Denver Adventure Wrap up + Race Results

CitySolve Urban Race Denver 2013 was more exciting than a Rocky Mountain high! Cards Against Humanity is an amazing game, it’s also the name of the team who crushed the Denver competition! Oh the humanity!!!, They finished with a final time of 1:09:36! CAH actually just squeaked out a victory by a mere 4 minutes over Liquid Courage.

Best Costume went to “Killer Bees!” It’s now two consecutive weeks that the best costume winner has be extremely punny! WTG! Thanks for bringin’ the fun! They took home the best portable speakers…yes…Jammy Packs!! For your own portable jams visit the JammyPack online store.


Best Tweet, er, Tweets! Yup we dad two of them, so we gave out more prizes! In no particular order. Click on the tweet to follow both of them to read all of their funny stories!

tweet diamondtweet purse

We would like to thank Stoney’s for hosting our 5th annual Denver race. With a good beer selection and an amazing slider selection (CitySolve recommends getting the Classic) Stoney’s can’t be beat! Come watch the game or participate in CitySolve Urban Race next year (we’ll be back fo’ sho’!).

YNPN Denver is an amazing resource for the good hearted folks in the non-profit sector. Their mission is to connect and develop young nonprofit leaders to leverage our collective strengths. Check out their website at

A special thank to Abba from Season 21 of The Amazing Race. He helped run a super fun tangrams activity at Tavern Uptown. He’s such a cool dude and a super nice guy.

Jason & Abba
Racers got silly at the ReCylery where they played a crazy fun M&M challenge. ReCycle is the best place to go if you need a coffee or your bike fixed… or BOTH! Be sure to like them on Facebook.

We couldn’t forget about the O’Dell flip cup challenge (non-alcohol, so it’s kid and family friendly) at the Paramount on 16th Street Mall. Thank you to Ryan from O’dell for this wonderful experience.

We can’t wait to see you next year in the Mile High City. Now here’s a rundown of the 2013 results:

