Seattle Was Off the Charts CitySolve Urban Race 2013 + Full Race Results

CitySolve Urban Race Seattle 2013 was more exciting than a Macklemore & Ryan Lewis concert! First time racing couples, Kimberly and Mike Ernest along with Erika and Levin Sadsad of team The Cereal Killers snapped, crackled and popped their way to the finish with a final time of 1:20:14! Thankfully, Frankenberry, Count Choculate and others were not harmed in the process. The Cereal Killers raced in a tad over 3 and a half minutes ahead of Green Lake Guys.

Best Costume went to “Richard Simmons.” They lead a quick warm-up prior to the start! They took home the best portable speakers…yes…Jammy Packs!! For your own portable jams visit the JammyPack online store.


Best Tweet went to self proclaimed Liz Lemon look-a-like Megan Prine for her ode to Dancing With The Stars. Follow her and stay up to date with all her reality show quips. @MeganPrine Click on the tweet to follow Megan.
Megan Prine Winning Tweet Seattle 2013

We would like to thank 88 Keys for hosting our 6th annual Seattle race. Racers got an added treat when owner of 88 Keys tickled the ivory and played a hilarious interactive concert.

88 Keys

We are already talking about returning to 88 Keys next year! They are the best. Their downtown location is just a few blocks north of the stadiums in the heart of Pioneer Square.

Take it away Tom Bergeron…wait! He’s not here?! Nope, but you wouldn’t know that by all the amazing dance moves! Racers didn’t take home the Mirror Ball, but they had a blast at Salsa ‘N Seattle!

salsa n seattle citysolve

Compass Housing Alliance provides a range of services and housing options to people struggling with homelessness and poverty in the Seattle area. Check out their mission.

Keep it simple…that’s what CitySolve Urban Race did at Fuel Sports with the ever-popular flip cup game (alcohol not included). Teams had to play a Minute to Win It style game (of course, they didn’t have to beat the clock).Fuel Sports Seattle

Marriage for all! Racers got hitched at Shotgun Ceremonies. At this Las Vegas style wedding chapel, team played dress up and just got silly! What happens in Seattle…hmmmm!

Shotgun Ceremonies

We can’t wait to see you next year in the SeaTown. Now here’s a run down of the 2013 results:

