CitySolve Urban Race Seattle Results


CitySolve-Urban-Race-and-Seattle-Team-BuildingBefore we recap CitySolve Urban Race and Seattle Team Building and Urban Race we would like to provide you some travel discounts that team CitySolve uses each time that set up an amazing race experience.

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Don’t forget about CitySolve Team Building. We can create a custom scavenger hunt for your team any where, any time. CitySolve Team Building also offers: Team Trivia and Making a Music Video!

CitySolve’s Seattle scavenger hunt was as much fun for us as it was for our Seattle amazing race enthusiasts! We can’t wait to come back to the Emerald City very soon.

The fun and friendly Micro team is big on fun and it wasn’t a letdown with its fun Peddleflow bike. With knowledge of how to ride a bike (this one doesn’t have a seat) and international capital cities then Seattle scavenger hunt lovers were sure to rock it! CitySolve loves their Peddleflow! Everyone should own a Peddleflow from Micro!

Thanks again to Micro the traveling team for allowing CitySolvers to spin a prize wheel! Everyone loved it! Also, thanks to for giving away 20 Peddleflow on race day! You never know what you can win at CitySolve Urban Race and Seattle Team Building.

We want to thank the great staff and volunteers at Solid Ground. CitySolve Urban Race and Seattle Team Building could not have done this event without amazing Seattle charity! Please support Solid Ground with your time and money. It is a great charity and your support had a direct impact on your Seattle community.

You’ve always wanted to Knockerball (the inflatable ball you climb inside and bounce around) but never had the chance until CitySolve Urban Race and Seattle Team Building let you play it! What a spectacle it was as teams had to don the Knockerball costume and take on a soccer relay obstacle course and then try to score a goooooooaaaaaaaalllllllll! Thanks for Seattle Knockerball.

With CitySolve Urban Race and Seattle Team Building you always get act like a kid, but this time CitySolve took it a step further at the Vitacoco interactive checkpoint. The Seattle amazing race lovers had to play Barrel of Monkeys…BLINDFOLDED!!! The teammate that wasn’t blindfolded had to give directions to the blindfolded teammate!!! Wooohooo!

Here’s the CitySolve Urban Race and Seattle Team Building results:

1. (1:08:39) The Running Dead: Ryan Lambert, Ryan Lambert, Adam Mattison, Nathan Quick
2. (1:27:44) Avenging Narwhals: John Zobel, John Zobel, Eric Zobel,
3. (1:52:32) TBD: Ryan Dutli, Ryan Dutli, Trent Neugebauer,
4. (1:58:14) Sneaker Sleuths: Alicia Chunn, Alicia Chunn, Jen Gagne,
5. (2:11:07) Bertie Fans: Greg Tan, Greg Tan, Harinder Tan, Paul Sim Katie Lee
6. (2:13:30) Arctic Polar Bears: Lawrence Van Hollebeke, Leo Van Hollebeke, Luke Van Hollebeke,
7. (2:21:23) You go we go: Erin Pedras, , ,
8. (2:26:36) eggplantking420: Lily Zhang, Lily Zhang, Austen Yueh, Kevin Wang Jerry Wang
9. (2:36:31) Muskrat Love: Matthew Falcon, Matthew Falcon, , Lee Hibbets
10. (2:40:19) 1276: Jeanne Roiter, , ,
11. (3:00:55) 1274: Katherine Nguyen, , ,
12. (3:03:13) team three: Thu-Oanh Ngo, Thu-Oanh Ngo, Andrew Keeler, Jeremy Davis
13. (3:06:54) Second Timers: Lin Chen, Lin Chen, Geoff Butler,
14. (3:13:20) Whidbey Girls!: Heidi Kaempfer, Holley Steller, Amber Wyman, Leah Stegmaier Heidi Kaempfer
15. (4:02:27) Whose the Boss?: Jeremy Rusinek, Brittany Rusinek, Jeremy Rusinek, Jenna Jangalee
16. (4:52:48) Monkey’s Uncle: Rob Zavatsky, Alina Zavatsky, ,
17. (4:57:15) Team Sparkle: Natalia von Somoff, Natalia von Somoff, Kerstin Brooks,
18. (5:37:36) Team 2-Left Feet: Schandra Wiltse, Schandra Wiltse, Anna Cabrera,
19. (6:45:30) WeAreCR: Sharon Ryals, Sharon Ryals, Linda Irvin,
20. (7:46:08) Gals that are pals: Suzie Curti, Suzie Curti, Kelly Apling, Christy Hines
21. (7:46:09) Pals that are Gals: Suzie Curti, Patty Buller, Sue Fellows, Diane Curti
22. NPC – Idkhaha: Meia Alsup, Meia Alsup, Fiona Tanuwidjaja, Hunter Gatewood Katie Fisher
23. NPC – Team 1650: Melanie Zerbe, , ,
24. DNF – Danny’s 33: Alexandra Baiz, Danny Beard, Alexandra Baiz,
25. DNF – Sara & Dane: Sara Bennett, Sara Bennett, Dane Erosa,
26. DNF – Thee Clarkes: MacKenzie Clarke, Joseph Clarke, ,
27. DNF – Jilly Bean & Radiator: Reese Hutchison, Reese Hutchison, Bill Hutchison,
29. DNF – Clueless in Seattle: Emily Mills, Emily Mills, Heather Wilson, Nicole Wilson
30. DNF – Heroes: Deborah Schaal, Debbie Schaal, Sarah Baltzell,
31. DNF – Garth Snyder: Garth Snyder, Garth Snyder, , Garth Snyder TBD
32. DNF – The Amazing Racers: Emma Van Peursem, Emma Van Peursem, Corey Burgess,
33. DNF – Chatlin: Caitlin Voegele, Caitlin Voegele, Chad Voegele,

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