CitySolve Urban Race Seattle 2015 Results

CitySolve Urban Race and Seattle Team Building Best Costume Winner 2015

Before CitySolve recaps the CitySolve Urban Race and Seattle Team Building we want to mention a great travel deal. For those of you who have never used Airbnb now is your chance to get up to $100 in credits. Just click here and you’ll be on your way your next great vacation!

For the first time since its inception in 2009 CitySolve Urban Race and Seattle Team Building was not in the shadows of the CenturyLink Field. Moving from Pioneer Square to South Lake Union and making Whole Foods Market our new home. We can’t wait to return to the healthy grocer next year.

The day started gray and overcast, but it seemed that Champagne Sunday chased the clouds away by playing virtually all day in conjunction with CitySolve Urban Race and Seattle Team Building at Whole Foods Market! We hope Jessi and Jared are there to play their fun pop originals and covers! Thanks gang!

A special shout out to the hip hop divas (pictured above) for their fly dress and smooth dance moves! They took home two incredible Jammy Packs. Now they can rock out with their pack out! WORD! Buy one today!

Our funny and energetic friends from Jet City Improv introduced CitySolve Urban Race and Seattle Team Building camped out (branded tent and all) at Denny Park. Teams battled each other or a seasoned improv player in the hilarious game of What Am I Doing?! The Seattle Amazing Race enthusiasts had an unbelievable time laughing and improving! Thanks again Jet City Improv!!!

Not to be outdone, Menchies in Capitol Hill joined in the Seattle scavenger hunt fun when it hosted a classic Minute to Win It game! PHEW! What a blast! Thank Alfredo for being a part of our Seattle amazing race!

We would also like thank our sponsor Alarm Monitoring in Phoenix.

We can’t wait to return to Seattle in 2016. We are excited to return to Whole Foods Market in South Lake Union too! See you next year!

CitySolve Urban Race and Seattle Team Building
DNF – Did not finish
NPC – No photo check

