Keep Calm and Bring Hope

charity photo NewPhoenix. Healthcare. Dental care. Exercise. Community. Prevention. Education. Hope. Each of these has one common denominator: Esperanca!

Esperanca is our featured charity partnership for CitySolve Urban Race Phoenix. It is a global charity organization whose goal is to “bring hope, provide health, and transform communities.” Their US program is based in Phoenix and is focused on caring for local, low-income families by preventing health problems such as obesity, oral decay, and lifestyle chronic diseases. It’s estimated that 30% of children in Arizona suffer from obesity, which can lead to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Arizona also has the third highest untreated tooth decay for third graders in the nation. By partnering with medical clinics and dental care offices, Esperanca is able to offer low-cost services to assist families in Phoenix and provide education on healthy eating in an attempt to prevent long-term, life-threatening disease.

It’s encouraging to see a group of volunteers driven to make their city a better place. Thanks to everyone at Esperanca for their commitment and love for the community in Phoenix!

Check out their website at and be sure to Register Here for our Phoenix race! Not only will you have a blast and meet your New Year’s “work-out” resolution without even having to step foot in the gym, you’ll also be supporting the community and helping families stay healthy! See you for the race this Saturday, March 15!

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