Denver CitySolve Urban Race Results

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CitySolve Urban Race and Denver Team Building was more exciting than a John El…, er, Peyton Manning game winning drive (maybe preseason). Regardless, the nearly 200 Denver amazing race enthusiasts had a ball solving great puzzles and taking on exciting challenges.

We could not have pulled off this event without the help of the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls. Thanks ladies! The Rocky Mountain Rollergirls run an incredible community program where they empower women and instill confidence through flat track rollerskating.

The people of Orange Theory got a chance to whip CitySolve Urban Race and Team Building enthusiasts into shape! At this fitness challenge, teams ran, rowed and squatted their way through this all out sprint of a checkpoint. Move it! Move it! Awesome!

One checkpoint that our Denver scavenger hunt fans could not stop talking about was Voodoo Comedy Playhouse. Improv comedy lovers rejoice! Our Denver amazing race fanatics played a classic collaborative improv game! Thanks for making CitySolve Urban Race and Denver team building more fun!

Next up was Laundry on Lawrence. In order to find this Denver co-working space Denver scavenger hunt aficionados first had to solve a limerick. Remember, a limerick first, second and fifth lines rhyme! Once CitySolve Urban Race and Denver Team Building lovers found their way to the ultra cool workspace teams played the frat boy classic beer pong sans the beer (CitySolve Urban Race and Denver Team Building is kid friendly).

CitySolve Urban Race and Team Building Denver cannot wait to return to Stoney’s Bar & Grill. You can count on our 2016 Denver scavenger hunt to be better than this year! Woohoo! See you next year!

Check out CitySolve Urban Race and Denver Team Building’s results below:

