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Hey CitySolvers!

Going to one of the CitySolve Urban Races hosted in the closest city near you? We wish you the best of luck, but if you don’t feel confident about winning the race, don’t forget about our best costume contest! CitySolve is happy to have partnered with JammyPack, the new hip, portable fanny pack-style music players, for our CitySolve Urban Race, and you can win a JammyPack if your team wins the best costume contest at your local event! Take a stab at this great opportunity to stretch your creativity, which could be rewarded with a great, trendy prize.

What’s so special about JammyPack? Sure, there are countless numbers of various types of portable music players out there, but JammyPack offers a unique experience– have your portable speakers on you without having to worry about holding them in your hands! JammyPack creates a way for the world of action sports and the world of music to collide as these hands-free portable music players are frequently used by snowboarders, mountain bikers, and others, to enjoy their high-intensity activities with music.

You may be thinking “why not earphones?” I’m sure everyone has experienced, at least once, one of your earphones coming out of your ears while doing your activity. It gets a little annoying having to stop what you’re doing to place that one earphone back in your ear again. You don’t have to worry about that with JammyPack! It’s going to be on your waist as a fanny pack, or on your back as a backpack, or on your equipment– however/wherever you want it to be!

JammyPack is freedom, it advocates freedom. Taking your music wherever you want and allowing it to become a part of your adventures allows you to experience a freedom that you haven’t experienced before. Originally made for occasional escapades with friends, it is now used beyond its original purpose and allows people to do whatever they want with their music.

Too good to be true? Well, that’s not still not the end of it. JammyPack also collaborates with organizations to help out the community.

jammypack keep a breastThese JammyPacks were used for its collaborative efforts with the Keep a Breast Foundation. For each Keep a Breast JammyPack sold, around $2.50 is donated to the Keep a Breast Foundation. Who doesn’t want to help out a charity?

Listen to music with style and enjoy it wherever you go, without worrying about the hassle of carrying around speakers or worrying about earphones falling out of your ears while biking. Come with your best costume idea to the nearest CitySolve Urban Race to you, and get a chance to win a JammyPack! Learn more about JammyPack on their official website and follow their Twitter and Facebook as well to get information about new designs and promotions!

See JammyPacks in action!

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