CitySolve Urban Race San Antonio Results

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Don’t forget about CitySolve Team Building. We can create a custom scavenger hunt for your team anywhere, anytime. CitySolve Team Building also offers: Team Trivia and Making a Music Video!

CitySolve brought its brand of the amazing race to the Alamo City for the final time. It’s been a blast creating and hosting CitySolve Urban Race and San Antonio Team over the past 8 years. If you would like to participate in a CitySolve in the future you still can with CitySolve Fundraising and CitySolve Team Building.

CitySolve Fundraising is a full-service event platform, in which charities can raise donations and awareness for a cause.

CitySolve Team Building offers its fun brand of scavenger hunt, team trivia or making a music video.

Final CitySolve Urban Race and San Antonio Team Building results:
1.(1:09:15) No Fue Penal: Diego Alducin, Lorena Alducin
2. (1:13:30) Sneaky Cactus: Dustin Titzman, Michelle Lindsay, Joel Luper
3. (1:18:00) Now 45!: Richard Jarzombek, Jeff
4. (1:30:15) What happens here stays here!: Desiree Castro, Brenda Megan, Caleb Rivera
5. (1:34:20) Garry Damn: Stacy Fowler, Matthew William
6. (1:43:30) Rosie: Kathy Hitt, Jody Lori, Carrie Crane
7. (1:47:20) The Saltines: Jenny Landry, Jesse Landry
8. (1:48:08) Raiders: Mary Gabaldon, Wesley
9. (1:48:30) The Sweeties: Estefania Arguelles, Mario Miguel, Ryan Hall
10. (1:51:15) Avery: Amy Avery Chadwick
11. (1:58:10) Died on the Bench!: Robin Atwell, Robert Anne, Damon Farr
12. (2:01:15) Cole Patrol: Tonya Cole
13. (2:09:10) The funky bunch: Meghann Latimer, Mark Latimer
14. (2:24:20) Super DERT: Ellen Brown Deb  Rita  Tammy/Pohle /
15. (2:25:00) Choice Staffing: Chanel Bradley, Mike Rhett
16. (2:31:02) TBD: Aydee McInnis
17. (2:31:05) Jurassic Shenanigans: chad Thurman, zack  settya
18. (2:38:05) Beauty and the Beast: Jes Taylor
19. (2:41:30) Who wants the D?: Alexander Velasco, Kristine Doze
20. (2:45:30) Kynetics: Mat Kyne
21. (3:55:15) No Teacher Left Behind: Connie Ann Rousse, Stephanie Rigsby
22. DNF – pink ladies: jill speier
23. NPC – Hustle & Bustle: Boby Barrera
24. NPC – The Dueling Duo: John and Matt
25. NPC – HRH Ladies: Debbie Real, Lauren Connor, Cindy Howes


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