CitySolve Urban Race NYC post adventure wrap up + Full Race Results 2013

Our NYC adventure was more fun than finding parking in the West Village! Teams raced all over Midtown and the East Village. Teams experienced a team WOD (Work Of the Day) at CrossFit East River, in-store scavenger hunt at Compleat Strategist, hit the streets to raise money for the Center for Family Representation and tons more!

Team Schwen won by a crazy margin. Led by Karen Lee and Danny Wen, they cruised in 1:08:15, they cruised passed team Nerdy Sanchez just over 30 minutes! Way to go guys!

Best Costume went to Smurfketeers. Their costume rocked, especially when they were going through the workout at CrossFit East River. Priceless! They took home the best portable speakers…yes…Jammy Packs!! For your own portable jams visit the JammyPack online store.


Best Tweet went to Katie Contini ‏@kleec7 You should follow her in her quest for true love.


We would like to thank Public House for hosting our 8th annual NYC race. With a good beer selection and TVs all around so you’ll never miss the game, specifically, Notre Dame! Come watch the game or participate in CitySolve Urban Race next year (we’ll be back fo’ sho’!).

Center for Family Representation provides families in crisis free legal representation and social work services to keep children out of the foster care system. Check out the website and like them on Facebook.

We can’t wait to see you next year in the Big Apple. Now here’s a rundown of the 2013 results:

1st (1:08:15) Schwen 4746: Karen Lee/Danny Wen
2nd (1:37:09) Nerdy Sanchez 3670: Vinnie Basciano/Serena Basciano
3rd (1:39:16) The End of an Aaron 4799: Patrick Schmitt/Aaron Marquez/Zach Maurin/Brian Ward
4th (1:50:24) All Kinds of Asian 4744: Allan Lam/Jennifer Christian/Charlie Shay/Annis Kwok
5th (1:57:16) Bringing Sexy Back 3681: Lauren Coller/Lindsay Cowan/Kate Pagliaro/Carrie Smelcer
6th (2:03:37) 5509 5509: Chris Whitmore/Chris Whitmore/Marilynn Youngblood/Dakshay Panchmatiya
7th (2:13:02) Team Frappateamo 4698: Jessica Hansen/Dave Hansen/Emmi Slivka
8th (2:17:24) The Rockhoppers 4699: Kevin Hilden/Karin Taylor/David Hilden/
9th (2:18:13) Fat Bottomed Girls 4541: Danielle Devletian/Nicole Devletian
10th (2:19:54) Patfest 3684: Jim Daly/Pat Finnegan/To Be Named Later/To Be Named Later
11th (2:29:33) El San Angeles 4700: Brandon James/Miguel Molina/Maisha Nelson
12th (2:32:14) Not Quite Twins 4796: Cynthia Russell/Lisa Anzelmo
13th (2:33:11) The Heisenbergs 4800: Jessica Shook/George Astro/Tara Marciano
14th (2:34:58) Win Or Lose, We Booze 4674: Sal Flagiello/IRINA ROMANYUK/ALEX MIRKIN/SAL FLAGIELLO
15th (2:35:15) Metropolis 3682: Katie Contini/Vicki Loo/Tina Wain/Chris Wain
16th (2:36:09) Paterno/Farrar 4789: Lauren Paterno/Adam Paterno/Katie Farrar/Brian Farrar
17th (2:36:50) Ninja Sauce 4589: Jacqueline Diana/Melissa NinJa/Michael Ninja/Zach Ninja
18th (2:38:32) A&A 3675: Alecia Chen/Amit Kooner
19th (2:48:23) Han Solo & the Flux Capacitor 4775: Owen McGuire/Owen McGuire
20th (2:49:05) Anthonily & Karastan 4732: Kara Kirchhoff/Tristan Porto/Emily Small/Anthony Lazaro
21st (2:52:24) Bert & Ernie 3673: Ben Chan/Sara Rivera
22nd (2:53:21) Not So Cian 4780: Sarah McNamara/Susan Rocher/Cian Maher/Bryan Scannell
23rd (2:54:13) 3 BEB 4914: Michelle Shuffett/Shoshana Ohlbaum/Crystal Eaves/Michaela Pereira
24th (2:58:10) WOLFPACK 4652: Jenna Ferrara/Anthony Scivoli/Brittany Gargiulo/John Carbonaro
25th (2:58:33) FAT MAN PROBLEMS 3671: Hoi Yeung Chan/Akilan Ananth/Davis Macias/Darren Washington
26th (3:03:06) Three Musketeers 4713: Grace Kelly/Denise Kelly/Connie Burke
27th (3:21:10) Challengers 4797: Viviana Santacruz/Luis Santacruz/Yexenia Vanegas/Carlos Santacruz
28th (3:25:51) The Destroyers 4597: Kathleen Durkin/Scott Birdseye
29th (3:29:20) Control Freaks 3500: Felix Badia/Lisa Crisostomo/Johnnatan Diaz/Naileth Abreu
30th (3:35:16) 5512 5512: Ashley Farrell/Corey Johnson
31st (3:38:39) Neon Lights 5508: Jacquie Thompson/David Thompson/Lauren Thompson/Julia Thompson
32nd (3:42:15) To Harry! 4697: Jessica Gross/Conor Branagan/Melanie Adler/Dan Bessel
33rd (3:47:31) PFLM 4691: Paul Fraulo Fraulo/Paul Fraulo
34th (3:48:18) The Punching Pandas 4784: Dan Miller/Chris Henry/Gleny Henry/Manny Barahona
35th (3:49:30) Beards for Peace 5517: /
36th (3:56:30) Superdeafies! 4795: Simon Roffe/Nicole Roffe
37th (4:03:15) The Haitian Sensations 4590: Christine Dufresne/Farah Jean-Simon
38th (4:17:20) Die Starbucks Trinker 4790: Ilana Peiroo/Ali Peiroo/Ashley Guy
39th (4:40:45) The Aces 4765: Dana Luong/Joyce Yuen/Landry May/Kelvin Zheng
40th (4:42:44) cookielida 3475: David Aloni/Julia Sivriver
41st (4:46:15) Smurfketeers 4792: Karina Reyes/Karina Reyes/Carlos Ramos
42nd (4:58:41) Team Bazinga 4508: Nicole Decapua/J. Cole Rinck
43rd (5:10:15) badass academy 4793: Peter Rivera/brixhina hodo
44th NPC – Hyenas 4921: Megan Thierbecker/Trisha Baldwin/Rebecca Frederick/Laure Hollis
45th NPC – Darwin 4798: Jeannine Scalcione/Barry Ross
46th DNF – Hojo 3679: Joe Coleman/Holly Coleman
47th DNF – FortyOneK 4690: Susan Flanagan/Kilie Donahue
48th DNF – Vinnie b 4694: Nancy Goh/Marianne Herbst
49th DNF – pia’s monkeys 4741: peter laboy/jazmin Luperena/William Luperena
50th DNF – Channel 4 News Team 4767: James McGrath/Matt Elkus
51st DNF – Hubby boo boo 4788: Lauren Paterno/Adam Paterno
52nd DNF – SEAT 4791: Sarah Post/Eric Post/Tanya Peterson/Adam Thompson
53rd DNF – Bert & Ernie & Sesame Street & The Gang 4794: Sabra Simon/Elijah Strawn/Sabra Simon
54th DNF – Interabang 4915: Dear Suvanaket/Carlo Bautista

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