NPC = no photo check
DNF = did not finish

1st (1:09:36) Cards Against Humanity 1982: Elizabeth Caskey/Bill Gray/Cat Bosmeny/Buddy George
2nd (1:13:45) liquid courage 5719: Angel Tasayco/Scott Neu
3rd (1:37:37) Team Flaming Moth 3340: Dawn Frost/Edward Roske
4th (1:41:26) Da hell with shark week, I like turles 5833: Moriah Morgan/Edward Uiuirski/Kelly Zeikus/Marcus Johnson
5th (1:46:43) The G’s 5692: Bridget Onan/Amber Decker/Carlos Escamilla
6th (1:50:56) SISTER SOLVERS 5708: Amy Schulte/Mandi Engebretson
7th (1:53:32) August Rushers 5685: Erin McRae/Adam Losing/Heidi Klein/Sean Klein
8th (1:56:32) What Rhymes with Hug Me 5629: Kathleen Kramberg/David Kramberg/Morgan Wiener/Cory Chambers
9th (1:58:05) Flex Pistols 5826: Deseree Wood/Shawna Grorer
10th (2:02:33) Balls Out 5687: Jess Meyer/Eric Kidd/Melissa Albracht/Rick Kubacki
11th (2:06:55) Wisconsin Trollhunters 5700: Whitney Prochno/Jamie Prochno/Chris Novak/Lauren Clark
12th (2:08:19) Neon Ninjas 1666: Paige Bell/Roshni Cleaver/Rebecca Mulvihill/Leah Lenz
13th (2:10:09) Run like the winded 5830: Jenna Albrecht/Erin Roth/Dave Roth
14th (2:11:26) Ramrod 4298: Laura Graham/Matt Hoyt/Brittany Rowan/Rob Simpson
15th (2:11:39) Singels system 5828: Troy Voshell/Christne Manzo/Kari Sutton/Theron Sutton
16th (2:11:48) We Outchea 5694: Ida Pennymon/Ben Pennymon
17th (2:12:15) The Jivin’ Gems 5625: Nikki Kleiman-Moran/Emma Spilsted/Abbie Wright
18th (2:13:28) Team O’huck 5829: Daniel O’Sullivan/Katie Huckfeldt
19th (2:13:39) Black Widows 5831: Carolyn Craig/Melissa Buffington
20th (2:15:20) Drunk and Looking to Score 5824: Eric Watson/Michelle Richter
21st (2:15:57) Jumping Amazing Super Optimistic Noodle Squad 5652: Angela Latorre/Krista Korbel/Ray Martinez/Ben Parrott
22nd (2:18:47) Team 1609 1609: Kristy Alfano
23rd (2:18:47) Football 3437: Kathleen Garcia
24th (2:19:580 Playas 5701: Terry Read/Krystie Rose Millich
25th (2:27:10) The Others 5696: Mary Potter/Erma Howerzyl/Marc Howerzyl
26th (2:29:52) Team Chocolate 5695: Kirsten Pihlaja/Damon Drew
27th (2:30:33) Half-Assed Monkeys 5702: Amy Reitmair/John Landry/Sarah Landry/Brian Reitmair
28th (2:31:46) Imported From Detroit 5660: Jenny Laura/Brandi Coolsaet
29th (2:32:45) Zale 5827: Michelle Zale/Andre Hughes
30th (2:34:43) We Might Be Lost… 5688: Michael Miller/Emily Cosmas/Carina Crosby/Casey Nation
31st (2:40:02) Jovan 5703: Ivan Rodriguez-Mesa/Joanne Wimprine
32nd (2:40:03) Team Wing 5720: Melissa Urquhart/Billy Wing
33rd (2:40:57) Horizontal Running Team 5712: Danyel Stewart/Pat Ziegler/Jaclyn Rosania/Alex Kjellsen
34th (2:43:00) Silly Squirrels 3316: Gabriel Dicristofaro/Nicole Pinsky
35th (2:47:48) ACAL 5705: Amaris Roybal/Cristal Morales/Alex Frazier/Luciano Morales
36th (2:49:58) Sick and Twisted 1986: Craig Cichosz/Sue Cichosz
37th (2:52:00) Piper’s People 5681: Amber Lister/Katie Davis
38th (2:52:48) 2-Four 4300: Brea Griffith/Korey Griffith
39th (2:56:19) The “Lookers”…wink, wink!!! 5698: Anne Powers/Kelly Lynam/Meaghan/Diana
40th (2:57:30) The Cabbages 5835: Wendy Rouse/Allison Romero
41st (3:01:15) THE 3 B’S 3319: Sharon Finnegan/Cathy Mann/Stephanie Hutchison
42nd (3:02:59) Family of Farts #1 5682: Melissa Masek/Mark Masek
43rd (3:04:40) PBR Princesses 5614: Shawna Jensen/Jaki Lawrence/Tracey Hunter/Kinzie Darby
44th (3:04:43) Family of Farts #2 5683: Melissa Masek/Keith Neemann/Candace Masek
45th (3:07:40) Fling Before the Ring! 1818: Christine Cain/Jennifer Manis/Morgan Megown/Hannah Hauck
46th (3:07:41) Fling Before the Ring 1828: Christine Cain/Lareen Rudnick/Alaina O’Donnell/Raquel Medrano
47th (3:07:50) Miss Fits 1660: Jennifer Anderson/Heather Crawford
48th (3:14:58) Keep Calm and Denver On 2467: Jennifer Cormier/Justin Cormier/Andrew Tonge
49th (3:15:00) LOST&FOUND 3396: Louise Garcia/Dave Garcia/Teri Jurney/Mike Jurney
50th (3:17:38) Chiquita’s Bonita’s Dos 5584: Anne Herd/Alyssa Richardson/Rachel Potter/Sherry Gibson
51st (3:29:40) Killer Bs 5676: Pam Lavergne/Kerry Heber/Danny Lavergne
52nd (3:30:59) Team 5704: Suzie Rose
53rd (4:01:30) Team 4inOne 5621: Wade Jones/Kellan Jones/Billy Allen/Dave Hartman
54th (4:05:28) Ridiculousness 5834: Marisela Gonzalez/Orlando Campbell/Alex Campbell/Veronica Contraras
55th (4:45:15) SE Aurora/Centennial Team 3 5709: Susan Sewald/Theresa Ryan/Patrick Ryan/Mark Sewald
56th (4:56:40) Girls Just Want to Have Fun 5714: Sarah Sullivan/Stacy Ross/Katie Carrera
57th (5:16:05) Blind Squirrels 5607: Omar Jarrah/Chrissy Scivicque
58th (5:37:00) The A-Team 5715: Sarah Sullivan/Matt Marsh/Matt Carrera
59th NPC Keeping it Clean 5717: Rachel Summers /Ronna Gerst/Judy Davis /Reanna West
60th NPC Team TeamWork 3310: Chris Deguire/Jake Bouchard/Ben Deguire
61st NPC We beat TeamTeamWork 3312: Michelle Deguire/Sarah Sparhawk
62nd NPC Quack Attack 5680: Chris Le/Shelby Rundell
63rd NPC The Burtis’ 5710: Sandra Sobocinski/Matthew Burtis
64th NPC SE/Aurora Couples Meetup 2 1807: Amanda Bundas/Chris Bundas/Michelle Hopkins/Andy Hopkins
65th NPC Mere’s Chiquitas Bonitas 3462: Jess Gillespie/Piper Tatum/Meredith Zeman/Leah Franklin
66th NPC SE AuroraCentennial Meetup 1 5582: Melissa Hayes/Gary Hayes/Susanne Chastain/James Chastain
67th NPC Foursome 5707: Misti Rust/Nicole Hays/Michelle Perry-Hays/Jodie Lorz
68th NPC 5713: Laura Stubbs
69th NPC Rockin 80s 5716: Sarah Sullivan/Michael Sullivan/Krista Marsh
70th NPC Pink lips 5836:
71st DNF IT’S ACCRUAL WORLD 2456: Sarah Coleman/Emily Spetosky/Erin Pier/Patty Huckenpalher
72nd DNF 3172: Laurie Craig
73rd DNF 3318: Ellenn Ellenn
74th DNF BAD NEWS?!?! 3416: Louise Garcia/Jordyn Jurney
75th DNF What Rhymes With Hug Me 5602: Cally Hester/Shannon Tesky
76th DNF i is our friend 5603: Dory Hoppa/Noel Green/Josh Runge
77th DNF Rock Chalk Girls 5606: Jennifer Iriye/Katie Self
78th DNF 5671: Jenny Laura
79th DNF Ball and Chain – it’s not too late to run now 5686: Kelsey Melander/Leyden Semsem/Ellice Whittington
80th DNF EVENT PLANNERS 5690: Jennifer Neagle/Jennifer Neagle/Pearse Umlauf/Andrew Brewer
81st DNF …MA!!! 5691: Tricia Nelson/Ben Nelson/Jeff Cole/Zach Cole
82nd DNF 5697: mary potter
83rd DNF Prinzsters 5699: Wendy Prinz/Marc Prinz
84th DNF threesome 5706: maria rust/joe rust/Erik Williams
85th DNF 5718: Jennifer Swim

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