It’s Your Lucky Day!

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Although Tirna Nog means “Land of the Young,” everyone is welcomed at this Irish pub for CitySolve Urban Race Philadelphia. Here, even though you cannot live in everlasting youth, you can definitely make everlasting memories.

Located at the heart of the Philadelphia, Tirna Nog not only serves a wide assortment of drinks but also a full menu of cuisine reminiscent of Ireland and made from fresh produce of local farmer markets. But that’s only the start of the rainbow and with great food comes great entertainment. To induce a fun-filled atmosphere, Tirna Nog offers traditional Irish music and jam sessions each week, Irish dance sessions from local Irish dance schools every month, as well as daily live games including rugby, football and hurling, and soccer. There live music stage has been graced by the presence of several national and international legends including Seven Nations and Old Blind Dogs.

So what are you waiting for? Register for CitySolve Urban Race Philadelphia and check out Tirna Org’s website for special promotions and events!


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