What is Rickshaw?


We keep mentioning how we’ve partnered with Rickshaw Bagworks for our 2014 CitySolve Urban Race series, but how much do you actually know about Rickshaw?

For starters, the company originated in San Francisco for bikers. Their name is derived from three Japanese characters that mean “human-powered vehicle” (which is essentially what a rickshaw is – see the correlation?) and is a shout-out to the many bikers that dominate urban areas.

Rickshaw realizes that bags are important, personal items that we can easily get attached to. C’mon, who doesn’t have a favorite bag, backpack, or laptop case? That’s why Rickshaw provides high-quality bags which you can personalize on their website to ensure that the products you buy from them will definitely be your new favorite.

Second place winners of our CitySolve races receive Rickshaw Bagworks gift certificates. We want you to treat yourselves to something special. But even if you don’t come in second place, Rickshaw makes the purchasing process easy and affordable with their discounts and offers!

In honor of Easter being this Sunday, Rickshaw is offering an Easter egg hunt! Follow them on instagram and keep your eyes peeled for hidden eggs in their pictures. For every egg you find, you’ll receive 10% off and be entered to win a free bag. For more info, visit: http://blog.rickshawbags.com and be sure to sign up for one of our upcoming races on our website: www.citysolveurbanrace.com!

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