Phoenix CitySolve Urban Race + Team Building


The 11th annual CitySolve Urban Race and Team Building national race tour kicked off in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona. It was by far CitySolve Phoenix Urban Race best scavenger hunt ever!

Storming victory in the CitySolve Phoenix Urban Race and Team Building was the all XX chromosome team Storming the Castle! All hail!!! The eeked out a victory by a mere 8 minutes finishing the Phoenix scavenger hunt in a time of 1:48:11. Way to go ladies.

One of the most fun challenges CitySolve Urban Race and Phoenix Team Building created was a bicycle challenge. The interactive checkpoint was hosted by GRID Bikes. Each team took a 7-ounce cup of water and had to ride it 100 yards. When the team completed the 100 yard ride whatever water was left in the cup was poured into a 12-ounce cup. Teams completed the challenge when the water overflowed out of the larger cup. What fun!

There was a second Phoenix scavenger hunt activity that involved water. Teams got real world engineering experience when they were asked to build a mini water system at the Esperança interactive checkpoint challenge. CitySolve Phoenix Urban Race and Team Building would like to give a special thank you to Fair Trade Café for hosting the Esperança activity.

CitySolve Urban Race and Team Building hearts co-working spaces. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with the ultra cool Co+Hoots co-working space. To compete this fantastic Minute to Win It interactive game teams had to throw a playing card into the pink flesh of a watermelon!!!

The Phoenix Trolley Museum opened its doors specifically for CitySolve Phoenix Urban Race. Thank you PTM for doing so. Phoenix Amazing Race wanna-bes solved clues at the Phoenix Trolley Museum Mini Hunt where they explored the museum and the original Phoenix trolley car looking for long gone, but not forgotten artifacts.

CitySolve Phoenix Urban Race scavenger hunt lovers got treated to the sweet taste of Twirl frozen yogurt. No activity required just enjoy the melty goodness.

Look for CitySolve Phoenix Urban Race to return to the Valley of the Sun in early 2016!

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