CitySolve Urban Race Houston Results

CitySolve Urban Race and Houston Team Building

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CitySolve Urban Race and Houston Team Building Recap

Rain, rain go away and it did! Not a single drop to be had for CitySolve Urban Race and Houston Team Building. The nearly 200 CitySolvers were delighted to see sunny blue skies reign over Houston.

Only four seconds separated the top two teams. Yeah, it was that close…until the bonus clues came into play. Then This Is Happening! took sole possession of 2015 CitySolve Urban Race and Houston Team Building of first place and repeated as champs. Will they three-peat? Sign up and beat ‘em!

Thanks to Houston Sport & SocialClub, teams had a blast playing Flip Cup at Lucky Strike. Houston Sport & Social Club hosted the time honored frat house game – CitySolve made it kid friendly removing the booze from the cups. CitySolve can’t wait to see what Houston Sport & Social Club will come up with at next year’s CitySolve Urban Race and Houston Team Building.

Not to be out done, Christian’s Tailgate in Midtown hosted the comedic fun of Comedy Sportz Houston. Teams got to play a classic improve game known as The ABC Game. Google it or better yet, have your office hire CitySolve Houston Team Building and you can learn and play it first hand. It’s tons of fun! We promise.

CitySolve Urban Race and Houston Team Building would like to thank HEART Houston for supplying the wonderful volunteers for the day and for hosting a fun game at Root Square Park! There is no way CitySolve Urban Race and Houston Team Building could have pulled this event off without the tremendous efforts of this fabulous charity. Keep up the great work Jane Cummings! Go HEART Houston!

CitySolve Urban Race and Houston Team Building will return to Houston in April of 2016. Look for the date around October or November. We can’t wait to come back! Yeeha!

2015 CitySolve Urban Race and Houston Team Building Results

DNF – Did Not Finish
NPC – No Photo Check

1 (1:13:38) This Changes Everything! Elaine Louie, Eric Vu, Darren McDuff, Colin Sturm
2 (1:23:33) BIG Unit Nathaniel Shallenberger, Bryce Smolen, Michael Brock,
3 (1:45:45) Awesome Rachel Danek, Rey Mastrapa, David Zaga,
4 (1:48:50) Team Awesome Angela Tenney, Maureen Gaj, Ryan Paul, Ben Hanson|
5 (1:53:36) Gus & Dolls Donald Paull, Amy Paull, Danielle Sellers, Derek Sellers
6 (1:54:50) Franklin or Bust Andrew Lee, Sarah Gilbert, Jason Calobrisi, Tobe Determined
7 (1:59:08) The Gleasons Kristi Gleason, Patty Gleason, Michael Gleason, Christy Gleason
8 (2:07:13) Team 1246 Breanna Van Note
9 (2:08:10) NO RUNNING Vivian Le, Elevia Le, Justin Tham, Vincent Nguyen
10 (2:08:35) #dosomething2015 Alicia Welshimer, Sean Welshimer
11 (2:11:59) No tenemos el Matt Wongo Daniel Smith, Darin Quach, Jessica Scott,
12 (2:14:35) Double Trouble Alvin Guajardo, Laura Suttles
13 (2:16:22) 40 with Friends Jennifer Peek, Michelle Frieling,
14 (2:26:08) WireHause Jarad Wire, Iska Wire
15 (2:29:55) Third Coast Narwhals Latosha Johnson, Serean Loyland, Courtney Liddle, Lisa Peralez
16 (2:34:30) The Killer B’s Frank Brondum, Shirley Brondum, Bear Bay, Kelly Bay
17 (2:38:45) JSY Ye Yuan, Justin Streen, Son Luu,
18 (2:49:36) The Amazingly Lovely Divas Julie Forcum, Juanice Middleton, Michelle Foreman, Dena Thibodeaux
19 (2:50:54) Shroom Zoom! Tommy Auchtung, Andrea Nash, Anisha Misra,
20 (2:56:54) Franky B + Aly P Frankie Boda, Ali Pesch
21 (3:03:46) Fracking Good Team Daniel Sweet, Angela Sweet, Tobe Announced, AlsoTobe Announced
22 (3:07:47) Play on Words TJ Iglehart, V Wortham
23 (3:12:33) Dynamic Duo   Christin Edward, Christin Edward
24 (3:20:18) The Hot Socks Miriam Royal, Miriam Blackwell, Tiana Symmonds,
25 (3:24:48) Four In A Row Terri Torres, Melissa Torres, Natalie Rayo, Ingrid Rayo
26 (3:25:57) Team PacMan Alan Rubino, Serrita Anderson, Jason Powell, Justine Hernandez
27 (3:26:14) The indecisive bastards Nicole Douglas, Amanda Tine, Israel Garcia, Dillion Helfers
28 (3:27:43) Team 1228 Jessica Tonnon
29 (3:27:59) Meep! Daniel Smith, Tyler McCue, Tatiana Fofanova, Pedro Rossi Silva
30 (3:35:16) The Cereal Killers Bethany Ford, Bethany Ford
31 (3:36:42) Team House Scott Garrett, Madhavi Reddy
32 (3:38:12) GAK Gary Flaharty, Kim Flaharty, Ann Henry,
34 (3:47:07) Houston Jungle Yvonne Cole, , Larry Laurence, PAID?
35 (3:47:53) Kim and Kam Carrie Wall, Kameron Wall
36 (4:40:59) Jem Margarita Camacho, Jose Turcios, Jesse Cartagena, Adriana Jones
37 (6:04:56) Crazy Shanks Michelle Garcia, Jeff Breedlove, Heather Rostad, Brandon Tickle
38 (6:23:20) Team 1247 Emily Yu, Lan-Phuong Vu-Yu
39 (6:23:21) Team 1248 Kuan Yu, Kaelin Everett, Valentina Atterson
40 (DNF) Ladies Latte Circle Anne Bechard, Sara Moser, Shelly Leitch, Susanna Finkel
41 (DNF) Linda Boylan-Miller Linda Boylan-Miller, Dianne Fairchild, Tammi Fitzgerald,
42 (NPC) Dessert Divas Petra Chytilova, Tiffany Starrett
43 (NPC) Hatch Attack Maryam Davari, Matt wade, Marie Gayle assignation,
44 (NPC) Pud n’ Chub Aimee Herron, Connor Troy
45 (DNF) Allsport Jacqueline Clarke, Jacqueline Clarke
46 (DNF) Sunny Day/ Miami Heat Ed Jacinthe, Ed Jac
47 (DNF) The Unusual Suspects Christopher Kapraun, Elizabeth Blome, Keelan Hamilton, Jenn Canady
48 (DNF) Pineapple Upside Down Cake Lisa Magee, Jim Pelton, Stacey Grey, David Chou
49 (DNF) Team Make it Work raquel perez, Craig Sieminski, Kiela Perez,
50 (DNF) Austin Raiders Diana Prechter, MacDonald Kempf, Megan Kempf, Kent Cole
51 (DNF) Goal Diggers Liz Sanders, Leslie Russell
52 (DNF) 60% of the Time We Win Everytime! Tayler Shepherd, Natalie Plummer, Steph Emmott,
53 (DNF) Triple Threat Bailey steiner, lynn steiner, garrett egbert,
54 (DNF) J and S Sheetal Patel, Sheetal Patel
55 (DNF) Team Z Jodi Zajac, Matt Zajac
56 (DNF) Lost Boys Jessica Tonnon, Sebastian Randolph, Chadwick Randolph,
57 (DNF) Team 1234 Ijeoma Ugoezi

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