Philly CitySolve Urban Race Results


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CitySolve Urban Race and Philadelphia Team Building Recap
Wait, what!?! reigned supreme once again winning! Great job boys! They’ll try to defend their CitySolve Urban Race Philly title next April. Who’s gonna take them down? Rocky?

CitySolve Urban Race and Philadelphia Team Building would like to thank Whole Foods for its participation as a fun interactive checkpoint. Teams had to bounce a ping pong ball onto a piece of bread covered – to honor the Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild – at the fair trade supermarket. Miss it on the first round and you’d get bees unleashed on you…jk…you’d get another round of attempts.

A lot of those CitySolve cats were fast as lighting and they were a little bit frightening when they entered the Martial Posture dojo. Remember, there is no pain in this dojo. Teams had to memorize an aikido fighting routine. It’s tougher than it sounds.

Not to be forgotten during the CitySolve Urban Race and Philadelphia Team Building is the Whirled Peace Frozen Yogurt checkpoint. Teams played a fun Minute to Win it game where they had to move M&Ms from one end of the store to the other just using straws, oh, and they had to pass it onto another teammate all while using straws. Good luck Chuck!

CitySolve Urban Race and Philly Team Building would again like to thank Whole Foods who helped raise over $7,000 for Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild. Three cheers for Whole Foods!!!

We can’t wait to return to Philadelphia in 2016. We’re certain to be at Field House next year. Thanks again for making CitySolve Urban Race and Philadelphia Team Building part of your Saturday.

CitySolve Urban Race & Philadelphia Team Building Results:
NPC – No Photo Check
DNF – Did Not Finish

1(1:43:55)Wait, What?: Lee Rapoport, Ben Duffy, ,
2(1:46:12)A&W: Angela Cirucci, Walt Jacob, ,
3(2:03:06)Enigma: Casey Swann, , ,
4(2:04:11)Divas of Distance: Kerstin Palombaro, Joan Elsasser, Lisa Kotokis, KellyCullen
5(2:05:04)Clubedventures: Edward Wagner, Nicholas Ventrola, ,
6(2:17:03)Fruitloop Test Garden: Peter Haas, Devin Russo, ,
7(2:17:13)Team Tricycle: Audrey Gilfor, Audrey Gilfor, Eric miller,
8(2:25:10)Hwang 10: Patricia Toy, Travis Zsiga, Kacee Hwang, DaveKerr
9(2:26:56)Clue Tang Clan: Justin Pascale, Isheeta Gandhi Shah, Nirali Patel,
10(2:34:32)Cookie Monster: Terri Cook, Dan Cook, ,
11(2:40:35)Space Kitties: Arielle Urban, Tom Liska, ,
12(2:45:36)TEAM BRAKER: George Braker IV, George Braker III, Amanda Plant,
13(2:52:04)Stoney Runners: Lisa VanNatter, Chuck VanNatter, Jackie Ash, Will Ash
14(3:04:51)Kleats and Kegs 2: Meredith Fess, Hillary Rhydderch, Linda Schoonejans, KarenMayfield
15(3:04:58)Cleats n Kegs 1: April Griet, Melissa Hamill, Abbey Sarault, VictoriaBigelow
16(3:05:45)Morphing Time : Nicole Maier , Beth Shuster , Christine Morris, eugene grear
17(3:12:24)Team Goodbar: Andrew Breisch, Ausialee Breisch, ,
18(3:13:32)Beauties and the Beast: Tori Giaquinto, Erin Kelly, Rosie Murray, AlexTaschner
19(3:14:29)The Mawrters: Sharan Mehta, Reetu Bajaj, Isel Otero-Vera,
20(3:20:08)Tat Attack: Denise Citarelli, Vincent Citarelli, Ali Taylor, PaulTocci
21(3:27:54)Coin and Dagger: Joe Lange, Christine Lange, ,
22(4:01:04)Orange Benjamins: Kristi Morhauser, Kristi Morhauser, Mike Huber,
23(4:44:29)Team 1328: Richard Parico, Richard Parico, Rachel Caldarella, CaitlinAballo
24(5:06:54)3 Non Blondes: Amy Walsh, Gail Walsh, Susan Rice,
25(5:58:06)Sex Panthers: Matt McKeon, , Donna Senko, MicheleBruder
26(DNF)The Tribe: Paul Beauvais, , ,
27(DNF)TBD: Mark Dixon, Mark Dixon, ,
28(DNF)Dingleberry: John DePierri, Caitlin Fetter, ,
29(DNF)Teamo Machado: Avery Martin-Chadwick, Marguerite Hollander, ,
30(DNF)D-PEP: Sam Peppard, DeAnna Orwig, ,
31(DNF)Purple Benjamins: Calvin Roberts, Calvin Roberts, Danielle Cubberley,
32(DNF)Clue Tang Clan II: Sameet Shah, Ambika Sahni, ,
33(DNF)The Mawrters: Sarah Shaw, Meegan Winslow, ,
34(DNF)WeloveBEER: Kristen Shubick, Julia Heenan, Julie Shubick,
35(NPC)Forever bunnies: Chuck Beaudet, Colleen Mckeown, ,
36(NPC)OWENS RULES: Lindsay Owens, Chris Owens, ,
37(NPC)Les Touristes: Sophia Demuynck, Kathy Ayala, Rich Ayala, TiffanyStigile
38(NPC)WTF….Where’s the Finish: Dennis Miller, Marlo Heagy, Melissa Pearl, Jesse Yonkovich
39(NPC)Liberty Chicks: Diane Weber, Wendy Cofer, Sheryl Stroup, CarolynKirk

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