Where the Kings Bowl

kings bowl

What do Mitt Romney and Tom Brady have in common?

That’s right, Kings Bowl in Boston!

Our packet pick-up venue for CitySolve Urban Race Boston, Kings Bowl in Boston is more than just a bowling alley– it is a place that strives to provide a variety of entertainment, great food, drinks, and music. Set apart from any other social scene, Kings provides numerous events, themed nights, and top-notch audio visual equipment, perfect for a family outing, date night, chill night out with your friends, and more.

This upscale, retro-style bowling alley is so fun and chill that it’s a hot-spot for celebrities as well. Check out this list of celebrities at Kings Bowl and a picture of Mitt Romney and Tom Brady enjoying their night there.

kings bowl celebrities


Kings Bowl strives to provide its customers with the best quality of food and drinks while providing a clean and safe, yet entertaining environment. Kings Bowl provides an unforgettable experience, and will make you want to come back after you leave.

Join us at Kings Bowl on August 1st to pick up your packets and enjoy a round or two of bowling with friends, some great food and drinks while you’re there!

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