1. (1:27:15) Arctic Polar Bears: Lawrence Van Hollebeke, Luke Van Hollebeke
2. (1:34:20) The Running Dead: Ryan Lambert, Christen Lambert, Adam Mattison
3. (1:35:16) Team 1515: Shannon Cheng, Ethan O’Connor, Leah Jorgensen, Andrew O’Connor
4. (1:51:22) Chatlin: Chad Voegele, Caitlin Iles
5. (2:12:20) Hey Schmoopie!: Casandra Martin, Vince Romero
6. (2:31:46) Betty Please: Alicia Chunn, Alicia Chunn
7. (2:34:15) PennsylvaniaPeeps: Jonathan Wegener, Taylor Lehman, Jonathan Wegener, Lehman
8. (2:36:00) No team name: Richard Phillips
9. (2:36:01) No Ally: Roberta Post, Roberta Post, Cameron Post, Jack Post
10. (2:37:10) Team 1527: Robin Dennis, Alec Hoffman
11. (2:40:16) Misha’s Minions: Lish Moreau, Rachel Moreau, Aimee Collins, Aaron Collins
12. (2:41:30) Slap the Bull: Kate Dougherty, Diane Piekara
13. (2:47:36) SwissMiss: sang lee, Sang Lee
14. (2:54:40) Team Tarfoot: Bethany Belisle, Bethany Belisle
15. (2:57:45) Team 1562: Joseph Sherman, Jessie Muhm
16. (2:59:48) The Flying Punters: Chuck Meis, Rod Rulffes, Rachel Meis, Ben Darr
17. (3:00:00) Team Ballz: Brent Diaz, Jimp VanDerVeer
18. (3:03:30) Door Knobs: Jeff Jordan, Kelly Jordan, Sierra Jordan, Erin Petrov
19. (3:10:00) The Lipstick Rockets: Kallie Lackie, Andrea Rienzo, Saysan , Kayla
20. (3:10:15) Jogging 12’s: Honey Sychtysz, Larissa Sychtysz, Jenny Antrobus,
21. (3:10:40) Team 1552: Thuy Newgard, Laura Tuck
22. (3:11:57) The Transplant List: Kristine Bell, Kathryn ORourke
23. (3:14:40) Whole Foods Market TMAG: Brandon Bills, , Amanda Ennis
24. (3:15:17) Team 1581: Faven Tecle, Diana Ssaaka
25. (3:19:11) Flying Squirrels: Ian Smith, Adam Botsford, Olya Sorokina, Jake Rabinowitz
26. (3:23:40) Ersatz Quidnuncs: Cathy Roiter, Jeanne Roiter
27. (3:24:18) The Pineapple Dwellers: Melissa Larson, Travis Larson, Devon Vollmer, Nicolas Jones
28. (3:33:00) I thought this was a pub crawl: Jennifer Philbrook, Jonathan Philbrook, Elizabeth Fontanilla, Tiffany Garcia
29. (3:37:50) Transit Geeks: Amy Robinson, Alex Broner, Matthew Maddox,
30. (3:39:50) Felix: Judi Brown, Rob Brown, Klayton Brown, Sydney Boyar
31. (3:52:20) TriGen: Brian Conte, Zeb Burke-Conte, Soraya Cardenas, Vic Conte
32. (3:53:10) Roscoes and Hotfoot: Tawan Pratt-Wieburg, Brett Wieburg
33. (3:55:15) Summer of Che!: Che Schirmer, Christina Catagna, Jennifer Harbess, Elliott Jone
34. (4:04:00) Westies: Laura Sisson, Ekello Harrid, Julie Cohen, Jeff Cohen
35. (4:12:20) Team AMLAML: Thomas Whaley, Heather Whaley
36. (4:20:50) Run Your Hasselhoff: Joe Martinez, Michelle Bolin
37. (4:57:41) Florida Fiancees: Joshua Clarke, Natalia Germek
38.(5:04:10) Big Brain Theory: Jose Castro, Denise Riederer, Niki Maple, Chelsea Thornton
39. (5:27:07) The Crew: marie frey, patrick dobson, shannon dobson, alex gere
40. (6:05:20) Double Trouble: McKenna Dean-Hill, Alexis Newman
41. (6:59:20) Team freak: Tammy Lewis, Richard Lewis, Mary Gehring, Rhonda Aubul
42. (7:37:03) Angry Beavers: Melissa FanJiang, April Luebbert
43. (DNF) Midnite and Winston: Zoe Shinno, Joy Uyetake
44. (DNF) Transplants: Patty Taylor, Mark Taylor
45. (DNF) Spaghetti Monster: Karl Spang, Brenda Stoelb, Jordan Stoelb
46. (DNF) T-Town Trouble: Brenda Barnum, Leah Smiley
47. (DNF) GABE – Whole Foods Market: Brandon Bills
48. (DNF) Bringing the Fun!: Kimberly Cizek Allen, Rachel Cizek, Jesse Allen, Josiah Wilson
49. (DNF) Lost and Found in Seattle: Donna Ferris, Isaiah Hall
51. (DNF) Sitting Pretty: Eleanor Kam, Vincent Lai, Yunyun Chan, Kyle McMurtry
52. (DNF) Odd: Richard Lewis, Sarah Webster-Olson, Paige Gray, John Gallo
53. (DNF) MAD gals: Michele Madrigal, Brijonnay Madrigal, Chardalise Madrigal
54. (DNF) Garden Genies: Carolyn Mallahan, Masha Mallahan
55. (DNF) T-Town Trouble: M Nutting, James Wright
56. (DNF) Death Before Decaf: Julianne Snell, Allie Gillebo, Brianna Snell
57. (DNF) Umayam: Jessica Umayam, Richard Umayam
58. (DNF) Runaway Moms: Amber Wyman, Stephanie Krahenbuhl, Donna Black, Tammy Dziak
59. (NPC) City Slickers: Michele Crist, Michele Crist
60. (NPC) Kirkland Krushers: Michele Crist, Jordan Crist, Jeff Crist, Tamara Gane
61. (NPC) Penne Pasta: Wayne McIlvaine, Kristin Standiford
62. (NPC) Terminatrix: Tara Lynn Savage, Chris Riebe

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