CitySolve Urban Race Minneapolis Results

Before we recap CitySolve Urban Race and Minneapolis Team Building and Urban Race we would like to provide you some travel discounts that team CitySolve uses each time that set up an amazing race experience.

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Don’t forget about CitySolve Team Building. We can create a custom scavenger hunt for your team anywhere, anytime. CitySolve Team Building also offers: Team Trivia and Making a Music Video!

CitySolve brought its brand of the amazing race to the City of Lakes. Not since 2011 did CitySolve Urban Race and Minneapolis Team Building start and end in Uptown. It was nice to go back to its roots.

CitySolve Urban Race and Minneapolis Team Building would like to thank the most amazing charity staff and band of volunteers from Spark-Y! This Minneapolis based charity has programs centered in sustainability and entrepreneurship. Spark-Y touches the lives of students and really makes a difference. Spark-Y is always looking for good people to make a difference with their time or their wallet. You’ll be glad you did.

The Minneapolis Amazing Race enthusiasts got there chance to hit that 7-10 split or better yet, a strike! Each team was able to score minutes off their time at Bryant Lake Bowl. Thank you BLB for hosting this fun activity and thank you Spark-Y for executing the activity.

CitySolve Urban Race and Minneapolis Team Building would like to give a special shout out to Minneapolis tech based company DIVI UP. DIVI UP set up shop in the Wedge’s Mueller Park where teams threw rings but not just any rings…inflatable ring (they look like they belong in the pool)! If you like to save money AND do good then download DIVI UP TODAY!!! You’re welcome.

Our friends at Thrifty Hipster pitched in and ran a classic Minute to Win It game: Cookie Face. Yes, there were gluten-free cookies upon request along with OREOs! It’ simple, move the tasty treat from your forehead to your mouth. Easy, right? Try it.

Without further ado…you’re 2016 CitySolve Urban Race and Minneapolis Team Building standings:

  1. (1:40:45) B&B: Ben Sommerfeld, Bekah Sommerfeld
  2. (1:40:55) Dude!: Grant Dietrich, Shannon Daughety
  3. (1:45:49) We Will Survive: Ben Wittry, Jenny Sohn, Josh Lindell, Kaitlyn Gathje
  4. (1:50:10) Totes Ma Goats: Michelle Wermus, Stefan Bergh
  5. (1:55:45) Almost Athletes: Beth Anne Cooper, Balaji Sridhar, Ashley Wilson, Peter Wong
  6. (1:59:30) Blueberry: Brooke Robbins, Cale Nelson, Danille Adank, Phil Jud
  7. (2:01:11) We Don’t Give a Tweet: Paula Engelking, Leisa Knych
  8. (2:03:38) Procrastinators: Saji Soltani, Shauna Kivel
  9. (2:17:07) Carrissa Explains It All: Carissa Wallin, Bob Haugen, David Haugen
  10. (2:25:45) America: Kaitlyn Jerrick, Sever Lundquist
  11. (2:27:10) Mechelke Men: Brad Mechelke, Alek Mechelke
  12. (2:28:27) Fire Breathing Gophers: Melanie Rabino, Brady Mahoney, Anna Moynihan, Luke Rainer
  13. (2:32:45) The Brown Notes: Rick Baumann, Erin Gable, Tanner Jackson, Kathryn Strandquist Tanner
  14. (2:36:36) Team Buns and Guns: Rachel Youngquist, Kathyrn Lee Youngquist
  15. (2:47:09) ZY+CJ: Jing Chen, Zheying Guo
  16. (2:48:28) The Midnight Madness Yellow Team: Mark Durand, Anne Durand, Gina Wehner, Matt Wehner
  17. (2:48:39) Green Thumbs: Ginger Hohenstein, Linda Pinske
  18. (2:49:30) Combating Entropy: Kristi Carufel, Cory Carufel
  19. (2:50:15) Jack and jill Julie Gambaiani, Steve Jackman
  20. (2:59:30) Fiercesome Female Foursome: Jennifer Tenenbaum, Raina Tenenbaum, Shari Robbins, Adelle Denicola
  21. (3:04:20) The Honeys: Kelli Penrose, Erin Jurek, Kelly Bates, Lisa Schultz
  22. (3:06:59) In Queso Emergency: Jen Friedman, Tom Borowicz, David Neubauer, Ellie Squires
  23. (3:07:24) Mostly Irish: Denise Terry, Alex Haack, Donna Devery, Therese Suel
  24. (3:09:15) WinnoSack: Thuy Nguyen, Mike Manosack
  25. (3:11:10) Em&Al: Emily Busch, Allie Mrak
  26. (3:32:59) Tutu Awesome: Shannon Denny, Tracy Carlson, Raylin Chritenson, Ashley Levesseur
  27. (3:38:02) Classy and a little Sassy: Lynne Enquist, Liz Turner, Stephanie Trump, Terri Haag
  28. (4:04:36) Team 1542Kelly Person Mike Ward Tracy   Pederson
  29. (4:11:17) The Roks: Jill Friedrich, Austin Enneking
  30. (7:41:43) PokeGo’s: Erica Hatella, Alyssa Schmidt
  31. DNF – Team 1456: Samantha Johnson, Matt Rohr, Sarajane Larson
  32. DNF – Dee’s Dynamos!: Michele Maurer, Dee Holst, Michele Maurer
  33. DNF – Honey Badger: Heather Nelson, Amanda Cantu, T.J. Rosenburger, John Larson
  34. DNF – Team Lucy: Jim Davis, Dale Davis, Pam Darnell, Rob Darnell
  35. DNF – Team 1454: Sarah Houge, Shannon Swank
  36. DNF – The Bean Brigade: Laurel Nightingale
  37. DNF – Spank Me…It’s My Birthday: Kelli Penrose, Rachel Hiesterman, Brian Lee Brandi
  38. DNF – Midnight Madness Yellow Team: Regina Wehner, Gina Wehner, Matt Wehner
  39. NPC – Get off my Dickers: Sarah Hines, Cecilia Mische, Matt Dicker, Michaela Hackey, Cecilia
  40. NPC – Louise Gray: Jocelin Johnson, Alex Bennett, Mandy Lange
  41. NPC – Coupe Slayers: Crystal Lachermeier, Morgan Proshek
  42. NPC – Cat Ladies: Alison Willford, Erin Gurda, Meghan Scherf, Erica Alfton

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