HTA Seattle Wrap-up

High Trek Adventure launched its first urban adventure race in Seattle on July 12th and thrilled 110 people as they zagged and zigged from Capitol Hill to South Lake Union to the waterfront eating pizza, playing arcade games and much more.

Shout Outs:
A special thanks to Josh Powell and Carrie Schaff of the The Vera Project. HTA helped raise $300 for this worthy charity. There always looking for volunteers. For more details or to volunteer, go to The Vera Project.

High Trek Adventure Seattle could not have been pulled off without the super-awesomeness that is Dino and his fantastic staff at 88 Keys. Conveinently located between Pioneer Square and Safeco Field, 88 Keys is a great place for your next party or a great place to go after a Seahawk's or Mariner's game. You won’t be disappointed.

We want to thank Kim Savage of Space City Mixer, Jayne Peralta of South Lake Union Summer Fest, Darnell Sue of Girl About Town and Girl Power Hour, Ryan Cole of Monster Energy.

Thanks to all of our sponsors: 88 Keys, Girl About Town, Girl Power Hour, Global-Fitness, Graceful Edge, Moxie, Rosebud Bar and Restaurant, Seattle Waterfront Arcade, Space City Mixer, South Lake Union Summ Fest, and Timbuk2.

High Trek Adventure Seattle: The Results

1. A Dawg and a Coug: Brian Beard & Michael Hughes (1:34:25)

2. SeaLube: Amy Seagrove & Kristi Lubahn (1:34:57)

3. F-Troop: Laura Feinstein & Justin Fallstrom (1:36:26)

4. Seattle Lovies: Kate Mitchell & Steven Letchworth (1:42:47)

5. Beerly There: Emily Cangie & Craig Whitmer (1:47:55)

6. Babies of the 80s: Erin Higgins & Paula Leal (2:08:30)

7. Greenlake Guys: Mark Waind & Brandon Reyes (2:13:38)

8. Massholes United: Gwenn Drapeau & Jason Ross (2:22:01)

9. The Third Bucket: Lindsey Sargent & Carl Dominguez (2:29:34)

10. Team Belize: Mike Rand & Christina Masters (2:29:35)

11. P.S. I Hate You: Logan & Trisha Castle, Connor Welborn & Dustin Hawthorn(2:30:34)

12. Sly AS A Fox: Rose Ann Payonk & Michael Shurley (2:30:37)

13. Mix and Shake: Matt Winberry & Kimberlee Burfiend (2:31:25)

14. LOML: Kenny Towner & Sara Babani (2:34:01)

15. WilcOwen: Marcy Reed & J. Politi (2:34:25)

16. Wild Beavers: Craig Miller & Emily Dykgraaf (2:39:33)

17. Sparkle Babies: John Michael & Gary Danelson (2:41:45)

18. Kiss Our Sass: Lauren Younger & Anna Fabrega (2:48:22)

19. Brainiac Racers: Zon Wang & Brian Steiner (2:52:37)

20. Sparkle Motion: Rachel Strawn & Celine McLean (2:53:22)

21. Quilting Bee(r): Rachel & David DeBusk, Susan Mitchell & Annie Fergerson (3:02:58)

22. We Heart Food: Kim Zook & Mary Finnerty (3:07:50)

23. The Boeing Company: Grace Astudillo & Yasmin Mudah (3:11:20)

24. Face Plant: Raul Singh & Brenda Koesterman (3:14:45)

25. Murphy: Jennifer McKinney & Kyle Murphy (3:20:09)

26. Cougar and Tadpole: Thomas Seagrove & Melanie Miller (3:20:36)

27. Inshallah: Sarah Mitchell & Kristen Fisher (3:23:30)

28. Kippy and Cynthia: Kippy Dalton & Cynthia Goldsworthy (3:26:50)

29. Sole Searchers: Linda Ven, Sarah Ruth Webster, Nicole DeMoss & Alicia Cameron (3:27:20)

30. T3: Bill, Spencer & Lee Taylor (3:35:40)

31. The Mathletes: Azizah & Ismael Mathly (3:35:52)

32. Pratt: Brandie & Kevin Pratt (3:53:27)

33. Mulvaney: Brian & Jessica Mulvaney (3:53:28)

34. Brewskies: Brianna Babb & Elisa Jessop (4:01:23)

35. M & M: Jean & Michelle Cutter (4:02:00)

36. Treppenwitz: Sandra Olson & Del Engen (4:06:50)

37. Girl Power Hour: Darnell Sue & Samantha Lawton (4:10:34)

38. Team Space Travel: Julia Swan & Ryan Berry (4:14:33)

39. Team Clear Cut: Kim Forrest & Benjamin Nussbaum (4:14:34)

40. Your At Least Second: Amber Wyman, Holley Steller, Heidi Kaempfer & Donna Black (4:19:04)

41. Team Awesome: Stephaine Howe & Steven Grayson (4:21:52)

42. LUSFEST: Jayne Peralta & Michelle Burke (4:28:24))

43. Flight Of The Orcas: Meredith Winters & Denise Collop (4:39:35)

44. Team Shackleton: Kacie Thompson, Tyler Wilson, Alison Bosner, Stacy Stone & Travis Clark (4:45:47)

45. Team Binary: Amy & Jay Hickerson (4:48:15)

46. Power On Prawns: Andrea Davies & Lauren Beckmann (5:00)

47. Another Think Coming: Ed Nakata & Gina Munar (DNF)

48. Are We There Yet: Debbie Pierce & Patrick Hutchins (DNF)

49. Love That Prius: Donna Quimby & Brad Henshaw(DNF)

What is High Trek Adventure?
  • One-of-a-kind urban race

  • Part scavenger hunt/ Part Trivial Pursuit

What do I get other than an amazing day?
  • High Trek Adventure t-shirt

  • Swag bag*

  • Chance to win $300!

More Info

You've registered for this crazy train experience of a lifetime, so what next? You and your team partner will be on a lively, one-day, Seattle amazing race. This scavenger hunt will take you to unmarked checkpoints known as TREKpoints and explore Seattle like you've never experienced it before as the puzzle unfolds. Our high octane energy adventure game might take you through the many historical neighborhoods of Emerald City like Capitol Hill, Queen Anne, Cascade, Belltown, Magnolia, Pioneer Square and some nifty places you might not even know about!

On this sensational metro adventure, you'll solve clues ranging from pop culture to math (nothing tougher than 8th grade) to American history, anagrams, sudoku, and so much more. It's like a real life Trivial Pursuit game! Along the way you'll face exciting challenges.

*If High Trek Adventure does not provide participants with a swag bag then the first round of drinks is on us!

What to bring:

  • Water
  • Money
  • Light food (energy bar)
  • Comfortable shoes and clothes
  • Race partner; teamwork
  • Matching uniforms; $50 prize for best one


  • The VERA Project
  • Local Sponsors

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