Volunteering Made Easy


You know, sometimes it’s hard to “do good” when volunteering for community service and projects are made overly complicated and somewhat inconvenient. In the midst of busy lives, volunteering should be simple and accessable. “I have to commit to ALL those hours?” “I have to be available EVERY week for this?” are often questions people ask in their heads when deciding to volunteer.

Well, fortunately, One Brick feels your pain and is determined to make volunteering an easy and smooth process for everyone. Run by volunteers itself, One Brick’s mission is to enable willing members of the community to volunteer without hassle and stress. Their model is to treat each community project as a single event, allowing volunteers to register online for each individual event and so pick and choose how many events, how many hours they want to help with.

But that’s not all! One Brick also encourages their volunteers to connect in a social setting. They facilitate gatherings after every community service event at local cafes or restaurants to provide a way for the volunteers to relax and interact outside the work atmosphere. One Brick is dedicated to bringing the community closer – in every way they can.

CitySolve Urban Race is proud to partner with One Brick for the CitySolve Minneapolis race this Saturday! We have a common goal of bringing communities closer and the way we at CitySolve show our support is through the race. Make sure you sign up here. You don’t want to miss out on the fun!

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