tavern Downtown hosted this fun activity and Savio volunteers executed this fun little game!

Tattered Covered Book Store’s checkpoint was better than an episode of Reading Rainbow! You had to put on your Sherlock Holmes thinking cap for this interactive checkpoint. Needless to say, this book hunt did not disappoint the Denver scavenger hunt lovers.

Here’s the CitySolve Urban Race and Denver Team Building results:

  1. (1:02:40) The Nads: Andy  Almonte, Andy  Almonte, Josh  Messer, Philip  Galloway  Bronwyn  Lehman
  2. (1:37:30) #bebold2016: ALICIA  WELSHIMER, Alicia  Welshimer, Sean  Welshimer,
  3. (1:45:15) Science!: Ryan  Lucas, Ryan  Lucas,   ,
  4. (1:51:04) Portuguese Knife Fight: Sean  Tyler, Sean  Tyler, Danielle  Tyler,
  5. (2:17:05) Pteam Pterodactyl: Laura  Mitchell, Laura  Mitchell, Sara  Seba,
  6. (2:18:45) NoCo Locos: Joseph  Poling, Joseph  Poling, Sara  Poling, Lauren  Eberhard  Andy  Eberhard
  7. (2:23:47) Team Chocolate: Kirsten  Pihlaja, Kirsten  Pihlaja, Catherine  Chauvin, Damon  Drew  Catherine  Chauvin
  8. (2:27:00) Simply Irresistible: Casey  Yunko, Casey  Yunko, Nicole  Stone, Amy  Schaefer
  9. (2:30:54) : Andrew   Errington, Andrew   Errington, Kayla  Vahling, Kyle  Errington
  10. (2:32:15) Dave Large: Kathy   Hays, David   Shake, Tiffany  Compton, Greg  Hays  Kathy  Hays  David
  11. (2:33:04) Triumphant Duck Face: David  Samuels, David  Samuels, Rowan  Samuels, Jennifer  Samuels
  12. (2:34:40) Prinzers: Wendy  Prinz, Wendy   Prinz, Mark   Prinz,
  14. (2:45:30) Never First Maybe Last: Jenny  Sec, Colleen  Paap, Jenny   Sec, Shawn  Paap  David   Vong
  15. (2:50:50) Happy Howlers: Carin  Ramsel, Carin  Ramsel, Mary  Wheeler,
  16. (2:56:10) Absolutely Indecisive: Cathy  Mann, Stephanie  Hutchison, Sharon  Finnegan, Cathy  Mann
  17. (2:56:45) Alpha Check: Sheri  Lattemore, Kevin  Lattemore, Kevin   Lattemore, Cameron  Lattemore  Dawson  Calloway
  18. (2:58:45) Tantric Birthday Foursome: Ginger  Kern, Ginger  Kern, Ian  Strouse, Amy  Segreti  Tony  Baciagalupo
  19. (3:04:08) PatnDick: Patty  Jagodzinski, Patty  Jogodzinski, Rick  Jagodzinski,
  20. (3:05:40) Scrum Alliance: Erin  Green, Erin  Green,   ,
  21. (3:07:12) Dorothy Zbornak is My Hero: Kristin  Walter, Kristin  Walter, Stacey  Shobe,
  22. (3:13:33) : Scott  Grossman, Scott  Grossman, Kelly  Killeen,
  23. (3:23:15) Team Hanson: Tonya  Hanson, Tonya  Hanson, Chris  Hanson, Delaney  Hanson  Devynn  Hanson  Logan
  24. (3:25:40) Visa: Cody  Petrick, Cody  Petrick, Lucas  Woodruff, Evelyn  L  Jacob  Vigil
  25. (3:31:09) Visa: Gauran  Shukla, Gauren  Shukla, Prajakta  Shanbhag, Kaelin  Testa  Mario  Chan  Mukutar
  26. (3:51:18) Speakeasy’s: Ruth  McIntosh, Ruth  McIntosh, Karen  Lawlor, Kaylee  Strehlow  Buffy  Bruns
  27. (4:04:10) LTAC: Courtney  Ozaki, Courtney  Ozaki, Leigh  Chandler, Katie  Konishi
  28. (5:21:35) Z105 Engineering: Valeria  Rodriguez, Valeria  Rodriguez, Shane  Serwear, Nestor  Maciel
  29. DNF – : Adam  Burguet
  30. DNF – : Grace  Curnutt,   ,   ,
  31. NPC – Team T&A: Tony  Bacigalupo, Amy  Segreti, Tony  Bacigalupo,
  32. NPC – Pink Panthers: Jennifer  Kellogg, Jennifer  Kellogg,   ,
  33. NPC – Team Akumal: Krystie Rose  Millich, Terry  Read, Krystie Rose  Millich,
  34. NPC – scrum Alliance: Meghan  Robinson, Meghan  Robinson, Jack   Schneider, Erin  Green  Amber  Johnston  Erika
  35. NPC – Franks and Bean: Joseph  Simon, Joseph  Simuhn, Heather  Zuhn,
  36. NPC – Pink Flamingoes: Felicia Vanslager, Felicia  Vonslager, Mike  Ruckle, Adrien  Ruckle  Ron  Gnam




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