The Amazing Sochi Urban Race – 2014 Winter Olympics Highlights

Sochi CitySolve

Have you watched the winter olympics? Sochi has been interesting since day one, with Russia spending more than $50 Billion to design Sochi into an Olympic friendly city the fun could only get better. Now that they started there are a few Sochi Olympic “Checkpoints” we would like to highlight. We might not have a CitySolve Urban Race Sochi but we still can find our way through the hustle and bustle of the olympics.

We start our olympic scavenger hunt before the opening ceremony. As we all heard the reports of terror and discrimination affecting olympians from many countries this topic dared to end the races and games altogether. But once the olympic started last thursday night, the competition became the talk of the town in Sochi.

Our first stop in the olympic fun. Just last night, the snowboarding guru Shaun White, finished fourth in the half pipe race. After losing the king of snowboarding said he wants to take time off to devote more energy into his band, “Bad Things.” Maybe the band could play at the next Olympics instead of him competing.

Next there is history! All olympic moments is history but this takes the gold. Literally! There were women on top of the podium after women’s downhill made both Switzerland’s Dominique Gisin and Slovakia’s Tina Maze gold medal.

And our last stop in Sochi olympics is the thrilling whistle in the hockey game which led Canada to a 3-2 victory over the United States on Wednesday. Officials play a huge roll in every sport and it’s a bummer that one call change a game like it did. Hopefully there won’t be any more bad whistles in the Olympics.

Be sure to check out our next Sochi Olympic Checkpoint Blog, with more highlights for the 2014 Sochi Olympics put together by your cities favorite clues solvers!

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