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CitySolve Urban Race and Rochester Team Building returned to the Flower City for the 10th straight year! Yes, a decade of this unique Rochester Amazing Race. CitySolve Urban Race and Rochester Team Building cannot wait to see what the next 10 years have in store!

Sneaky Feet, comprised of Mark Schuber and Dudley Loew, edged out the veterans Michael Rhoda and Adrienne Dykeman (CitySolve believes that it was Michael and Andrienne’s fifth or sixth time – WTG!).

What better way to act like a kid again than conquering inflatables! What’s that, you ask! It’s F-U-N, fun, fun, fun! The Rochester amazing race enthusiasts slide their way through this exhilarating course. We’d like to thank our good friends at Dyno-Bounce!

The tastiest checkpoint went to Hedonist Artisan Ice Cream. When Rochester scavenger hunt lovers made it to this checkpoint they were rewarded with delicious chocolate truffles. The staff at CitySolve Urban Race and Rochester Team Building can taste the in-house made chocolate…mmmmmmm!

Not to be out done, GoFlingo set up camp at Publik House on Park Ave where Rochester amazing race enthusiasts played a game that could potentially alter the final standing! Rochester scavenger hunt fiends played a quick game of cornhole. Skilled and lucky teams could walk away with up to 5-minutes off their race time. The excitement builds.

One of the more trickier clues lead teams to Moe’s…not the Havana one, but the Southwest / Mexican one. Both Moe’s are directly across the street from each other… CitySolve Urban Race and Rochester Team Building is a tricky bunch. Once there teams got to play a silly Minute to Win It game. Teams had to pass M&Ms to their teammates without using their hands and only using straws. A special thanks to Big Brothers Big Sister of Rochester for helping facilitate this fun activity.

CitySolve Urban Race and Rochester Team Building could not have pulled off this fun Rochester amazing race without the help of Big Brothers Big Sister of Rochester. We look forward to working with them in 2016 and seeing more matches at CitySolve Urban Race and Rochester Team Building.

We’ll release the 2016 Rochester date around Thanksgiving, until then you’ll just have to sit tight or buy a plane ticket to Minneapolis, Denver, Seattle, San Antonio or Honolulu.

CitySolve Urban Race and Rochester Team Building
DNF – Did Not Finish
1. (1:22:10) Sneaky Feet: Mark Schuber, Dudley Loew
2. (1:30:58) OH Yeah!: Adrienne Dykeman, Michael Rhoda
3. (1:35:25) Team Fun Run: Nathan Stein, Rachel Given, Jeremiah Johnson
4. (1:45:37) the enFORcers: Josh Rafte, Ben Rafte
5. (1:57:00) T.I.&2TuTus: Eddie Rivera, Jen Corbett, Kristina Santory
6. (2:01:03) Mexican Moonshine: Bill McGuinness, Kate McGuinness
7. (2:02:58) Village Walk Too: Kyle Dawson, Erica Dawson
8. (2:10:50) Right Turn Racer: Perrin Yang, Katie Fish
9. (2:15:48) Village Walk: Mark Frisicano, Lisa Newman
10. (2:19:50) FaBeen: Matthew Boheen, Dana Boheen, Jake Fabry, Cheryl Fabry
11. (2:21:18) Purple Parrots: Justin Freimann, Jessica Freimann
12. (2:27:20) Team Surprise: Jessica English, Amy Yanosh, Leah Erato, Elena Gonzales
13. (2:31:50) Super Mamas: Kate Olson, Johanna Wofford, Kim Weeks
14. (2:35:07) Ahh An Asteroid!: max wenk, christie montstream, patrick crozier, kevin flood
15. (2:50:55) The Golden Trio: Katt Rosati, Sam Rodriguez, Allison Saillard
16. (2:51:41) Jennolds: Jenn Reynolds, Steve Reynolds
17. (2:53:40) The Candlesticks: Joli Trotto, Lindsay Rachow, Sara Duffy, Marisa Simmonds
18. (2:54:20) Functional Alcoholics: Bob Keller, Elena Montgomery
19. (2:57:20) Team Butt Wipe: Lizzie Partridge, David Warden
20. (3:02:40) Team Hilton: Tara DelVecchio, Frank DelVecchio, Ethan Spelman, Megan Spelman
21. (3:06:00) Team Yakko: Rayza Santiago, Lexi Lugo, John Bringewatt, Ashley Czechowski
22. (3:06:01) Team Dot: John Callan, Tim Menasco, Merrick Sadler, Lindsey Bober
23. (3:06:02) Team Wakko: Maura McGuire, Glenn Schieck, Diana Clarkson, Charlene Ochogo
24. (3:07:10) Lyons Family
25. (3:16:24) Palmer Girls: Patty Pugliese, Theresa Hamm, Meagan Hennessy, Crystal Hanna
26. (3:25:00) J.A.M.S.: Aaron Keller, Jessica Lewis, Michelle Ashton, Shirley Pipkins
27. (3:32:00) Tay Tay’s Girlfriends: Christie Nesbit, , Sarah Misco, Kristen Lanphear
28. (3:33:30) The Top Draught Picks: Sydney Sawyer, Glenn Dowdle
29. (3:34:00) Team Gamey Wookie: Jessie Duffy, Michelld Duke, Holly Havens,
30. (3:41:21) Subject to Change: Joe Hoff, Karen Hoff, Ryan Hoff, Matt Hoff
31. (3:41:27) Dapper Ducks: Lisa Szczepanik, Henry Stringer, Sammy Stringer
32. (4:08:01) Webster girls: Nancy Winans, Emily Winans
33. (4:41:00) His favorites: Pat Geier, Linda Opalisky
33. (4:41:40) Roc & Roll
34. (4:47:00) 427 Old Guys: Ralph Lynn, Mike Hunsberger, Brian Miller, Darren Jones
35. (4:55:00) White Knights
36. (4:55:00) Solid As a Raca: Paul Raca, Carolyn Raca, Frankie Raca,
37. (5:04:30) Kerns: James Kern, Kate Nikolaeva
38. (5:10:12) Interrupting Cat: Alyssa Schermerhorn, Mike Maether
39. (5:10:13) marykay’s flying dutchmen: Kristin Petz, Jessica Leeds, Elissa Townsend
40. (5:10:30) #McGooleRules: Mary McCarron, Melissa McCarron, Holly Weber, Megan Gebert
41. (5:14:15) 3s a charm: Becky Sponhouse, chelsea rivkind
42. (5:19:50) Hylan Pirates: Efren Holguin, Alison Gravley, Casey Gifford
43. (5:22:05) Atomic Bugaloos: Steve Morin, Isaac Morin, Kyle Morin
44. (5:24:00) The Adventurers: Deborah White, Kindle Perry, Mary Lou Wilson
45. (5:30:00) Square Taste Funny: Eric Lee, The Other Eric Lee
46. (DNF) dead heads: radames tillet, yahaira vicente, felix cintron
47. (DNF) wilcox whirlwinds: karen wilcox, john sargent, nick sargent, judy sargent
48. (4:58:29) zombie heads: rachel lewis, bert torres, eryn hazard
49. (DNF) #prettygirl: Sarah Haines, Joe Collins
50. (DNF) Ryan and Pei: Pei Guo, Ryan Weigand

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