One mind, One Brick?

one brick

One Brick focuses on uniting the local community by providing a social environment for not only the volunteers, but also the community non-profit organizations. This organization provides a great opportunity for volunteers to help out the local non-profit organizations as well as socializing with their fellow volunteers. Unique to other volunteering organizations, One Brick opens up a time and place after the volunteering services for the volunteers to meet and bond with one another.

As you may have guessed, One Brick is CitySolve Urban Race DC’s featured charity organization. Operating in many other cities and assisting over 1,600 organizations, One Brick is widely successful as it contributed a total of 50,000 hours of service just last year. We are excited to partner with such an impactful organization that strives to unite local non-profits with others who are passionate in assisting community organizations as well as assisting organizations to better impact the community.

Do you want to be a part of assisting hundreds of local non-profit organizations, which include benefitting children, the environment, local schools, etc.? Well you can, by participating in CitySolve Urban Race DC. Interested? Buy your tickets here.


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