DNF = Did not finish
NPC = No Photo Check

1st (1:20:14) The Cereal Killers 5592: Kimberly Ernest/Kimberly Ernest/Mike Ernest/Erika Sadsad
2nd (1:23:57) Green Lakr Guys 5611: Noel Mason
3rd (1:25:32) At Your Cervix 5599: Melissa Hunsicker/Melissa Hunsicker/Yamilena Ramirez-Norton/Jessica Allen
4th (1:29:20) Business Casual 5598: Krystalyn Hudson/Krystal Hudson/Melissa McCormack/Denise O’Hearn
5th (1:32:22) Jen Squared 5630: Jennifer Woods/Jennifer Woods/Jennifer Etkin
6th (1:34:37) Stevei Sexie Parties #1 5616: Heather McRae
7th (1:34:38) Stevei Sexie Parties #2 5620: Vi Nguyen
8th (1:39:07)X Yay Us! 5595: Teri Gibbs/Teri Gibbs/Briana Morehead
9th (1:39:30)X Team Jaynes 5601: Pamela Jaynes/Pamela Jaynes/Brian Jaynes
10th (1:43:20) Ann Sullivan 5628: Ann Sullivan/Ann Sullivan/Tulsi McCarthy
11th (1:45:09) Perpetual Motion Squad 5618: Nathan Murphy/Nathan Murphy/Eileen Murphy
12th (1:45:34) The Hazards 5594: Crystal Gamon/Crystal Gamon/Neda Gamon/TBD TBD
13th (1:45:39) Unicorn Liberation Front 5617: Lish Moreau/Lish Moreau/Rachel Moreau/Aimee Collins
14th (1:50:52) Beat the Robinsons 5623: Janine Robinson/Janine Robinson/Brent Robinson
15th (1:51:02) Veni, vidi, vino! 5609: Kathryn Leikhim/Katie Leikhim/Stephanie Schuster
16th (1:51:42) Clueless in Seattle 5612: Sue Maybee/Sue Maybee/Kirk Sall/Kiera Ojo
17th (1:57:30)X Avenging Narwhals 5631: John Zobel/John Zobel/Eric Zobel
18th (2:05:46) Team Brentallica 5591: Brent Diaz/Brent Diaz/Jenny Diaz
19th (2:09:19) Team Lantzalot 5610: Jill Lantz /Jill Lantz/Steve Lantz
20th (2:10:00)X Avery and the ‘ISAs 5581: Sara Avery/Sara Avery/Lisa Hollien/Marisa Augello
21st (2:11:42) Team Ashley #1 5596: MaryBeth Gilbrough
22nd (2:11:43) Team Ashley #2 5633:
23rd (2:15:59)X The Calandrinos 5586: Liz Calandrino/Liz Calandrino/John Calandrino
24th (2:18:17) Zsasz 5608: Michele Lee/Michele Lee/David Zlotnick
25th (2:20:58) The 6 Leggs 5580: Alicia Ames/Alicia Ames/Steven Thomson/Lori Hagstrom
26th (2:28:46) Snohomites 2 5605: Helen Brown/Helen Brown/Jodi Locke/Logan Holleman
27th (2:28:47) Snohomites 5632: AnneMarie Killen Gall/AnneMarie Killen Gall/Barry Gall
28th (2:30:45) Spooner 5684:
29th (2:34:55) Team Torch! 5622: Kristina Pressley/Kristina Pressley/Bryan Pressley
30th (2:45:32) Aloha Ted’s 5583: Teresa Bingo/Doreen Bingo/Mark Hiley
31st (2:46:20)X Hahn-Dogs 5597: Whitney Hahn/Whitney Hahn/Steve Hahn
32nd (2:46:55) The McArdle’s 5613: Kim McArdle/Kim McArdle/Jennifer Bergstrom
33rd (2:47:26) Shahs of Bellevue 5578: Yekta Aarabi/Yekta Aarabi/Mehrab Taghizadeh
34th (2:47:50)x Nastja’s Rockin’ Team 5593: jacob fruehling/Jacob Fruehling/sharon fruehling/Anastasija Fruehling
35th (3:08:39) Loki 5587: James Clarke/Xena Clarke/James Clarke
36th (3:32:15) 8-bit 5624: Misty Schmidt/Misty Schmidt/Julieanne Jimenez/Chadd Zamora
37th (3:32:55) 5579: Michael Abebe
38th (3:32:56) 5600: Ncioleta Hurubeanu
39th (3:53:10) 5627: Neely Stratton
40th NPC – 5589: Wendy Crisafulli
41st NPC – 5590: Wendy Crisafulli
42nd NPC – Cutie Patooties 5604: Kristen Kasel/Kristen Kasel/Courtney Kasel/Lindsy Myers
43rd NPC – Julie’s 40th 5619: Lisa Nelson/Julie Nelson/Lisa Nelson/Gavin Gee
44th NPC – X 5626 5626: Tiffany Siu/Tiffany Siu/Ray Chu
45th DNF 5582: Becky
46th DNF Celtic Crew 5584: Drew Britten/Drew Britten/Katie Jean Britten
47th DNF SuperDog 5585: Hingdi Brown/Hingdi Brown/Jacob Brown
48th DNF The Tigers 5588: Georgie Coote/Georgie Coote/Roger Coote/Katie Coote
49th DNF 5602: Julieanne Jimenez
50th DNF 5603: Jeanne Johnson
51st DNF 5606: Alan Lamon
52nd DNF Team spooner 5607: Chris Loeffler/Chris Loeffler/Heidi Loeffler
53rd DNF Julie’s Kitty Cats 5614: janet McGuire/Janet McGuire/Janet McGuire/Mark Mathewson
54th DNF Team Goof 5615: Christopher McLean/Christopher McLean/Taylor Kerschner
55th DNF Turtles 5621: sovannary ouk/Sovannary Ouk/sovannary ouk
56th DNF 5625: Vishal Shah
57th DNF The FORCE 5629: Janeke van Donkersgoed/Janeke van Donkersgoed/Maarten van Donkersgoed

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