1. (1:34:25) The Nads: Andy Almonte, Josh Messer
3. (1:46:25) City Solved: Liz Gray, Bill Gray, Danny Caskey,
4. (1:55:40) The Tearin’ It Up Tylers: Danielle Tyler, Dani Tyler
5. (2:06:25) : Laura Mitchell, Laura Mitchell
6. (2:07:29) Jalape’±o Djibouti: Lexy McDowell, Alecio Lopez O’Day, Taylor Tancik,
7. (2:27:59) Fairytale Foursome: Melinda Weatherholt, Amando Carbajal, Mary Littler, Bronson Rose
8. (2:29:10) Akumal: Terry Read, Krystie Rose Millich
9. (2:29:40) Mornings are for Mimosas: Wendy Thompson, Lindsey Veit, Emily Thompson, Alyson Fix
10. (2:30:35) The Flux Capacitors: Evan Marquez, Linda Marquez, Megan Marquez
11. (2:33:05) K’Œtt’_ P’Ž’±óöh: Kimberly Weidl, Ryan Morita, Renee Toner, Kevin Toner
12. (2:34:47) Mooches: Selina Muccio, Selina Muccio
13. (2:36:50) Weissbeck
14. (2:38:00) Mile High Attitude: Lani Simon, Rich Jarman
15. (2:38:50) The Sea Bears: Caitlyn Scheer, Codie Erickson, Nick Gould, Jake Mendes
16. (2:40:00) Blues Clues: Drew Guthrie, Amanda Guthrie, Joe Poppleton, Christina Poppleton
17. (2:48:29) : Mary Cross, James Cross
19. (2:50:47) Marauding Vikings: Jo Levitt, Josh Levitt
20. (2:51:10) Fantastic 4: Shawn Paap, Colleen Paap, Jenny Sec, David Vong
21. (2:51:51) Gym Class Heroes: Tasha Wheatley, Chris Askin
22. (2:53:30) Team Poormon Road: sarah Kieny, Sarah Kieny, Emily Kieny, Grace Patrick
23. (2:53:48) Bondebbeth Babes: Debbie Shearer, Beth Hreen, Bonnie Carpenter
24. (2:58:06) Prinzsters: Wendy Prinz, Marc Prinz
25. (3:06:30) Basically Nick Cage: Drew Richardson, Charles Swanson, Sterling Beard, Tricia Carlisle
25. (3:11:45) #DropYourPackAndRun: Stacey Shobe, Kristin Walter
26. (3:12:54) Cow Campers: Brian Harris, Elizabeth Harris, Angie Manzanarez, Kristi Manzanarez
27. (3:13:20) : Michael Hoffman, Sara Huntzicker, Kelly Dash, Jerome Shallow
28. (3:16:50) This is what awesome looks like: Jessica Green, Steph Jester
29. (3:21:13) Mickey Mouse Club: Drew Richardson, Sophat Sem, Jackson Ferris, Connie Bergquist
30. (3:22:15) Beer Is Good: Deb O’Neal, Sandy Hannum
31. (3:22:23) Team Beer is Good 2: Debbie Nelson, Debbie Nelson, Chris Nelson, Pete Beaupre
32. (3:30:17) Where the Wild Things Are: Jacklyn Chambers, Jacklyn Chambers, Alisa Vessels, Paige Marrs
33. (3:30:30) Team Ben: Katie Bovee, Katie Bovee
34. (3:31:16) Are we there yet?: Cathy Mann, Sharon Finnegan, Stephanie Hutchison
35. (3:32:04) Team Everywhere: Drew Richardson, Millie Knox, Rula Andriessen, Drew Richardson
36. (3:32:04) Card Queens: Drew Richardson, Brinju Thapa, Melissa Ogden, Gretchen Smith Laura Smith
37. (3:38:48) Victorious Secret: Drew Richardson, Giela Thornton, James Hiott, Ritesh Hemnani
38. (3:54:10) usual suspects: Drew Richardson, Tejala Theppeswamy, Gopalakrishna Holla
39. (3:58:13) The Walking Ahead: Drew Richardson, Summer Harris, Nick G, Nicolette Getzinger
40. (3:59:10) We’re so good we can find Waldo: Matt Rosner, Theresa Delventhal, Badi Mibiuba, Candice Loehrke
41. (4:07:43) Sho’ nuff
42. (4:27:30) GG: Drew Richardson, Shrava Byra, Kenny Sulaimon, Emily Warman
43. (4:35:18) Happy Howlers: Carin Ramsel, Mary Shorten, Sarah Danielson, Mike Danielson
44. (4:44:17) Team JAVA: Drew Richardson, Vivek Mittal, Akshay Parab, Alan Xu
45. (4:46:15) The Detektiv’s: Melissa Clark, Ceci Lopeman
46. (4:55:50) BASE: Drew Richardson, Ashley Carlson, Erin Peach, Bryan Reilly
47. (6:06:18) Nic and Mic: Micky Simpson, Nichole Simpson
48. (6:10:38) Miami Mergers: , Nicole Gilmore
49. (DNF) 32: Alanna Parker, Zico Mergoni
50. (DNF) 2015 Summer Fun: Shannon Fatjo, Alisha Allen, Alexis Rauso
51. (DNF) Team Morcero: Peter Moore, Pete Moore, Ryan Seeman, Kelly Seeman
52. (DNF) The Outshiners: Drew Richardson, Shana Douglass, Divya Sharma, Elizabeth Burke
53. (DNF) claz: Drew Richardson, Amir Aghababa, Lauren Mitchell, Curtis Leister
54. (DNF) CSU-1337: Drew Richardson, Venkata Reddy Sathi, Kunal Andhale,
55. (DNF) : Jenny Shaffer
56. (NPC) The Pink Flamingos: Felicia Vanslager, Ron Gnam, Susan Gnam, Adrien Ruckle
57. (NPC) Fairytale Foursome: Melinda Weatherholt, Bronson Rose
58. (NPC) The Weissbeck’s: Catrina Weissbeck, Adam Weissbeck
59.(NPC) Beer Is Good: Blake Zallwice, Sandra Lins, Scott Grossman

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